The Washington Post • Devlin Barrett • May 7 •
Trump Justice Department secretly obtained Post reporters’ phone records
The action grew out of a leak investigation surrounding reporting on Russia’s role in the 2016 election.
The New York Times • Heather Murphy • May 7 •
4 Years After an Execution, a Different Man’s DNA Is Found on the Murder Weapon
Lawyers’ request to conduct additional DNA testing before Ledell Lee was executed had been denied.
The New York Times • Astead W. Herndon • May 7 •
Eric Adams Says He Has Something to Prove. Becoming Mayor Might Help.
Mr. Adams is the top fund-raiser in the New York City mayoral race, with key endorsements and strong polling, but he still faces questions about his preparedness for the job.
The Atlantic • Adam Harris • May 7 •
Who’s Afraid of Critical Race Theory?
How right-wing politicians and pundits became fixated on what has long been an academic theory
The Washington Post • Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey • May 7 •
Trump’s out-of-power agenda: Retribution against foes, commanding the spotlight and total domination of GOP
Trump has emerged from his Florida hibernation — refashioning himself as the president of the Republican States of America and reshaping the party in ways both micro and macro.
The New York Times • Charlie Savage, Eric Schmitt, Michael Schwirtz • May 7 •
Russian Spy Team Left Traces That Bolstered C.I.A.’s Bounty Judgment
But the U.S. lacked “evidence that the Kremlin directed this operation,” newly declassified information about the Russian team showed.
The New York Times • Patricia Cohen • May 7 •
U.S. added 266,000 jobs in April, as hiring slowed.
The increase was far less than what economists had expected and sharply below March’s hiring pace.
The Root • Michael Harriot • May 6 •
We Found the Textbooks of Senators Who Oppose The 1619 Project and Suddenly Everything Makes Sense
White people love critical race theories.
POLITICO • Christopher Cadelago • May 7 •
The Fox News Reporter the White House Hates to Love
Peter Doocy is a born-and-raised scion of Fox. Now he’s sparring with the president’s team on national TV. And the game is kind of working for both sides.
The Washington Post • Glenn Kessler • May 6 •
Analysis | Stefanik defends election falsehoods told on Jan. 6
On Jan. 6, the New York Republican made several false claims about the vote count in Georgia. She has no regrets.
The White House • May 7 •
Visitor Logs | The White House
The White House will post visitor log records on this page pursuant to President Biden’s voluntary disclosure policy. Visitor log disclosures will
POLITICO • • May 7 •
POLITICO Playbook: Scarred DeSantis staffers form a support group
And Donald Trump continues to clash with the GOP's leading families.
The Washington Post • Thomas M. Boswell • May 7 •
Perspective | After covering everything for 52 years, it’s time to see what I missed
A career spent in a long, rich conversation with friends and neighbors about a mutual love of sports has been a sinfully good time.
The New Yorker • Susan B. Glasser • May 6 •
Forced to Choose Between Trump’s “Big Lie” and Liz Cheney, the House G.O.P. Chooses the Lie
“Liz is a living reproach to all these cowards,” a friend of Cheney’s said, but the cowards have the votes.
The Wall Street Journal • Nancy A. Youssef, Jessica Donati • May 7 •
European Allies Ask U.S. to Slow Afghan Withdrawal, Officials Say
The U.S. will slow its withdrawal from Afghanistan as allies ask for more time to leave. The Pentagon thought it could complete its exit by early July.
The Daily Beast • Cheyenne Roundtree • May 7 •
Why Is LaKeith Stanfield Flirting With Anti-Semitism on Clubhouse?
The actor moderated a Clubhouse room where people spread hateful conspiracy theories about Jewish people. When he was called out, he avoided responsibility for participating.
The Washington Post • Heather Long • May 7 •
Analysis | It’s not a ‘labor shortage.’ It’s a great reassessment of work in America
Hiring was much weaker than expected in April. Wall Street thinks it’s a blip, but there could be a much deeper re-think going on of what jobs are needed and what workers want to do on a daily basis.
National Review • Pradheep J. Shanker • May 7 •
Tucker Carlson’s Faulty Complaint about Coronavirus Vaccines
The cable-news host has misinterpreted data to support a dangerous strain of vaccine skepticism.
CNN • Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck, CNN • May 7 •
'Not who we are as a country': Elise Stefanik once harshly blasted Trump's rhetoric and policies
New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, one of former President Donald Trump's loudest defenders in Congress, once harshly attacked Trump over both his rhetoric and policies, claiming that she'd be an "independent voice."
The Atlantic • Tim Alberta • May 7 •
Elvis Reenters the Building
In rural Ohio, a performer bookends a year of struggle and survival.