The New York Times • Ben Smith • June 20 •
Tucker Carlson Calls Journalists ‘Animals.’ He’s Also Their Best Source.
His platform on Fox News made him a big player in Donald Trump’s circle. Off camera, he shapes the coverage of Trump’s world and Fox’s own internal politics.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel • Talis Shelbourne • June 19 •
Ron Johnson made an appearance at Milwaukee's Juneteenth Day celebration. It didn't go well.
Last year, the Wisconsin Republican blocked legislation to make Juneteenth a national holiday.
The Atlantic • Hana Schank • June 17 •
I Know the Secret to the Quiet Mind. I Wish I’d Never Learned It.
Of all the injuries we suffered, mine is the worst. My brain injury has shaken my confidence in my own personality, my own existence.
The New York Times • Kat O’Brien • June 20 •
Opinion | I Am Breaking My Silence About the Baseball Player Who Raped Me
A professional athlete raping a reporter is a story about power in our society, and how men wield it against women.
Intelligencer • Hunter Walker • June 19 •
A Very Late Night With the Yangs
The former frontrunner and his wife vent about Eric Adams, the media, and much more.
Des Moines Register • Brianne Pfannenstiel • June 19 •
Is U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley now 'vincible'? In new Iowa Poll, nearly two-thirds say it's time for someone new
27% of likely voters say they would vote to reelect Grassley if the election were today, a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows.
Associated Press • Kathy Gannon • June 20 •
AP Interview: Former president says US failed in Afghanistan
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghanistan’s former president said Sunday the United States came to his country to fight extremism and bring stability to his war-tortured nation and is leaving nearly 20 years later having failed at both.
The New York Times • Katie Glueck • June 19 •
Rising From Pandemic, New York Seeks a New Mayor to Face Looming Crises
Eric Adams is considered the front-runner in Tuesday’s Democratic primary, but the race is fluid enough that another candidate may win.
CNN • Analysis by Katelyn Polantz, CNN • June 20 •
Analysis: How CNN obtained the dramatic videos of the US Capitol riot
Words can only describe so much from the nearly 500 criminal cases against rioters who overtook the US Capitol on January 6.
The New York Times • Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Najim Rahim • June 20 •
Taliban Enter Key Cities in Afghanistan’s North After Swift Offensive
The setbacks come at a harrowing moment for Afghanistan, just as American and international troops are set to leave the country in coming weeks.
Bloomberg • Taylor Branch • June 20 •
Will Joe Manchin Be a Voting Rights Hero?
All eyes are on the West Virginia senator amid a struggle as old as American democracy.
POLITICO • Derek Robertson • June 20 •
How Republicans Became the ‘Barstool’ Party
The Barstool-ification of the GOP could reconfigure its cultural politics for a generation.
CNN • Analysis by Harry Enten, CNN • June 20 •
How this is the most unpredictable NYC mayoral race in 50 years
Adams is the favorite, but the race remains within the margin of error... Adams' polling position for initial preferences at this point is the weakest for a New York City Democratic primary frontrunner since the pivotal 1977 race.
MSNBC • Kevin M. Kruse • June 20 •
Opinion | Critical race theorists do not do what Ted Cruz says they do
The Texas senator is apparently confused about critical race theory and the KKK.
The Washington Post • Mike DeBonis • June 19 •
The push for LGBTQ civil rights stalls in the Senate as advocates search for Republican support
Advocates’ hopes of passing a capstone expansion of rights for queer Americans, the Equality Act, have run aground amid GOP concerns about religious freedom and broader attacks on transgender rights.
The Washington Post • David Von Drehle • June 15 •
Opinion | Auschwitz comes to the middle of America, with a powerful warning
An exhibit explores themes — nationalism, populism, antisemitism — that feel disturbingly present.
The Dispatch • Guy Denton • June 19 •
George Will Stands Against Vehemence
Conservatism’s most powerful journalist reflects on his political evolution. • June 14 •
Tell your senators to pass the #ForThePeopleAct!
We’re facing one of the greatest threats to modern American democracy as one political party tries to ensure minority rule by preventing Black and Brown people from voting.
Fortune • Shawn Tully • June 18 •
A new report highlights the incredibly high environmental cost of Tesla’s Bitcoin investment
The study's authors, for the first time, quantify the share of Bitcoin's emissions attributable to Tesla's holdings.
The Atlantic • Arthur C. Brooks • June 17 •
Dads Just Want to Help
Sacrificing for their kids makes fathers happier. Acknowledging that sacrifice will make everyone happier.