The Washington Post • Margaret Sullivan • May 2 •
Perspective | The politicians who tried to overturn an election — and the local news team that won’t let anyone forget it
While Sunday shows keep booking the lawmakers who undermined democracy, one public radio station set out to keep that fact in the foreground.
The New York Times • Jonathan Martin • May 2 •
Why Kristi Noem Is Rising Quickly as a Republican Prospect for 2024
Ms. Noem, the governor of South Dakota, has defied coronavirus restrictions and eagerly projects a rugged Great Plainswoman image. But some of her political moves prompt eye rolls.
The Washington Post • Ashley Parker, Marianna Sotomayor • May 1 •
For Republicans, fealty to Trump’s election falsehood becomes defining loyalty test
GOP lawmakers, state legislators and local party officials have embraced the baseless claims that Biden did not defeat Trump, with potential ramifications for the midterms and the 2024 election.
POLITICO • Garrett M. Graff • April 30 •
‘I’d Never Been Involved in Anything as Secret as This’
The plan to kill Osama bin Laden—from the spycraft to the assault to its bizarre political backdrop—as told by the people in the room.
The New York Times • Patricia Mazzei • May 2 •
How a Miami School Became a Beacon for Anti-Vaxxers
Centner Academy barred teachers newly vaccinated against the coronavirus from being near students. Some parents threatened to withdraw their children. Others clamored to enroll.
The New York Times • Ben Smith • May 2 •
Help, We Can’t Stop Writing About Andrew Yang
The outsider brings provocative ideas and good vibes. But can an “empty vessel” really make it through New York’s shark-infested media waters?
CNN • May 2 •
'Lie after lie after lie': Tapper eviscerates GOP's recent falsehoods - CNN Video
CNN's Jake Tapper calls out the "downright falsehoods" Republican leaders are injecting into American politics.
Los Angeles Times • Alex Wigglesworth • May 2 •
Los Angeles County reports no new COVID-19 deaths
Though the figure is likely an undercount, it still marked a bright spot, capping several months of progress in the fight against the coronavirus.
The Salt Lake Tribune • May 1 •
Mitt Romney booed at raucous Utah GOP convention as speakers attack the Biden agenda
Utah Sen. Mitt Romney booed by the more than 1,900 Republican delegates who packed into the Maverik Center for the party’s state convention.
The New Yorker • Mike Sacks • May 2 •
John Swartzwelder, Sage of “The Simpsons”
The first major interview with one of the most revered comedy writers of all time.
The New York Times • Brian M. Rosenthal, Katie Glueck • May 1 •
Andrew Yang Promised to Create 100,000 Jobs. He Ended Up With 150.
Mr. Yang is running for mayor of New York City as a bold thinker and entrepreneur. But his results have been uneven.
CNN • Daniel Dale, CNN • May 2 •
What it's been like fact-checking Joe Biden through 100 days
Things have been quieter around here in presidential-fact-check land.
The New York Times • Campbell Robertson, Nicholas Fandos • May 1 •
Biden’s Expansive Infrastructure Plan Hits Close to Home for McConnell
President Biden’s infrastructure plan could fund a long-overdue revamp of the Brent Spence Bridge between Ohio and Kentucky. But the Senate Republican leader opposes it.
The Washington Post • Eli Saslow • May 1 •
The battle for 1042 Cutler Street
As landlords and tenants go broke across the U.S., the next crisis point of the pandemic approaches.
The Daily Beast • Wajahat Ali • May 2 •
What Does It Take to Get a White Man Fired From CNN?
I got four warnings there. Reza Aslan and Octavia Nasr and Marc Lamont Hill didn’t get off with just warnings. Rick Santorum seems to be just fine. Can you spot the difference?
Intelligencer • Eric Levitz • May 2 •
Avoiding White Backlash Is a Racial-Justice Issue
Democrats can’t make major legislative progress on racial equality without winning more Senate seats. To do that, they must win more white votes.
The New York Times • Jennifer Medina • May 2 •
In South Texas, Hispanic Republicans Try to Cement the Party’s Gains
Conservative Hispanic leaders, especially women, are ascendant in the Rio Grande Valley, where Republicans are trying to forge lasting bonds with voters who swung sharply to the right in 2020.
CNN • Analysis by John Harwood • May 2 •
Analysis: Janet Yellen says critics of Biden's tax hikes are asking the wrong question
Doctors follow the Hippocratic oath: do no harm. The architects of President Joe Biden's tax increases took a somewhat different approach.
CBS Boston • Staff • May 1 •
Brookline Will Keep Outdoor Mask Mandate In Place – CBS Boston
The New York Times • Ross Douthat • May 1 •
Opinion | When Wokeness Becomes Weakness
It will take policy failure, not just off-putting rhetoric, for the new progressivism to doom Democrats.