The New York Times • David Leonhardt • May 11 •
A Misleading C.D.C. Number
We have a special edition of the newsletter on a misleading C.D.C. statistic.
The Washington Post • Paul Farhi • May 11 •
Sally Buzbee of the Associated Press named executive editor of The Washington Post, the first woman to lead the newsroom
The veteran journalist has led the news service since 2017, serving as Washington bureau chief before that. She succeeds Martin Baron, who retired in February.
The Washington Post • David Weigel • May 11 •
Analysis | The Trailer: 2020, Continued: How post-Trump voting laws would have changed the last election
How new election rules would have changed the 2020 race, the Virginia GOP picks its 2021 ticket, and the policing debate spills over in New Mexico.
The Washington Post • Ashley Parker • May 11 •
New book portrays a Secret Service riven by scandal and growing pains
‘Zero Fail’ depicts missteps, successes and evolution of the agency tasked with protecting the president.
The Guardian • Martin Pengelly • May 11 •
Trump family members got ‘inappropriately close’ to Secret Service agents, book claims
Concerns over bonds involving Trump’s then daughter in-law Vanessa and daughter Tiffany revealed in Zero Fail by Carol Leonnig
The Daily Beast • Roger Sollenberger • May 11 •
4 Women Say Matt Gaetz’s Wingman Pressured Them to Have Sex
“I wasn’t really in a position to say I didn’t want to do this. I wasn’t in my right mind. I was in over my head and it was kind of scary.”
Politico PRO • Carla Marinucci • May 11 •
Jenner says she didn't vote in 2020. But records show she did.
After Jenner's latest comments to CNN aired Tuesday morning, a representative of the registrar’s office reconfirmed to POLITICO that Jenner voted.
Los Angeles Times • Phil Willon • May 11 •
Opposition to Newsom recall grows as Jenner, GOP generate little support, poll finds
Democratic voters polled by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies also overwhelmingly favored having a prominent Democratic replacement candidate on the recall ballot in case Newsom is ousted from office.
The Bulwark • Mona Charen • May 11 •
The Real Steal Is Coming - The Bulwark
Who will prevent the next attempt to overturn the will of the voters?
NBC News • Brandy Zadrozny • May 11 •
Trump's blog isn't lighting up the internet
The ex-president’s blog has drawn a considerably smaller audience than his once-powerful social media accounts, according to engagement data.
The New York Times • May 10 •
Opinion | Andrew Yang Mayoral Endorsement Interview
Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur and the founder of the nonprofit Venture for America. He was a 2020 Democratic candidate for president.
The 19th • Amanda Becker • May 10 •
Kyrsten Sinema doesn’t feel the need to explain herself
The Arizona Democrat isn’t answering a lot of questions about her resistance to changing the filibuster — or the curtsy.
Just Security • Kate Brannen • May 11 •
The Official and Unofficial Timeline of Defense Department Actions on January 6
A look at the questionable omissions in the Pentagon’s official timeline of its actions on January 6.
POLITICO • Sarah Ferris • May 11 •
The ex-Marine who holds Democrats’ Trumpiest district
“We have a desire to have these really-kind-of-lazy but rather easy ways of analyzing people and voters," Rep. Jared Golden said. "And they don't fit into buckets like that."
Just Security • Kate Brannen • May 11 •
Investigating Jan. 6 — Key Unanswered Questions for Congress and Media to Ask
Dozens of questions to focus on in Wednesday's congressional hearing.
The Washington Post • Jeff Flake • May 11 •
Opinion | Jeff Flake: In today’s Republican Party, there is no greater offense than honesty
As the House Republicans take action against her, Liz Cheney should hold her head high. All those who value the truth stand with her.
POLITICO • Bryan Bender • May 11 •
Nominees for defense budget and intel chiefs face senators
100-plus retired generals slam Biden, Democrats in ‘shocking’ letter — Separating the wheat from the chaff in emerging technologies
The Atlantic • Derek Thompson • May 11 •
What’s Behind the Vaccine Slowdown?
Daily shots are plummeting. Is it the FDA’s fault, or the inevitable result of America’s stubbornly high vaccine resistance?
The Washington Post • Jeff Stein, Tyler Pager • May 11 •
Biden’s sweeping — and fluid — tax plans are making some congressional Democrats nervous
The chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee privately warns tax plans could hurt vulnerable incumbents.
The Detroit News • Beth LeBlanc, Craig Mauger • May 11 •
Michigan GOP lawmaker floats bill to register, fine 'fact checkers'
A Michigan GOP lawmaker introduced a bill that would require "fact checkers" to register with the state and post a $1 million fidelity bond to publish.