The New York Times • William K. Rashbaum, Ben Protess, Maggie Haberman • April 28 •
Federal Investigators Execute Search Warrant at Rudy Giuliani’s Apartment
Prosecutors obtained the warrant as part of an investigation into whether Mr. Giuliani broke lobbying laws as President Trump’s personal lawyer.
The New York Times • J. David Goodman, Jesse McKinley, Danny Hakim • April 28 •
Cuomo Aides Spent Months Hiding Nursing Home Death Toll
Aides to the New York governor, Andrew M. Cuomo, repeatedly prevented state health officials from releasing the number of nursing home deaths in the pandemic.
The Washington Post • Robert Samuels, Joshua Lott • April 28 •
‘Floyd was my man. But George Floyd is a movement.’
As Ross contends with her searing personal loss, she has also sought to make sense of her place as a White woman in the struggle for racial justice.
The Washington Post • Shayna Jacobs • April 28 •
Trump supporter found guilty of threatening to kill members of Congress after Jan. 6 insurrection
Brendan Hunt, 37, was arrested a day before President Biden’s inauguration.
The New York Times • Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Najim Rahim, C. J. Chivers • April 28 •
U.S. Built the Afghan Military Over 20 Years. Will It Last One More?
As the United States withdraws from Afghanistan, it leaves behind broken and battered Afghan security forces to defend the country from the Taliban and other threats.
CNN • Paul LeBlanc and Caroline Kelly, CNN • April 27 •
DC police officer: 'It's been very difficult' seeing elected officials trying to whitewash brutal insurrection
A DC Metropolitan Police officer who was brutally assaulted while defending the US Capitol during the January 6 insurrection said Tuesday evening that it's been difficult to watch some elected officials and others "whitewash" the episode in its aftermath.
Delaware News Journal • Meredith Newman • April 28 •
Delaware man to deliver first joint address to Congress Wednesday night
President Joe Biden, just before his 100th day in office, will deliver his first address to on Wednesday night.
Boston Magazine • Spencer Buell • April 28 •
They Wanted to Call Roller World. Instead They've Been Calling the New York Times
A White House reporter with a phone number dangerously close to Roller World's has been fielding calls from its customers for more than a decade.
The Washington Post • Tim Elfrink • April 28 •
D.C. officer who suffered heart attack on Jan. 6 calls out Trump for downplaying ‘brutal, savage’ riot
Michael Fanone, a D.C. police officer who suffered a heart attack and concussion in the insurrection, criticized former president Donald Trump and other politicians for downplaying the severity of the Jan. 6 riots.
The Forward • April 27 •
United Orthodox voting bloc in Borough Park endorses Andrew Yang for mayor
A coalition of Hasidic sects suggest Yang earned the endorsement for his bold stances in defense of the Orthodox community in New York
The Wall Street Journal • Ted Cruz • April 28 •
Your Woke Money Is No Good Here
Corporations have taken advantage of Republicans for too long. I won’t take their PAC dollars anymore.
POLITICO • Natasha Korecki, Daniel Lippman • April 27 •
Inside Biden’s bubble: How an insular White House has kept drama and leaks at a minimum
One hundred days into the Biden administration, the White House is a tight ship run by a cadre of longtime Biden loyalists.
The Atlantic • Thomas Wright • April 28 •
Biden’s Whiplash Pandemic Diplomacy
The president’s carefully constructed pandemic-diplomacy plan fell apart as the COVID-19 crisis in India worsened.
POLITICO • • April 28 •
“He's fluent in Bidenese”: Meet the man behind Biden’s speech tonight
The Washington Post • Philip Bump • April 28 •
Analysis | Four months later, there’s been little political accountability for the Capitol riot
It's not clear what accountability for the events of the day would even look like.
POLITICO • Lara Seligman • April 28 •
The unexpected Pentagon chief
A media-shy Lloyd Austin works behind the scenes to carry out the president's plans.
POLITICO • Sarah Ferris, Burgess Everett • April 28 •
'It was weird': Scenes from Biden's speech
President Joe Biden's first joint address to Congress was odd, due to the pandemic, but also a return to political monotony.
The Wall Street Journal • Rebecca Davis O’Brien, Rebecca Ballhaus • April 28 •
Rudy Giuliani’s New York Apartment Searched by Federal Investigators
The former New York City mayor has been under investigation since at least 2019 by the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office for his business dealings in Ukraine, for possible violation of federal lobbying laws.
The Bulwark • Tim Miller • April 28 •
Memo to Dems: Call The GOP’s “Populist” Bluff - The Bulwark
To: The Libs; Interested Parties From: A New Friend Re: Wedging the crap out of the new “working-class party” phonies If you haven’t seen it yet, my padna James Carville was on one this week. In a Honey Badgeresque Vox interview, which was helpfully transcribed for the faculty lounge Yankees who can’t decipher his clipped […]
Intelligencer • David Freedlander • April 28 •
Scott Stringer’s Very Bad Day
Sexual misconduct allegations landed just as Stringer was gaining momentum in a mayoral race so far by dominated by Andrew Yang.