The New York Times • Astead W. Herndon • June 14 •
Black Virginians Took Ralph Northam Back. Neither Has Forgotten.
Virginia’s governor survived a blackface scandal with the help of Black Democrats, who saw a chance for policy concessions. Both got more from the relationship than they could have imagined.
NBC News • Erika Edwards • June 11 •
Virtually all hospitalized Covid patients have one thing in common: They're unvaccinated
"I haven't had anyone that's been fully vaccinated become critically ill," one doctor said.
CNN • Barbara Starr, CNN Pentagon Correspondent • June 14 •
Opinion: I'm a journalist and the Trump administration tried to secretly obtain tens of thousands of my emails
Even if you don't like the news media, take notice: Secret Justice Department proceedings against the free press affect everyone in this country, writes CNN Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr.
The Washington Post • Michael Scherer, Sean Sullivan • June 13 •
Biden’s vow to limit ethics conflicts finds a test case: the Ricchetti brothers
One is a senior adviser to Biden. The other is a lobbyist pressing for administration policies.
CNN • Zachary Cohen, CNN • June 14 •
Exclusive: US assessing reported leak at Chinese nuclear power facility
The US government has spent the past week assessing a report of a leak at a Chinese nuclear power plant, after a French company that part owns and helps operate it warned of an "imminent radiological threat," according to US officials and documents reviewed by CNN.
The Hill • Jordain Carney • June 14 •
McConnell signals GOP would block Biden Supreme Court pick in '24
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) signaled Monday that Republicans, if they win back control of the chamber, wouldn't advance a Supreme Court nominee if a vacancy occurred in 2024, the year of the next presidential election.
The New York Times • Katie Benner • June 14 •
Justice Dept. Official to Step Down Amid Uproar Over Leaks Inquiry
John Demers, a Trump appointee who remained in the department, would typically have been briefed on investigations like those involving the secret collection of journalists’ phone records.
The Washington Post • Marianna Sotomayor • June 13 •
‘I didn’t take an oath to defend Donald Trump’: Rep. Tom Rice tests whether Republican voters will support a conservative who crossed Trump
Rice (R-S.C.) is considered the most surprising of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach former president Donald Trump because of his conservative record and reputation as a low-profile, loyal member of the party who represents a district Trump overwhelmingly won twice.
Yahoo News • Michael Isikoff • June 14 •
Exclusive: Saudi assassins picked up illicit drugs in Cairo to kill Khashoggi
The new season of Yahoo News’ "Conspiracyland" podcast reveals compelling new evidence that a Saudi hit team intended to kill Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi long before he walked into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in 2018.
The Daily Beast • Roger Sollenberger • June 14 •
Boeing Restarts Donations to the So-Called ‘Sedition Caucus’
The aerospace and defense giant paused political contributions after Jan. 6. But only for a little bit.
Press Herald • Patrick Horne • June 14 •
Ex-Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, now a Mainer, marched on the Capitol Jan. 6
The former Californian, who's been called 'Putin's favorite congressman,' confirmed he attended the march to protest the 'stolen election' but says he urged fellow protesters not to storm the Capitol.
POLITICO • Alex Isenstadt • June 14 •
'Full of s---': Candidates warned not to fake Trump endorsement
The former president's team is getting more aggressive about policing GOP candidates who claim Trump's support before he's endorsed.
CNN • Zachary Cohen and Whitney Wild, CNN • June 14 •
First on CNN: FBI warns lawmakers that QAnon 'digital soldiers' may become more violent
The FBI has warned lawmakers that online QAnon conspiracy theorists may carry out more acts of violence as they move from serving as "digital soldiers" to taking action in the real world following the January 6 US Capitol attack.
KLAS • David Charns • June 11 •
Sisolak signs sweeping election bills into law, solidifying mail-in voting, presidential primaries in Nevada
In all, the governor signed five bills that change the way Nevadans vote or register to vote.
The New York Times • Jonathan Weisman • June 14 •
In Congress, Republicans Shrug at Warnings of Democracy in Peril
As G.O.P. legislatures move to curtail voting rules, congressional Democrats say authoritarianism looms, but Republicans dismiss the concerns as politics as usual.
Popular Information • Judd Legum and Tesnim Zekeria • June 14 •
These 25 rainbow flag-waving corporations donated more than $10 million to anti-gay politicians in the last two years
This month, corporations are plastering their social media avatars with rainbows, sponsoring Pride parades, and declaring their unwavering commitment to the LGBTQ community. Many of these companies, however, are spending millions supporting the campaigns of anti-gay politicians at the federal and state level.
CNN • Holmes Lybrand, CNN • June 14 •
Fact-checking Ron Johnson's efforts to mislead on Covid-19 and January 6
Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson's penchant for spreading false claims and misinformation shows no signs of stopping after a week in which he touted falsehoods related to both the January 6 Capitol riot and Covid-19.
The New York Times • Maggie Astor • June 14 •
G.O.P. Bills Rattle Disabled Voters: ‘We Don’t Have a Voice Anymore’
Legislation across the country would restrict voting methods and accommodations that people with disabilities are disproportionately likely to rely on.
The Texas Tribune • Erin Douglas, The Texas Tribune • June 14 •
Texas grid operator urges electricity conservation as many power generators are unexpectedly offline and temperatures rise
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas says a large number of power plants are offline, but it could not provide details as to what may be causing the “very concerning” number of outages. At the same time, the state is experiencing near-record demand for electricity in June.
The Washington Post • Rachel Pannett • June 14 •
‘You can’t get rid of the smell because they die in the walls’
The mice are invading homes. They’re destroying crops. They’re chewing through appliances, sofas, cars — and livelihoods.