The Washington Post • Shira Rubin • May 30 •
Israeli opposition parties reach agreement to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
A diverse coalition of conservatives, centrists and liberals say they have votes to form a government this week.
The Dispatch • David French • May 30 •
When Our Forefathers Fail
On the moral imperative of mourning the Tulsa Race Massacre today.
The Washington Post • Amy Gardner • May 30 •
Texas House poised to take up final vote on one of the most restrictive voting bills in the country
The far-reaching measure, which has the support of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, would make it harder to cast ballots by mail, empowers partisan poll watchers and would make it easier to overturn election results.
The Independent • Andrew Feinberg • May 30 •
‘We should be very worried’: Top Arizona election official sounds alarm over GOP attempts to undermine democracy
The latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent.
The Texas Tribune • Alexa Ura, The Texas Tribune • May 30 •
Texas Democrats abandon House floor, blocking passage of voting bill before final deadline
In a last ditch attempt to block a sweeping GOP voting bill, all Democrats walked off the House floor Sunday night, trying to prevent a vote on the legislation before a fatal deadline.
The Washington Post • Amy Gardner • May 30 •
How the new Texas voting bill would create hurdles for voters of color
Orlando Sentinel • Orlando Sentinel • May 28 •
DeSantis stands by no cruise ship exemption for ‘vaccine passports’
Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t wavering from his ban on “vaccine passports” as a cruise line has received federal approval to set sail from a Florida port next month if passengers and crew members are inoculated against COVID-19.
POLITICO • Alex Isenstadt • May 30 •
Shadow primary: GOP 2024 hopefuls dive into House races to get around Trump
A steady stream of possible presidential candidates are heading to Iowa and other states to help out House candidates and build political chits.
Brad Little, Idaho Governor • ecallihan • May 28 •
Gov. Little defends local control, denounces Lt. Governor’s irresponsible abuse of power
The New York Times • Ross Douthat • May 29 •
Opinion | Why the Lab Leak Theory Matters
The debate about Covid’s origins will have implications beyond the media critique.
The New York Times • Eric Cervini • May 30 •
How the Religious Right Made Same-Sex Marriage a Gay Rights Crusade
A detailed history of the fight for same-sex marriage, Sasha Issenberg’s “The Engagement” casts fresh light on the role of conservative churches in compelling gay rights activists to embrace the issue as a cause.
The New York Times • John Leland • May 28 •
Pride Said Gay Cops Aren’t Welcome. Then Came the Backlash.
Just as L.G.B.T.Q. visibility reached a new peak, splinter groups are re-examining the annual parade. Is Pride too corporate? Should police officers be allowed to march? Is it a revolution, or is it a party?
Associated Press • Jonathan Lemire • May 30 •
For Biden, a deeply personal Memorial Day weekend observance
NEW CASTLE, Del. (AP) — President Joe Biden marked his first Memorial Day weekend as commander in chief by honoring the nation’s sacrifices in a deeply personal manner as he paid tribute Sunday to those lost while remembering his late son Beau, a veteran who died six years ago to the day.
The New York Times • Ben Smith • May 30 •
The Internet’s Favorite Catalog of Weird Places Rewrites History
Atlas Obscura has reviewed how it tells its stories about curious places in light of last year’s shift in how Americans view their past.
The Washington Post • Amy Gardner • May 29 •
Texas Republicans finalize bill that would enact stiff new voting restrictions and make it easier to overturn election results
The expansive measure, likely to pass this weekend, would make it harder to vote by mail, ban drop boxes and empower partisan poll watchers.
WUSA • Nathan Baca (WUSA9) • May 28 •
MPD attorney: Department used tear gas on Lafayette Park protesters in June 2020
Attorney Richard Sobiecki explained for the first time why MPD used tear gas against protesters fleeing federal police, though he did not say what exactly was used.
The Wall Street Journal • May 28 •
The Tulsa Race Massacre | 100 Years Later
In 1921, a massacre destroyed a thriving segregated community. Today, Black Americans still struggle to recreate that same kind of prosperity. In this series, The Wall Street Journal explores the legacy of the Tulsa Race Massacre and its economic reverberations, piecing together a story of both resilience and loss.
The Atlantic • Martin E. Dempsey • May 30 •
90 Seconds Together
I’m not ready to give up on the anthem and the ritual of standing while it is played.
The Washington Post • Joe Klein • May 26 •
Review | Nixon knew better, but he couldn’t save himself
The president was a tragic figure destined to fall, writes Michael Dobbs.
CBS News • May 30 •
Transcript: Scott Gottlieb on "Face the Nation," May 30, 2021
The following is a transcript of an interview with former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb that aired Sunday, May 30, 2021, on "Face the Nation."