The Washington Post • Marianna Sotomayor, Jacqueline Alemany • May 11 •
House Republicans oust Cheney from leadership for calling out Trump’s false election claims
Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is expected to be replaced by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), a onetime moderate turned Trump loyalist.
The New York Times • Julian E. Barnes, Edward Wong, Eric Schmitt • May 12 •
Mysterious Ailments Are Said to Be More Widespread Among U.S. Personnel
The Biden administration has begun more aggressively investigating episodes that left spies, diplomats, soldiers and others with brain injuries.
The Washington Post • Margaret Sullivan • May 11 •
Perspective | Reality Winner was the FBI’s ‘head on a pike’ for Trump. It’s time to set her free.
A new documentary shows how a young woman who tried to get alarming information to the public was caught up in forces beyond her control.
The New York Times • Jonathan Martin • May 12 •
Republicans’ Overthrow of Liz Cheney Risks Worsening Their Headaches
As the party ties itself ever tighter to Trumpism, some Republicans worry about the implications for 2022 and far beyond. “I don’t think it’s a healthy moment for the party,” said one congressman.
The Washington Post • Greg Sargent • May 12 •
Opinion | 100 Republicans are threatening a GOP ‘civil war.’ Here’s why that’s good news.
As the GOP punishes Liz Cheney, center-right allies in defense of democracy are crucial.
The Washington Post • Jeremy Barr • May 11 •
The new CNN is more opinionated and emotional. Can it still be ‘the most trusted name in news’?
Under network president Jeff Zucker, CNN’s once studiously neutral team now call out politicians, share their feelings and occasionally cry on air. It doesn’t seem to hurt ratings.
The New York Times • Michael D. Shear, Nicholas Fandos • May 12 •
Biden holds his first meeting with the top four congressional leaders to discuss infrastructure.
President Biden met with the Republican and Democratic leaders of the House and the Senate in a bid to “reach some consensus,” he said.
ABC News • Allison Pecorin, Rachel Scott • May 12 •
Manchin to support measured voting reform in lieu of sweeping Democratic proposal
Sen. Joe Manchin is breaking with Democrats and throwing his weight behind a more measured voting rights bill in lieu of the sweeping Democratic voting reform bill.
The Washington Post • David Weigel • May 11 •
Analysis | The Trailer: 2020, Continued: How post-Trump voting laws would have changed the last election
How new election rules would have changed the 2020 race, the Virginia GOP picks its 2021 ticket, and the policing debate spills over in New Mexico.
The Intercept • Ken Klippenstein • May 12 •
Pentagon List of Extremism Experts Includes Anti-Muslim and Conservative Christian Groups
The Pentagon’s Countering Extremism Working Group has circulated a list of prospective partners that includes individuals associated with anti-Muslim group MEMRI.
The Atlantic • Lucy McBride • May 12 •
Why I Don’t Think Kids Need Masks Outside
I’m a doctor. I tell parents that outdoor masking is not necessary for their children, for several reasons.
Intelligencer • Ben Jacobs • May 12 •
Liz Cheney Meets Her Fate in a Capitol Basement
The scene from a Republican purge.
The Daily Beast • Will Sommer • May 11 •
Students for Trump Founder Ryan Fournier Ratted Out Friend To Feds
Students for Trump co-founder John Lambert was sentenced to 13 months for operating a fake law firm. Fournier will not face prosecution, according to court documents.
The Washington Post • E.J. Dionne • May 12 •
Opinion | The GOP’s past election lies led to Trump’s big one
Republicans’ false allegations of voter fraud dating back two decades set the stage for the debacle with Cheney.
POLITICO • Bryan Bender • May 11 •
'Disturbing and reckless': Retired brass spread election lie in attack on Biden, Democrats
The open letter from 124 retired officers alarmed current and former military members concerned about the politicization of the military.
The Washington Post • Michael Scherer, Josh Dawsey • May 11 •
Inside Liz Cheney’s plan to take on former president Donald Trump
The Wyoming Republican plans increased travel and media appearances, as other opponents of the former president organize to back anti-Trump candidates.
The Bulwark • Sarah Longwell • May 12 •
Liz Cheney Should Run for President - The Bulwark
It’s the logical next step, and the right thing to do.
Bloomberg • Jennifer Jacobs • May 12 •
White House Weighs Evacuating Afghan Workers With Time Running Out
The Biden administration is debating how to get thousands of Afghans who worked for the U.S. out of the country before American forces withdraw in a few months, amid fears that time is running out ahead of a potential Taliban takeover.
Los Angeles Times • Mark Z. Barabak • May 11 •
Column: The agony and ecstasy of Kevin McCarthy
He's closer than ever to his dream of being House speaker. But he's compromised himself along the way.
CNN • Natasha Bertrand, Evan Perez, Zachary Cohen and Geneva Sands, CNN • May 12 •
Colonial Pipeline not likely to pay millions in ransom demanded by hackers
The ransomware group that carried out a crippling cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline has demanded millions in bitcoin payment, though at this point the company has not paid, according to people familiar with the matter.