The New York Times • Nick Corasaniti, Reid J. Epstein • June 19 •
She Was a Black Election Official in Georgia. Then Came New G.O.P. Rules.
In Georgia, Republicans are removing Democrats of color from local boards. In Arkansas, they have stripped election control from county authorities. And they are expanding their election power in many other states.
The New York Times • Katie Benner • June 15 •
Trump Pressed Official to Wield Justice Dept. to Back Election Claims
The former president began pressuring his acting attorney general even before announcing that his predecessor was stepping down, emails show.
Intelligencer • David Freedlander • June 17 •
The Company Eric Adams Keeps
He’s the candidate of old political-machine guys like Brooklyn Democratic Party fixer Frank Carone. What would that mean in City Hall?
The New York Times • Jodi Kantor, Karen Weise, Grace Ashford • June 15 •
The Amazon That Customers Don’t See
Each year, hundreds of thousands of workers churn through a vast mechanism that hires and monitors, disciplines and fires. Amid the pandemic, the already strained system lurched.
CNN • Whitney Wild and Jeremy Herb, CNN • June 15 •
New emails show how Trump and his allies pressured Justice Department to try to challenge 2020 election results
New emails show how former President Donald Trump's White House assistant, chief of staff and other allies pressured the Justice Department to investigate claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election -- and how Trump directed allies to push then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to join the legal effort to challenge the election result, according to a batch of emails released by Democrats on the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday.
The New York Times • Lelac Almagor • June 16 •
Opinion | I Taught Online School This Year. It Was a Disgrace.
Remote learning needs to end with the pandemic.
NBC News • Tyler Kingkade, Brandy Zadrozny, Ben Collins • June 15 •
Is critical race theory taking over your school board? A national organization could be why
In towns nationwide, well-connected conservative activists, and Fox News, have ramped up the tension in fights over race and equity in schools.
The Washington Post • Sean Sullivan, Michael Scherer • June 17 •
A family affair: Children and other relatives of Biden aides get administration jobs
Although Biden has vowed not to hire his own family, some ethics experts are disappointed that he hasn’t done more to shift away from the nepotism and cronyism practiced under Trump.
The New York Times • Astead W. Herndon • June 14 •
Black Virginians Took Ralph Northam Back. Neither Has Forgotten.
Virginia’s governor survived a blackface scandal with the help of Black Democrats, who saw a chance for policy concessions. Both got more from the relationship than they could have imagined.
The New York Times • William K. Rashbaum, Ben Protess, Jonah E. Bromwich • June 15 •
Trump Executive Could Face Charges as Soon as This Summer
An investigation into Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization’s finance chief, appears to be heading into its final stages as prosecutors increase pressure on him.
Intelligencer • Olivia Nuzzi • June 17 •
On the Campaign Trail With Andrew Giuliani
The Son of Rudy is working out his father issues on the road to Albany.
Intelligencer • Hunter Walker • June 19 •
A Very Late Night With the Yangs
The former frontrunner and his wife vent about Eric Adams, the media, and much more.
The Wall Street Journal • Rebecca Ballhaus, Khadeeja Safdar, Shalini Ramachandran • June 16 •
Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, Forceful on Jan. 6, Privately Are in Turmoil
The far-right groups face a cash squeeze, internal discord, social-media cutoff and isolation from the financial system
NBC News • Erika Edwards • June 11 •
Virtually all hospitalized Covid patients have one thing in common: They're unvaccinated
"I haven't had anyone that's been fully vaccinated become critically ill," one doctor said.
The New York Times • Elizabeth Dias • June 18 •
Targeting Biden, Catholic Bishops Advance Controversial Communion Plan
The decision was aimed at the nation’s second Catholic president and exposed bitter divisions in American Catholicism.
The Washington Post • Colby Itkowitz • June 16 •
GOP congressman refuses to shake hands with D.C. police officer who protected the Capitol on Jan. 6, lawmakers say
Two congressmen said Michael Fanone was rebuffed by Rep. Andrew S. Clyde, a day after the Georgian voted against awarding police officers the Congressional Gold Medal.
POLITICO • Marc Caputo • June 17 •
In secret recording, Florida Republican threatens to send Russian-Ukrainian ‘hit squad’ after rival
“I really don't want to have to end anybody's life for the good of the people of the United States of America. ... But if it needs to be done, it needs to be done," William Braddock says in the clip.
CNN • Barbara Starr, CNN Pentagon Correspondent • June 14 •
Opinion: I'm a journalist and the Trump administration tried to secretly obtain tens of thousands of my emails
Even if you don't like the news media, take notice: Secret Justice Department proceedings against the free press affect everyone in this country, writes CNN Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr.
Reason • Robby Soave • June 15 •
A Composer Condemned Arson. Now No One Will Hire Him.
"I chose to be that guy who didn't issue the apology," says Daniel Elder. "Things went from there and it wasn't good."
POLITICO • Daniel Lippman, Meridith McGraw • June 15 •
‘He’s screwed over so many publishers’: Trump confronts a skeptical book industry
The former president insists he has offers from two of the “most prestigious publishing houses.” None of the major five said they extended one.