The New York Times • Nick Corasaniti, Reid J. Epstein • June 19 •
She Was a Black Election Official in Georgia. Then Came New G.O.P. Rules.
In Georgia, Republicans are removing Democrats of color from local boards. In Arkansas, they have stripped election control from county authorities. And they are expanding their election power in many other states.
Intelligencer • Hunter Walker • June 19 •
A Very Late Night With the Yangs
The former frontrunner and his wife vent about Eric Adams, the media, and much more.
The Washington Post • Jon Swaine, Emma Brown • June 19 •
Leader of companies that pushed ‘Italygate’ election conspiracy theory falsely claimed $30 million mansion was her home
Two firms led by Virginia business executive Michele Roosevelt Edwards promoted outlandish claims that an Italian defense contractor conspired with CIA officials to switch votes from Trump to Biden using satellite technology.
Politico PRO • Joe Anuta • June 18 •
Yang, Garcia form an alliance in late innings of the New York mayor’s race
Andrew Yang’s tag-team campaigning with Kathryn Garcia will be a first for New York City voters who are used to the more combative style.
nj • Jonathan D. Salant | NJ Advance Media for • June 19 •
How much did you pay to cover Trump visits to his N.J. golf club as president? We added it up.
President Donald Trump spent 99 days of his presidency at his Bedminster golf club.
National Review • Andrew C. McCarthy • June 19 •
The Capitol Riot Indictments Do Not Suggest an FBI Entrapment Scheme
A Tucker Carlson monologue misconstrues the facts of the case.
The New York Times • Shawn McCreesh • June 18 •
Washington Society Steps Back Out
Like a grizzly waking from hibernation, the ruling class is coming out of this thing with an appetite.
The New York Times • Nick Corasaniti, Reid J. Epstein • June 19 •
How Republican States Are Expanding Their Power Over Elections
In Georgia, Republicans are removing Democrats of color from local boards. In Arkansas, they have stripped election control from county authorities. And they are expanding their election power in many other states.
Des Moines Register • Brianne Pfannenstiel • June 19 •
Is U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley now 'vincible'? In new Iowa Poll, nearly two-thirds say it's time for someone new
27% of likely voters say they would vote to reelect Grassley if the election were today, a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows.
The Washington Post • Paul Kane • June 19 •
Analysis | Democrats will need to make Congress spend a lot more time in Washington if they want to get Biden’s agenda passed
Democratic leaders are getting ready to gently break the news to their rank-and-file members, who often take the contradictory positions of complaining to their leaders about not getting enough legislation approved and demanding to spend more time at home.
The New York Times • Emma G. Fitzsimmons, Jeffery C. Mays • June 19 •
Yang and Garcia Form Late Alliance in Mayor’s Race, Drawing Adams’s Ire
Andrew Yang and Kathryn Garcia campaigned together on Saturday in a show of unity that their top rival, Eric Adams, sought to portray as racially motivated.
The New York Times • Taffy Brodesser-Akner • June 18 •
The One About Bibi Netanyahu’s Father and the Perils of Diaspora
In his new novel, “The Netanyahus,” Joshua Cohen imagines a visit by the scholar Benzion Netanyahu to an Ivy League school in the late 1950s.
WPLG & Local 10 • Christian De La Rosa, Ian Margol, David Selig • June 19 •
2 hit by truck, 1 killed at Pride parade in Wilton Manors
Two people were run over by a white pickup truck Saturday night as the Pride parade in Wilton Manors was just getting started.
Talking Points Memo • Josh Kovensky • June 19 •
ItalyGate Is The Crown Jewel Of Big Lie Conspiracies. And It Just Got A Lot Wilder.
For those ready to believe that President Trump really won re-election, there’s one particularly fantastical conspiracy theory to hang your...
emptywheel • emptywheel • June 19 •
The Crimes of Violence Ashli Babbitt's Mob Committed | emptywheel
Thus far, four of the men who were present when Ashli Babbitt was shot have been charged with the kind of damage that can (though has not yet) carry a terrorism enhancement.
The New York Times • Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Helene Cooper, Eric Schmitt • June 19 •
Departure of U.S. Contractors Poses Myriad Problems for Afghan Military
It is not just U.S. troops who are withdrawing from Afghanistan. Thousands of private contractors — who help keep the Afghan Air Force flying, among other tasks — are leaving as well.
BuzzFeed News • Peter Aldhous • June 17 •
The Delta Variant Could Create “Two Americas” Of COVID, Experts Warn
If you are fully vaccinated, you are most likely to be safe. But in parts of the US where few people have gotten COVID vaccine shots, the Delta variant could trigger renewed deadly surges.
Reuters • Michael Martina,David Brunnstrom,Andrea Shalal • June 19 •
EXCLUSIVE U.S. triples vaccines for Taiwan with 2.5 million-dose shipment
The United States will ship 2.5 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to Taiwan on Saturday, a senior administration official told Reuters, more than tripling Washington's previous allocation of shots for the island, which has faced increasing political and military pressure from China.
Conversations with Bill Kristol • June 18 •
Jonathan Rauch: On Polarization, Information Warfare, and Cancel Culture
On polarization, information warfare, cancel culture, and defending American institutions.
The Washington Post • Sean Sullivan, Dan Diamond • June 18 •
Biden urges more Americans to get vaccinated but is silent on July 4 target
The president touts 300 million shots in arms but sidesteps goal of getting one shot to at least 70 percent of adults by the holiday.