The New York Times • Lelac Almagor • June 16 •
Opinion | I Taught Online School This Year. It Was a Disgrace.
Remote learning needs to end with the pandemic.
The Wall Street Journal • Rebecca Ballhaus, Khadeeja Safdar, Shalini Ramachandran • June 16 •
Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, Forceful on Jan. 6, Privately Are in Turmoil
The far-right groups face a cash squeeze, internal discord, social-media cutoff and isolation from the financial system
The Washington Post • Matt Zapotosky, Rosalind Helderman, Amy Gardner, Karoun Demirjian • June 16 •
‘Pure insanity’: How Trump and his allies pressured the Justice Department to help overturn the election
New documents and emails reveal how far the president and his supporters were willing to go to try to keep Donald Trump in office in a frenzied three-week stretch that tested Justice Department leaders.
The Intercept • Lee Fang, Ryan Grim • June 16 •
Leaked Audio of Sen. Joe Manchin Call With Billionaire Donors Provides Rare Glimpse of Dealmaking on Filibuster and January 6 Commission
Manchin urged big-money donors with No Labels to talk to Sen. Roy Blunt about flipping his vote on the commission in order to save the filibuster.
The New York Times • Michael S. Schmidt, Katie Benner • June 16 •
Justice Dept. Ends Criminal Inquiry, Lawsuit on John Bolton’s Book
President Donald J. Trump had pressured the department to use its legal powers to stop his former national security adviser from publishing embarrassing details about him.
Slate • Richard L. Hasen • June 16 •
Democrats Should Leap at the Chance to Take Joe Manchin’s Deal
They say not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
The New York Times • John Eligon • June 16 •
Zimbabwe Releases Local Reporter Working for The New York Times
The government said that it would not oppose bail for Jeffrey Moyo, a freelance journalist in the capital, Harare, adding that there was evidence to show he had believed he was acting legally.
ProPublica • June 16 •
Leading Manhattan DA Candidate Has Repeatedly Paid Virtually No Federal Income Taxes
Tali Farhadian Weinstein, who donated $8 million to her own campaign, and her hedge fund manager husband paid nothing (or almost nothing) to the IRS four times in six years.
The Washington Post • Margaret Sullivan • June 15 •
Perspective | Fox News trying to claim that Tom Hanks was ‘canceled’ is proof of its utter desperation
The right-wing cable giant ignored my suggestion to focus on real news. Now it’s all-in on culture war-stoking.
Associated Press • Kristin M. Hall, James Laporta • June 16 •
For years US Army hid, downplayed extent of firearms loss
The U.S. Army has hidden or downplayed the extent to which its firearms disappear, significantly understating losses and thefts even as some weapons are used in street crimes. The Army’s pattern of secrecy and suppression dates back nearly a decade, when The Associated Press began investigating weapons accountability within the military.
The New Yorker • Susan B. Glasser • June 16 •
Joe Biden Just Had a Summit with Vladimir Putin and Nothing Crazy Happened
The triumph of Geneva is that it was not Helsinki.
The New York Times • Mike Konczal, J.W. Mason • June 15 •
Opinion | How to Have a Roaring 2020s (Without Wild Inflation)
Manage the boom, don’t fight it.
The Washington Post • John Hudson • June 15 •
Amid internal disputes over Russia policy, Biden has chosen a mix of confrontation and cooperation
While employing tough rhetoric against Putin, Biden has resisted calls from inside his administration to take an even more aggressive stance toward Moscow.
Rolling Stone • Andy Kroll • June 16 •
The Forever-Trump Movement Has Won
The 45th president lost an election and incited a failed insurrection, but his grip on the GOP is absolute. What’s next for a party at war with democracy — and the future?
The Washington Post • Mike DeBonis • June 16 •
Manchin outlines demands on voting legislation, creating an opening for potential Democratic compromise
The senator from West Virginia had not previously detailed his objections to the For the People Act. The Senate is expected to vote on an elections bill next week.
POLITICO • Zach Montellaro • June 16 •
‘Potential crisis for democracy’: Threats to election workers could spur mass retirements
Election workers and watchdogs say that after these officials preserved the integrity of the 2020 election despite enormous pressure from former President Donald Trump and allies, the climate could kick off a “brain drain” in their field.
THE CITY • Greg B. Smith, Yoav Gonen • June 16 •
Eric Adams Failed to Disclose Co-Ownership of Brooklyn Co-op He Says He Gave Away to a Friend
The mayoral candidate has declared questions about where he lives and owns property settled. But a broken paper trail raises questions about his holdings and his transparency about them as the June 22 primary approaches.
Foreign Policy • Justin Ling • June 15 •
The Lab Leak Theory Doesn’t Hold Up
The rush to find a conspiracy around the COVID-19 pandemic’s origins is driven by narrative, not evidence.
The Washington Post • Aaron Blake • June 16 •
Analysis | Tucker Carlson’s wild, baseless theory blaming the FBI for organizing the Jan. 6 Capitol riot
The latest Jan. 6 conspiracy theory, courtesy of Carlson: That the FBI was behind the Capitol riot. There is no evidence of this.
The New York Times • Sabrina Tavernise, Claire Cain Miller, Quoctrung Bui, Robert Gebeloff • June 16 •
Why American Women Everywhere Are Delaying Motherhood
The birthrate is falling for American women in their 20s, especially in places where the local economy is booming.