Facebook phone number leak — US

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533 million Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online

This includes 32,315,281 American phone numbers.

Phone numbers are associated with Facebook account IDs, name, gender and sometimes other data Facebook has, such as location, workplace and relationship status.

Does your US phone number appear in the data?

Enter your phone number (just the digits, in the international format 1?????…).


The first version of this tool received some skepticism on Hacker News and elsewhere because it sent the phone number to the server, which I could be saving. I'm not, but it's impossible to prove. This version generates random phone numbers that start with the same five digits as your number and sends 99 fake and one real number to the server, so it can't know which is the real number.

You can check the source of this page and it should be easy to verify it's doing what I claim. As with the previous version, the server is not saving anything you enter.

There is also an Australian version of this, although it only sends the real number to the server. If you don't trust it, it can be used more securely by using it multiple times with random numbers and once with the real number.

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