The New York Times • Trip Gabriel, Reid J. Epstein • March 21 •
Assaulting the Truth, Ron Johnson Helps Erode Confidence in Government
Pushing false theories on the virus, the vaccine and the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, Mr. Johnson, the Republican senator from Wisconsin, has absorbed his party’s transformation under Donald Trump.
The Washington Post • Spencer Hsu, Peter Hermann, Emily Davies • March 15 •
Two arrested in assault on police officer Brian D. Sicknick, who died after Jan. 6 Capitol riot
The men allegedly sprayed the officer in the face with a chemical. They were not charged in Sicknick’s death.
The New York Times • Maggie Haberman, Jesse McKinley • March 16 •
How Cuomo’s Team Tried to Tarnish One of His Accusers
People tied to Gov. Andrew Cuomo sought to damage the credibility of Lindsey Boylan, the first woman to accuse Mr. Cuomo of sexual harassment.
ABC News • Benjamin Siegel • March 16 •
Biden says he supports reforming Senate filibuster in ABC News exclusive interview
President Joe Biden said he supports reforming the Senate filibuster in an ABC News exclusive interview Tuesday.
The Washington Post • Beth Reinhard • March 19 •
Former lobbyist accuses Rep. Tom Reed, a potential Cuomo challenger, of sexual misconduct
Nicolette Davis, now a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, told The Washington Post the congressman rubbed her back and unhooked her bra during a gathering at a Minneapolis pub when she was a junior lobbyist in 2017. Reed says her account is “not accurate.”
The Daily Beast • Scott Bixby, Asawin Suebsaeng, Adam Rawnsley • March 18 •
Biden White House Sandbags Staffers, Sidelines Dozens for Pot Use
In some cases, staffers were informally told by transition officials some past marijuana use would be overlooked, only to be told later that they were being asked to resign.
ABC News • Ben Gittleson • March 16 •
Cuomo should resign if allegations confirmed: Biden in exclusive ABC News interview
President Joe Biden told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos he thought New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo would "probably end up being prosecuted, too."
The Washington Post • Ashley Parker, Nick Miroff, Sean Sullivan, Tyler Pager • March 20 •
‘No end in sight’: Inside the Biden administration’s failure to contain the border surge
Immigration has emerged as one of the administration’s most urgent challenges — seized on by Republicans as a political cudgel, posing risks to Democrats in the 2022 midterms and potentially undermining Biden’s governing agenda.
The New York Times • Katie Robertson • March 18 •
Teen Vogue Editor Resigns After Fury Over Racist Tweets
The hiring of Alexi McCammond, who was supposed to start at the Condé Nast publication next week, drew complaints because of racist and homophobic tweets she had posted a decade ago.
The New York Times • Kenneth P. Vogel, Nicholas Confessore • March 21 •
Access, Influence and Pardons: How a Set of Allies Shaped Trump’s Choices
A loose collection of well-connected groups and individuals led by a pair of Orthodox Jewish organizations had striking success in winning clemency for white-collar criminals during the Trump presidency.
The New York Times • Jesse McKinley • March 19 •
Cuomo Faces New Claims of Sexual Harassment From Current Aide
The aide, Alyssa McGrath, accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of ogling her body, remarking on her looks, and making suggestive comments to her and another woman in his office.
The Washington Post • Mike DeBonis, Tyler Pager • March 15 •
Capitol Police officer suspended after antisemitic document found at checkpoint
A House aide spotted a copy of the Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion on a table inside an entrance of the Longworth House Office Building on Sunday.
The Washington Post • Dan Diamond • March 15 •
‘We want to be educated, not indoctrinated,’ say Trump voters wary of covid shots
The responses of focus group participants suggest they can be persuaded — but perhaps not by politicians, including the former president.
The Washington Post • Matt Viser • March 17 •
Irish humor, Irish temper: How Biden’s identity shapes his political image
President Biden has long used his Irishness to frame his political identity and life story — and to explain his quirks.
The New York Times • By Robin Stein, Haley Willis, Danielle Miller and Michael S. Schmidt • March 21 •
Video: ‘We’ve Lost the Line!’: Radio Traffic Reveals Police Under Siege at Capitol
The Times obtained District of Columbia police radio communications and synchronized them with footage from the scene to show in real time how officers tried and failed to stop the attack on the U.S. Capitol.
The Atlantic • Adam Serwer • March 15 •
Biden Chooses Prosperity Over Vengeance
The future of American democracy depends on the president’s ability to show that even when the Republican Party loses, Americans who vote Republican do not.
The New York Times • Astead W. Herndon • March 16 •
Democrats, Pushing Stimulus, Admit to Regrets on Obama’s 2009 Response
In pitching President Biden’s relief package, Democrats have said their 2009 stimulus efforts under Barack Obama were insufficient. Those close to Mr. Obama have noticed.
BuzzFeed News • Stephanie K. Baer • March 17 •
The Cop Who Said The Spa Shooter Had "A Bad Day" Posted A Racist Shirt Blaming China For The Pandemic
Capt. Jay Baker shared a photo of a T-shirt he got on Facebook, saying that the coronavirus was imported from "CHY-NA."
Cincinnati Enquirer • Jessie Balmert • March 15 •
Super PAC supporting potential Senate candidate J.D. Vance gets $10 million donation from PayPal cofounder
PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel donated $10 million to a super PAC supporting Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance, a show of support for the possible Ohio Senate contender.
Federal Bureau of Investigation • March 18 •
Videos of Assaults on Officers at U.S. Capitol Released, FBI Seeking Suspects | Federal Bureau of Investigation
The FBI has released videos of suspects in the most egregious assaults on federal officers during the riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, and is seeking the public’s help to identify them.