The New York Times • Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Jim Huylebroek • May 31 •
A Siege, a Supply Run and a Descent Into a Decade-Old Battle
‘Do you have body armor?’ the Afghan pilot asked us as we prepared for a trip to outposts surrounded by the Taliban.
The Washington Post • Scott Wilson • May 30 •
Anarchists and an increase in crime hijack Portland’s social justice movement
The rocket rise in the killings of young Black men has undermined activists’ goals.
The New York Times • Michael D. Shear, Zolan Kanno-Youngs • May 31 •
Biden Aims to Rebuild and Expand Legal Immigration
Documents obtained by The New York Times show far-reaching efforts by President Biden to remake the immigration system and undo much of his predecessor’s legacy.
The Washington Post • Amy Gardner • May 30 •
Texas House poised to take up final vote on one of the most restrictive voting bills in the country
The far-reaching measure, which has the support of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, would make it harder to cast ballots by mail, empowers partisan poll watchers and would make it easier to overturn election results.
The Atlantic • William H. McRaven • May 31 •
The Crosses
A poem for Memorial Day
Washington Examiner • • May 31 •
Michael Flynn says Myanmar-like coup 'should' happen in United States
Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said there is "no reason" a coup could not happen in the United States.
The Washington Post • Amy Gardner • May 31 •
After defeating restrictive voting bill, Texas Democrats send loud message: ‘We need Congress to do their part’
The coordinated walkout jolted the national debate about voting rights, putting the spotlight on Democratic-backed federal voting rights legislation that has been stalled in the Senate.
New York Post • Jean Becker • May 29 •
How George H.W. Bush struggled after being 'fired by American people'
A new book reveals how George H.W. Bush struggled to define his new life after being “fired by the American people.”
The New York Times • Kashmir Hill • May 29 •
Our Digital Pasts Weren’t Supposed to Be Weaponized Like This
A recent firing at The Associated Press is the latest example of the way in which our digital pasts are never far from the present, despite what early internet evangelists thought.
Associated Press • Paul J. Weber • May 31 •
Dems walk, stop Texas GOP's sweeping voting restrictions
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Democrats pulled off a dramatic, last-ditch walkout in the state House of Representatives on Sunday night to block passage of one of the most restrictive voting bills in the U.S., leaving Republicans with no choice but to abandon a midnight deadline and declare the legislative session essentially over.
The Atlantic • Jeremy Cook, Jason Long • May 24 •
How 24 Hours of Racist Violence Caused Decades of Harm
A century after a white mob attacked a thriving Black community in Tulsa, digitized census records are bringing the economic damage into clearer focus.
The Dispatch • David French • May 30 •
When Our Forefathers Fail
On the moral imperative of mourning the Tulsa Race Massacre today.
The New York Times • Jasper Craven • May 30 •
Opinion | The Veterans Who Bury Their Own
The veterans who work at Calverton National Cemetery view their job as a sacred duty and final act of fellowship.
The New York Times • Maureen Dowd • May 31 •
Kate Winslet Has No Filter
The star of ‘Mare of Easttown’ is back on the sides of buses. Without airbrushing.
VICE • David Gilbert • May 31 •
QAnon's Wildest Moments From Their Massively Disturbing Conference
The ‘For God and Country: Patriot Roundup’ conference had Michael Flynn calling for a military coup and Roger Stone’s social media advisor calling for Hillary Clinton’s execution.
The Washington Post • Lena H. Sun • May 30 •
Barbershop offers coronavirus shots, in addition to cuts and shaves. Some see it as a national model.
'Why not go where people already have trust?' Black business leaders, University of Maryland and Biden White House hope to recruit barbers to replicate Hyattsville effort nationwide.
The Texas Tribune • Alexa Ura, The Texas Tribune • May 30 •
Texas Democrats abandon House floor, blocking passage of voting bill before final deadline
In a last ditch attempt to block a sweeping GOP voting bill, all Democrats walked off the House floor Sunday night, trying to prevent a vote on the legislation before a fatal deadline.
Louisville Courier Journal • Billy Kobin, Joe Sonka • May 31 •
Feds arrest man who received controversial pardon from Matt Bevin in slaying
Patrick Baker, whose family hosted a fundraiser for Gov. Bevin before Bevin later pardoned him, could face new charges in Donald MIlls' death
Slow Boring • Matthew Yglesias • May 31 •
Big Mac-ghazi
Enjoy the long Weekend
The New Yorker • Victor Luckerson • May 28 •
The Women Who Preserved the Story of the Tulsa Race Massacre
Two pioneering Black writers have not received the recognition they deserve for chronicling one of the country’s gravest crimes.