The Washington Post • Michael Scherer, Josh Dawsey, Dan Lamothe • May 8 •
Liz Cheney’s months-long effort to turn Republicans from Trump threatens her reelection and ambitions. She says it’s only beginning.
The party’s third-highest leader has engaged in a raging months-long dispute with other House Republicans, likely to end in her dismissal from her leadership post.
The New York Times • Lisa Lerer • May 8 •
Marooned at Mar-a-Lago, Trump Still Has Iron Grip on Republicans
The vilification of Liz Cheney and a bizarre vote recount in Arizona showed the damage from his assault on a bedrock of democracy: election integrity.
The Washington Post • Heather Long • May 7 •
Analysis | It’s not a ‘labor shortage.’ It’s a great reassessment of work in America
Hiring was much weaker than expected in April. Wall Street thinks it’s a blip, but there could be a much deeper re-think going on of what jobs are needed and what workers want to do on a daily basis.
The Washington Post • Devlin Barrett • May 7 •
Trump Justice Department secretly obtained Post reporters’ phone records
The action grew out of a leak investigation surrounding reporting on Russia’s role in the 2016 election.
POLITICO • Alex Thompson • May 8 •
Warren says she will run for reelection in 2024
The 71-year-old senator, whose new book addresses the disappointment of her failed presidential campaign, says she sees a future in the Senate.
Yahoo News • Jack Murphy • May 8 •
'Conspiracy is hard': Inside the Trump administration's secret plan to kill Qassem Soleimani
For better or worse, the Soleimani killing was one of the most consequential foreign policy decisions of the Trump administration, with effects that will reverberate for years to come and likely shape the strategic environment President Biden now faces in the region.
Intelligencer • Jonathan Chait • May 8 •
Elizabeth Warren’s Book Shows She Has No Idea Why Her Campaign Failed
Persist is an account of a campaign bubble that doesn’t know it was in a bubble.
Intelligencer • Olivia Nuzzi • May 8 •
How the White House Polices Language in Washington
Including the president’s.
The Wall Street Journal • Jimmy Vielkind • May 8 •
Andrew Cuomo Investigation Expands as State Attorney General Looks at Aide’s Calls
The investigation of sexual-harassment allegations looks at whether one of Andrew Cuomo’s top advisers linked access to Covid-19 vaccines to support for the governor.
The New York Times • Lynn Vavreck • May 4 •
$100 as Incentive to Get a Shot? Experiment Suggests It Can Pay Off.
A cash reward works best with Democrats, and relaxing safety guidelines seems to motivate Republicans, a survey study shows.
CNN • Opinion by Karen Finney • May 7 •
Opinion: I survived brain surgery--and the American health care system
"You have a brain mass" is not what I expected to hear from my doctor, writes Karen Finney. The urgent need for brain surgery--during a pandemic--would plunge her into an unfamiliar world of vulnerability, reliance on a "village" of supportive friends--and a health care system filled with good people operating in a frustrating bureaucracy.
The New York Times • Heather Murphy • May 7 •
4 Years After an Execution, a Different Man’s DNA Is Found on the Murder Weapon
Lawyers’ request to conduct additional DNA testing before Ledell Lee was executed had been denied.
The New York Times • David E. Sanger • May 8 •
Cyberattack Forces a Shutdown of a Top U.S. Pipeline Operator
The operator of the system, Colonial Pipeline, said it had shut down its 5,500 miles of pipeline, which takes refined gasoline and jet fuel along the East Coast.
The Atlantic • Tom Nichols • May 8 •
I Want My Mutually Assured Destruction
How 1980s MTV helped my students understand the Cold War
The New York Times • Elizabeth Bruenig • May 7 •
Opinion | I Became a Mother at 25, and I’m Not Sorry I Didn’t Wait
More women are delaying parenthood because they think having kids early will be hard. It is. It's also great.
ProPublica • May 8 •
He Bought Health Insurance for Emergencies. Then He Fell Into a $33,601 Trap.
Since the Trump administration deregulated the health insurance industry, there’s been an explosion of short-term plans that leave patients with surprise bills and providers with huge revenue.
The Trace • Arionne Nettles • May 7 •
Black Mothers Are the Real Experts on Gun Violence
“There are things that might happen despite your best efforts, despite doing everything you can.”
The Atlantic • Derek Thompson • May 3 •
Millions Are Saying No to the Vaccines. What Are They Thinking?
Feelings about the vaccine are intertwined with feelings about the pandemic.
Law & Crime • May 6 •
Devin Nunes’s Attorney Sanctioned, Ordered to Pay CNN $21,000 For Filing ‘Frivolous’ Defamation Lawsuit
A federal judge this week issued sanctions against a lawyer best known for representing Rep. Devin Nunes in a series of failed defamation lawsuits.
The New York Times • Nicholas Kulish, Rebecca R. Ruiz, David Gelles • May 8 •
The Separate Worlds of Bill and Melinda Gates
They built an empire that was essential in the pandemic. Now, their impending divorce makes personal a shift that confidants say was well underway in their philanthropic roles.