The New York Times • Richard L. Hasen • April 23 •
Opinion | Republicans Aren’t Done Messing With Elections
Not content with limiting voting rights, they are threatening the integrity of vote counting itself.
POLITICO • Burgess Everett • April 23 •
Democrat Manchin backs Republican Murkowski's reelection
Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin is repeating his controversial endorsements of Senate Republicans
Axios • Lachlan Markay, Alayna Treene, Jonathan Swan • April 23 •
Caitlyn Jenner files paperwork to run for governor of California
She will officially announce her bid later today, her campaign tells Axios.
The Washington Post • Beth Reinhard, Neena Satija • April 23 •
Ted Cruz maintains ties to right-wing group despite its extremist messaging
True Texas Project, which helped propel Cruz into office in 2012, has a fraught relationship with others in the Republican political establishment.
POLITICO • Meridith McGraw, Sam Stein • April 23 •
Trump’s bleach news conference happened one year ago today. We’ve never been the same.
It was wild in the moment. In time, it came to symbolize the chaotic nature of the presidency and the early Covid fight.
Model Citizen • Will Wilkinson • April 22 •
The Anti-Majoritarian Mistake
Jonah Goldberg thinks liberal societies don't need much democracy. He's wrong.
POLITICO • • April 23 •
POLITICO Playbook: Manchin endorses Murkowski, and the border crisis Trump saw coming
And President Joe Biden's climate plan faces global skepticism.
POLITICO • Olivia Beavers, Marc Caputo • April 23 •
Demings 'seriously considering' challenging DeSantis or Rubio
The Florida Democrat told POLITICO she may run for governor or Senate in 2022.
Business Insider • Steven Perlberg • April 22 •
The New York Times is readying a big newsletter push as Substack tries to poach its top writers
The Times said in an internal memo Friday that managers have been fielding a number of requests about staffers wanting to start their own newsletters.
Forbes • Andrew Solender • April 21 •
GOP Sen. Ron Jonhson Criticizes ‘Big Push’ To Get Everyone Vaccinated
The comment comes as others in Johnson’s caucus, most notably Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, are encouraging Republicans to take the vaccine.
New York Post • Michael Goodwin • April 22 •
Trump gives thumbs up on Post’s push for lifesaving COVID vaccine
The Post’s push to get New Yorkers to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated against the coronavirus is drawing a big thumbs-up from Donald Trump.
The Daily Beast • Maxwell Tani, Lachlan Cartwright • April 23 •
NY Times Outcasts Bari Weiss and Andy Mills Teaming Up for New Podcast Venture
In what could be viewed as a kiss-off to the Times, two of the paper’s most controversial former figures are set to join forces, The Daily Beast has learned.
The Wall Street Journal • Louise Radnofsky • April 23 •
Simone Biles Leaves Nike for Partnership With Athleta
Gymnast Simone Biles will have her own performance wear line and activist platform at Athleta.
The Washington Post • Glenn Kessler • April 23 •
Analysis | Tim Scott often talks about his grandfather and cotton. There’s more to that tale.
The South Carolina senator said he went from "Cotton to Congress in one lifetime," but his ancestors owned unusually large amounts of land.
Vox • Julia Belluz • April 23 •
Vietnam defied the experts and sealed its border to keep Covid-19 out. It worked.
How the country has kept coronavirus deaths to just 35, and grew its economy in 2020.
The New Yorker • Susan B. Glasser • April 22 •
The Trump Administration Is Over, but the Trump Crisis Is Not
Many Republicans are acting like the Capitol insurrection never happened, and much of Washington is fine with it.
The New York Times • Apoorva Mandavilli • April 22 •
Vaccines Are Effective Against the New York Variant, Studies Find
The research adds to a growing number of findings suggesting the Pfizer and Moderna shots are protective against the variants identified so far.
The Washington Post • Greg Sargent • April 23 •
Opinion | The hidden scam behind Tucker Carlson and the right’s ‘replacement’ game
How the "replacement" narrative actually threatens the very people it's supposed to appeal to.
Vulture • Anne Victoria Clark • April 22 •
Scott Rudin, As Told by His Assistants
A portrait of a toxic workplace.
The New York Times • David Brooks • April 22 •
Opinion | The G.O.P. Is Getting Even Worse
Trumpians are having a venomous panic attack.