POLITICO • Melanie Zanona • May 26 • politico.com
Mother of deceased Capitol Police officer seeks to pressure GOP senators on Jan. 6 commission
Gladys Sicknick, mother of Brian Sicknick, requested sit-downs with Republicans to discuss “the importance” of an independent investigation into the deadly insurrection — as a key Senate vote looms.
The Washington Post • Jeremy Barr • May 26 • washingtonpost.com
Associated Press tells staff it made mistakes in firing of Emily Wilder
The news service is facing criticism and internal dissent for terminating a junior staffer based on her social media activity.
ESPN • Don Van Natta Jr., Seth Wickersham • May 26 • espn.com
Son, ghostwriter of late senator say Trump intervened to stop Spygate probe
One of the enduring mysteries of Spygate is the identity of the person who reached out to the late Sen. Arlen Specter to coax him into dropping his Senate probe. Now Specter's son and ghostwriter have come forward with a name: Donald J. Trump.
POLITICO • Daniel Lippman • May 26 • politico.com
MyPillow’s Mike Lindell is turned away from Republican governors event
The CEO, a top Trump ally, has been sued for defamation over his false assertion that a company’s voting machines stole the election for Joe Biden.
WBEZ Chicago • Patrick Smith • May 26 • wbez.org
Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blamed Gun Violence On Judges, But Emails Show Her Staff Knew It Wasn’t True
Hacked emails show City Hall struggling to find evidence that would justify Lightfoot and Brown’s claims linking gun violence to bond court.
The New York Times • Katie Rogers • May 26 • nytimes.com
Karine Jean-Pierre will take her turn at the White House podium.
Her appearance is seen both internally and externally as an audition for the press secretary job, which Jen Psaki has said she will leave after a year.
The Atlantic • Ben Rhodes • May 26 • theatlantic.com
Then She Asked Me About Benghazi
I went to Harper’s Ferry seeking escape, and discovered how far our shared reality has fractured.
The New York Times • Ruth Graham, Liam Stack • May 26 • nytimes.com
U.S. Faces Outbreak of Anti-Semitic Threats and Violence
In the wake of clashes in Israel and Gaza, synagogues have been vandalized and Jews have been threatened and attacked.
Ohio Capital Journal • Jake Zuckerman • May 26 • ohiocapitaljournal.com
GOP governor and lawmakers clash over vaccine policy - Ohio Capital Journal
“The easier [it is] to opt out, the more parents will opt out. In turn, the more parents who opt out, the greater the likelihood you have outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases. It’s pretty intuitive.”
The New York Times • Mona El-Naggar, Adam Rasgon, Mona Boshnaq • May 26 • nytimes.com
They Were Only Children
At least 68 children were killed in the Israel-Hamas war this month. This is who they were.
Slow Boring • Matthew Yglesias • May 26 • slowboring.com
The media's lab leak fiasco
A huge fuckup, with perhaps not-so-huge policy stakes
The Wall Street Journal • Gerald F. Seib • May 24 • wsj.com
The Consequences of Not Creating a Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Commission
If Washington’s political system can’t come together, it may be showing it can’t reverse the dynamics that produced violence in the first place.
NBC News • Sahil Kapur • May 26 • nbcnews.com
A quiet bipartisan effort on gun background checks may be on the verge of a deal
Democrat Chris Murphy and Republican John Cornyn believe they may have landed on a new way to beef up background checks while attracting bipartisan support.
POLITICO • Cristiano Lima • May 26 • politico.com
Facebook lifts ban on posts claiming Covid-19 was man-made as Wuhan theories surge
Facebook’s policy tweak arrives as support surges in Washington for a fuller investigation into the origins of Covid-19.
The Washington Post • Greg Sargent • May 26 • washingtonpost.com
Opinion | Susan Collins’s latest move on the Jan. 6 commission builds the case for filibuster reform
A bipartisan accounting into the insurrection is probably not possible.
POLITICO • Burgess Everett • May 26 • politico.com
McConnell, the minority leader with 'veto' power
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is betting the filibuster, and therefore his power over Biden's agenda, is here to stay.
The Washington Post • Lola Fadulu, Dan Keating • May 25 • washingtonpost.com
Black residents now account for more than 8 in 10 D.C. coronavirus cases
With White residents getting vaccinated at higher rates, advocates say covid-19 could become “a Black and Brown disease.”
The New Republic • May 25 • newrepublic.com
Can the Politics of Police Reform Survive the Crime Rates of Our Pandemic Year?
An impenetrable web of statistics is being used to deflect criticisms and reshape the media narrative around policing.
The New York Times • David Leonhardt • May 26 • nytimes.com
A New C.D.C. Story
We have the latest chapter on the C.D.C.’s description of outdoor Covid risks.
The Washington Post • Greg Sargent • May 26 • washingtonpost.com
Opinion | An anti-Trump Republican’s agonizing travails point to real trouble ahead
This attempt to appease radicalizing forces in the GOP is unlikely to end well.