CNN • Em Steck and Andrew Kaczynski, CNN • May 14 •
Since-deleted video shows Marjorie Taylor Greene harassing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's office during 2019 Capitol Hill visit
Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene confronted Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outside the House chamber on Wednesday afternoon. The incident, first reported by The Washington Post, was just the latest of several hostile confrontations the Georgia congresswoman has had with her Democratic colleagues, but her interactions with the New York Democrat predate Greene's election to Congress in 2020.
CNN • Lauren Fox, Kristin Wilson, Sarah Fortinsky and Ali Zaslav, CNN • May 14 •
Congressional Democrats have a 100% vaccination rate
Although the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday that people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 do not need to wear masks or practice social distancing indoors or outdoors except under special circumstances, the House mask requirement will remain in place until all members and floor staff are fully vaccinated.
The Daily Beast • Jose Pagliery, Roger Sollenberger • May 14 •
Rep. Matt Gaetz Snorted Cocaine With Escort Who Had ‘No Show’ Gov’t Job
Witnesses revealed the wild scene at an after-party for a GOP fundraiser in Orlando.
The New York Times • Michael D. Shear, Katie Rogers, Annie Karni • May 14 •
Beneath Joe Biden’s Folksy Demeanor, a Short Fuse and an Obsession With Details
As Mr. Biden settles into the office he has chased for more than three decades, aides say he demands hours of debate from scores of policy experts.
BuzzFeed News • Ryan Mac • May 14 •
We Found Joe Biden On Venmo. Here’s Why That’s A Privacy Nightmare For Everyone
The peer-to-peer payments app leaves everyone from ordinary people to the most powerful person in the world exposed.
CNN • John Harwood, CNN • May 14 •
Neera Tanden joins White House as a senior adviser after withdrawing Cabinet nomination
Neera Tanden, the new administration's only Cabinet nominee rebuffed by the Senate, has become a senior adviser to President Joe Biden, a White House official told CNN.
WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta • Justin Gray • May 14 •
Investigation: Marjorie Taylor Greene filed homestead exemptions on 2 homes, violating state law
A homestead exemption is a big tax break any Georgia homeowner is entitled to for their primary residence. It is against the law to file for more than one.
The New York Times • Michael S. Schmidt • May 14 •
Former Gaetz Confidant Pleads Guilty and Agrees to Cooperate
Joel Greenberg, a former tax collector in Florida, admitted to sex trafficking a minor and agreed to help in prosecutions of others.
FOX31 Denver • Web Staff • May 13 •
Suzanne Morphew’s husband, accused in her murder, charged with submitting presidential ballot in her name
Prosecutors have filed new charges against Barry Morphew, alleging the man accused of murdering his missing wife submitted a presidential ballot in her name.
POLITICO • Paul Volpe • May 14 •
‘These Blazing Stars … Just Disappeared’: The Missing Generation of Women at the Washington Post
The Post made history this week by appointing its first female executive editor. But why did the newspaper have to look outside its own ranks for a woman to lead the newroom?
ABC News • Meredith Deliso • May 14 •
Man arrested in wife's murder now accused of voting for Trump in her name
A Colorado man arrested this month for allegedly murdering his missing wife has also been accused of voting for former President Donald Trump in her name.
The New York Times • David M. Halbfinger • May 14 •
A Press Corps Deceived, and the Gaza Invasion That Wasn’t
A spokesman led the international media to believe that Israeli forces had entered Gaza. They hadn’t. But the army wanted Hamas to think they had.
ProPublica • May 14 •
Documents Show Trump Officials Used Secret Terrorism Unit to Question Lawyers at the Border
In newly disclosed records, Trump officials cited conspiracies about Antifa to justify interrogating immigration lawyers with a special terrorism unit. The documents also show that more lawyers were targeted than previously known.
The New York Times • Shane Goldmacher • May 14 •
A.O.C. Had a Catchy Logo. Now Progressives Everywhere Are Copying It.
The slanted text in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s logo, and its break from the traditional red, white and blue color palette, has formed a new graphical language for progressivism. Imitators abound.
Mother Jones • Ari Berman • May 13 •
Leaked video: Dark money group brags about writing GOP voter suppression bills across the country
“We did it quickly and we did it quietly,” said the executive director of Heritage Action.
Associated Press • Maryclaire Dale • May 14 •
Retired Black players say NFL brain-injury payouts show bias
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Thousands of retired Black professional football players, their families and supporters are demanding an end to the controversial use of “race-norming” to determine which players are eligible for payouts in the NFL’s $1 billion settlement of brain injury claims, a system experts say is discriminatory.
POLITICO • Alex Thompson • May 14 •
The world’s most powerful local paper
National Review • Charles C. W. Cooke • May 13 •
Rebekah Jones, the COVID Whistleblower Who Wasn’t
The former dashboard manager alleges a vast data conspiracy in Florida; not a word of it is true.
The Dispatch • David French • May 13 •
The Two Wrongs of the Gaza Narrative
No, Hamas is not acting in response to ‘legitimate grievances,’ and no, Israel is not violating the laws of war.
The Washington Post • Greg Sargent • May 14 •
Opinion | A cop’s anger at GOP lies about Jan. 6 should put Republicans on the defensive
As a deal is reached on the makeup of a Jan. 6 commission, Republicans can't bury the truth forever.