The New York Times • Brian M. Rosenthal, Katie Glueck • May 1 •
Andrew Yang Promised to Create 100,000 Jobs. He Ended Up With 150.
Mr. Yang is running for mayor of New York City as a bold thinker and entrepreneur. But his results have been uneven.
The Salt Lake Tribune • May 1 •
Mitt Romney booed at raucous Utah GOP convention as speakers attack the Biden agenda
Utah Sen. Mitt Romney booed by the more than 1,900 Republican delegates who packed into the Maverik Center for the party’s state convention.
The New York Times • Maureen Dowd • May 1 •
Opinion | The Jimmy and Joe Show
Axios • Jonathan Swan, Glen Johnson, Alayna Treene • May 1 •
Scoop: GOP leaders threaten Cheney ouster
One conservative leader suggested Cheney could be ousted from her GOP post within a month.
The New Yorker • Eric Lach • May 1 •
Kathryn Garcia Doesn’t Want Andrew Yang’s Praise
The city-government veteran and mayoral hopeful talks about management, wastewater, and the viability trap.
Yahoo News • Jenna McLaughlin • May 1 •
How a brutal assault led a woman to one of the CIA's most valuable Russian spies
Lisa Sales believes the CIA helped her former tenant move to the United States, and is protecting him because he’s the son of one of the agency’s most valuable assets of the past two decades.
Los Angeles Times • Dorany Pineda • April 30 •
Joshua Wolf Shenk has resigned as editor of the Believer magazine
Shenk, the author of 'Powers of Two,' resigned as the leader of the Believer magazine and the Black Mountain Institute after a video incident.
Reuters • Devjyot Ghoshal,Krishna Das • April 30 •
EXCLUSIVE Scientists say India government ignored warnings amid coronavirus surge
A forum of scientific advisers set up by the government warned Indian officials in early March of a new and more contagious variant of the coronavirus taking hold in the country, five scientists who are part of the forum told Reuters.
The Guardian • Alexandra Villarreal • April 30 •
Austin voters to decide on restoring rules criminalizing homeless activities
A proposition on Saturday’s ballot would impose fines for behavior such as camping, panhandling and sleeping outdoors
The New York Times • Charlie Savage • May 1 •
Trump’s Secret Rules for Drone Strikes Outside War Zones Are (Partly) Disclosed
The release of the 2017 policy — with redactions — stemmed from open-records lawsuits by The Times and the A.C.L.U.
The Washington Post • Tyler Pager • April 30 •
Biden takes a detour on infrastructure push to reminisce about ‘Amtrak Joe’
But Biden’s visit to a Philadelphia station was closer to a personal ode than a policy appeal.
Los Angeles Times • Nardine Saad • May 1 •
Theater veteran Olympia Dukakis, the Oscar-winning 'Moonstruck' actress, has died
Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis, the theater veteran who had memorable turns in films such as “Moonstruck” and “Steel Magnolias,” has died in New York City.
POLITICO • Garrett M. Graff • April 30 •
‘I’d Never Been Involved in Anything as Secret as This’
The plan to kill Osama bin Laden—from the spycraft to the assault to its bizarre political backdrop—as told by the people in the room.
The New York Times • Nick Corasaniti • May 1 •
G.O.P. Seeks to Empower Poll Watchers, Raising Intimidation Worries
Republicans in several states are pushing bills to give poll watchers more autonomy. Alarmed election officials and voting rights activists say it’s a new attempt to target voters of color.
Glenn Greenwald • Glenn Greenwald • May 1 •
The Left Continues to Destroy Itself and Others With Evidence-Free Destruction of Reputations
Equating accusations with proven fact is reckless and repressive. It is also standard behavior in liberal politics, whereby they ruin lives without a second thought.
CNN • Oliver Darcy, CNN Business • May 1 •
Washington Post, New York Times, and NBC News retract reports on Giuliani
The Washington Post, The New York Times, and NBC News on Saturday issued significant corrections, retracting earlier reporting that said Rudy Giuliani had been directly warned by the FBI that he was the target of a Russian disinformation campaign.
The Scotsman • Martyn McLaughlin • May 1 •
Donald Trump's firm claims up to £500,000 via Covid-19 job fund despite axing staff
The Trump Organisation has been accused of abusing the UK Government’s coronavirus furlough scheme after its flagship Scottish resort claimed up to half a million pounds in taxpayers’ money despite making scores of redundancies.
The Washington Post • Greg Sargent • April 30 •
Opinion | Cheer up, conservatives. Liberals feel just as miserable as you do.
Conservatives fear "woke" liberalism is taking over. Liberals aren't so sure.
Financial Times • Sebastian Payne • April 29 •
Labour’s lost heartlands. Can it win them back?
Keir Starmer’s struggle to rebuild the ‘red wall’ that was shattered by Brexit is defining the fight for the party’s future
The Atlantic • Juliette Kayyem • April 29 •
Don’t Wait for Herd Immunity
We may never reach the point when viral spread stops, but a strategy of minimizing risk—not eliminating it—can help Americans reclaim normalcy.