The New York Times • Jesse Drucker, Danny Hakim • June 12 •
Private Inequity: How a Powerful Industry Conquered the Tax System
The I.R.S. almost never audits private equity firms, even as whistle-blowers have filed claims alleging illegal tax avoidance.
The Washington Post • David Ignatius • June 11 •
Opinion | Inside the palace intrigue in Jordan and a thwarted ‘deal of the century’
In retrospect, this was a plot hiding in plain sight.
The Federalist • Kylee Zempel • June 10 •
My Chipotle Bowl Just Got More Expensive, And It's Government's Fault
Life is breezier on unemployment than behind the Chipotle counter, so the burrito heaven is trying to lure workers back and I'm paying for it.
Associated Press • Jonathan Lemire, Aamer Madhani • June 12 •
Biden to urge G-7 leaders to call out, compete with China
CARBIS BAY, England (AP) — The United States plans to push democratic allies on Saturday to publicly call out China for forced labor practices as the Group of Seven leaders gather at a summit where they will also unveil an infrastructure plan meant to compete with Beijing’s efforts in the developing world.
Slate • Michael Barsa, David Dana • June 12 •
It’s Time to Treat Voting Rights Like Climate Change
Private investing could be one crucial answer.
The Washington Post • Ashley Parker, Michael Birnbaum • June 12 •
Trump’s shadow still looms over cloudy skies at G-7 summit
Biden has been greeted with equal parts optimism and skepticism as the specter of Trump transforms from an active storm to a threatening cloud for many U.S. allies.
The Washington Post • Aaron Blake • June 11 •
Analysis | New questions about a key GOP impeachment witness for Trump
Revisiting a key witness Republicans cited for Trump's supposed exoneration.
The New York Times • Katie Glueck, Jonah E. Bromwich • June 12 •
Has New York Hit a Progressive Plateau? The Mayor’s Race Is a Key Test.
Concerns about crime are dominating the Democratic primary, and the party’s left wing has just started to coalesce.
The Washington Post • Editorial Board • June 11 •
Opinion | Russia’s FSB poisoned another Putin critic. It’s chilling.
Mr. Putin’s FSB sends killers after a prominent writer and poet.
Cape Cod Times • Doug Fraser • June 11 •
'I was completely inside': Lobster diver swallowed by humpback whale off Provincetown
“I was completely inside (the whale); it was completely black,” said Michael Packard of Wellfleet.
USA TODAY • Tom Nichols • June 12 •
Tom Nichols: I said I couldn't stand Indian food. Then a Twitter friend took me to dinner.
This is a story about the internet, the spontaneous generosity of thousands of people and the healing power of food. Or, the healing power of lamb.
The New York Times • Charlie Savage • June 12 •
Garland Confronts Long-Building Crisis Over Leak Inquiries and Journalism
Prosecutors’ approach to unauthorized disclosures of government secrets has undergone a sea change in the 21st century.
Pawprints • Luppe B. Luppen • June 10 •
Reading the Park Police IG Report More Closely
It doesn't support the headlines.
The Washington Post • Paul Kane • June 11 •
Analysis | Republican attacks on Biden agenda can’t break through conservative media’s culture wars
Much less are they putting a dent in support for Biden’s policies, according to polling. One Republican senator says the economic reality will soon speak for itself.
The New Republic • June 11 •
Here’s an Idea for Liberals: Propaganda
After every election, Democrats seem to talk about how they failed to craft a clear message. So how about bombarding people with a new kind of campaign ad?
Austin American-Statesman • Tony Plohetski • June 12 •
13 injured in downtown Austin shooting early Saturday; police still searching for suspect
At least 13 people were shot, some critically injured, in a mass shooting in Austin. No fatalities were reported as of 5 a.m., authorities say.
The New York Times • Mark Landler • June 11 •
Question Looms Over This Year’s Group of 7: Where Are All the Protesters?
It’s challenging to be an activist this year, what with the pandemic, a hermetically sealed summit and a new American president who is hard to get too worked up over.
CNN • Kevin Liptak, Jeff Zeleny, Phil Mattingly and Kaitlan Collins, CNN • June 12 •
Biden causes sighs of relief among world leaders even as G7 divisions linger
When President Donald Trump used his elbows at international summits, it was to throw them -- on trade, on Russia and, once, to help remove the Montenegrin prime minister from his path to a photo-op.
CNN • Katelyn Polantz and Pamela Brown, CNN • June 12 •
Former Deputy AG Rosenstein has said he was not aware of subpoena for lawmakers' data, source says
Ex-top Trump Justice Department official Rod Rosenstein has told people in recent days he was not aware of a subpoena that targeted the data of Democratic members of Congress while he was deputy attorney general, a source familiar with Rosenstein told CNN on Saturday.
The Washington Post • Felicia Sonmez, Matt Zapotosky, Karoun Demirjian • June 11 •
Justice Dept. watchdog to probe Trump-era leak investigations, including secret subpoenas for records from Congress and journalists
Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer and Judiciary Committee Chairman Richard J. Durbin called the secret subpoenas “a gross abuse of power.”