The Washington Post • David Fahrenthold, Josh Dawsey • May 20 •
Since leaving office, Trump has charged the Secret Service more than $40,000 to use space at Mar-a-Lago
Trump charged his own protective detail $396.15 per night to rent a room near him, and U.S. taxpayers footed the bill, documents show.
Casper Star-Tribune Online • Victoria Eavis 307-266-0592, • May 21 •
US House candidate Bouchard says he impregnated 14-year-old when he was 18
Anthony Bouchard says he went public with the information after learning that people were investigating the relationship in opposition to his candidacy against Rep. Liz Cheney.
SFGATE • Eric Ting • May 20 •
'I was just canceled': An interview with Emily Wilder
Wilder was fired from the AP and told she violated their social media policy.
Associated Press • Brian Slodysko • May 21 •
As pandemic spread pain and panic, congressman chased profit
WASHINGTON (AP) — In the early days of the pandemic, New Jersey Rep. Tom Malinowski scolded those looking to capitalize on the once-in-a-century health crisis. “This is not the time for anybody to be profiting off of selling ventilators, vaccines, drugs, treatments, PPE (personal protective equipment), anywhere in the world,” the two-term Democrat and former assistant secretary of state told MSNBC in April 2020.
The New York Times • David Brooks • May 20 •
Opinion | Has Biden Changed? He Tells Us
In an interview, the president describes how he developed his view of the world.
The New York Times • Ruth Graham • May 20 •
Los Angeles Mayor Calls Attack on Diners ‘Anti-Semitic’
The attack came amid escalating violence in Israel and Gaza that has sparked protests in the United States.
The Wall Street Journal • Brian Spegele, Caitlin Ostroff • May 21 •
Bitcoin Miners Are Giving New Life to Old Fossil-Fuel Power Plants
The lofty prices of cryptocurrencies have investors sinking money into electricity generation, risking a backlash.
The Dispatch • Haley Byrd Wilt • May 21 •
GOP Senators Dig In Against January 6 Commission
Many say they still haven't read the legislation. But they have problems with it.
The Atlantic • Adam Serwer • May 21 •
Why Conservatives Want to Cancel the 1619 Project
Objections to the appointment of Nikole Hannah-Jones to an academic chair are the latest instance of conservatives using the state to suppress ideas they consider dangerous.
CNN • Paula Reid, David Shortell and Gloria Borger, CNN • May 21 •
Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend to cooperate with federal authorities in sex trafficking investigation
Federal authorities investigating alleged sex trafficking by GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz have secured the cooperation of the congressman's ex-girlfriend, according to people familiar with the matter.
The Washington Post • Margaret Sullivan • May 21 •
Perspective | America’s rich people could have saved local journalism — and perhaps democracy. They refused.
The sale of the Tribune newspapers to the Alden hedge fund is a sign of trouble ahead.
The Atlantic • Derek Thompson • May 21 •
The Texas Mask Mystery
When the governor lifted the state’s mandate, liberals predicted disaster. But it never came. Why?
The Atlantic • Peter Wehner • May 20 •
Trump Is Marching Down the Road to Political Violence
The Republican Party must counteract lies rather than indulge them.
The Hollywood Reporter • Patrick Brzeski • May 21 •
From Deal Frenzy to Decoupling: Is the China-Hollywood Romance Officially Over?
In the run-up to Chloé Zhao’s historic best director win for Nomadland at the 93rd Oscars, Disney began tiptoeing around potential land mines with regard to China, the director’s home c…
The Washington Post • Jeff Stein, Tyler Pager • May 21 •
White House budget plan set to leave out some health care proposals from campaign
A public option for health care will not be included in the budget that will be proposed next week as the Biden administration plans to focus instead on building support for ideas they’ve already introduced.
National Review • Charles C. W. Cooke • May 21 •
Rebekah Jones Admits She Was Never Asked to Delete COVID Deaths in Florida
On Twitter on May 20, Jones tweeted, ‘Deleting deaths was never something I was asked to do. I’ve never claimed it was.’
The Washington Post • Dan Zak • May 21 •
The mess in Maricopa
Votes are still being counted in Arizona. It won’t change the winner. But it might change America.
Associated Press • David Bauder • May 21 •
AP's firing of journalist following tweets prompts outcry
NEW YORK (AP) — The Associated Press is being criticized for firing a young journalist over her social media activity, with some suggesting the news agency bowed to a political pressure campaign over her pro-Palestinian views from when she was in college.
Associated Press • Aamer Madhani • May 21 •
Hour-by-hour: Biden's behind-the-scenes push for cease-fire
The diplomatic flurry was over and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu was on the phone telling President Joe Biden that it appeared the furious fighting between Israel and Hamas was about to end. But Biden remained wary even after the afternoon phone call.
Pawprints • Luppe B. Luppen • May 21 •
What Is That In Thine Hand?
May 21, 2021