Cases by county

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Average daily new cases in past week per 100,000 people


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This shows each county represented as a circle, where the area of each is proportional to the population. They have been shifted to prevent overlapping (although it's not guaranteed that they've been shifted to the most logical positions). Hover over counties with your mouse to see the county name. Alaska and Hawaii are shown on the bottom left.

Click "load history" to see how cases have changed over time. A slider to change the date will appear. You can also play through the data with the ⏯ button.

Some small counties are barely visible due to their low populations. "Expand small counties" makes these more visible, indicating geographic spread more clearly.

Case data is from The New York Times. In the early months, there was limited testing, so true cases numbers were often far higher than indicated.

This page is updated regularly with the latest case data.

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