The Washington Post • Margaret Sullivan • April 20 •
Perspective | By bearing witness — and hitting ‘record’ — 17-year-old Darnella Frazier may have changed the world
“The world needed to see what I was seeing,” she said later. We did, Darnella. Thank you.
The Washington Post • Tyler Pager, Sean Sullivan, Seung Min Kim • April 20 •
‘The wheels fell off’: How Biden’s misgivings on border surge upended plan on refugees
Biden wavered for two months before ultimately rebuffing top national security officials.
The Washington Post • Michelle Ye Hee Lee • April 20 •
For Atlanta spa victim Suncha Kim, America was always where she felt she belonged
In their first extended interview, family members shared her life of sacrifice and grit as a first-generation immigrant.
The Washington Post • Patricia McCormick • April 19 •
The girl in the Kent State photo and the lifelong burden of being a national symbol
In 1970, an image of a dead protester at Kent State became iconic. But what happened to the 14-year-old kneeling next to him?
The Bulwark • Benjamin Parker • April 20 •
Anti-Anti-Chauvinism - The Bulwark
Conservative trolls are the REAL victims!
The Atlantic • Adam Serwer • April 20 •
‘Anglo-Saxon’ Is What You Say When ‘Whites Only’ Is Too Inclusive
A new message proves too toxic for the Republican Party.
NBC News • Ken Dilanian, Ben Collins • April 20 •
Feds aren't using posts about plans to attack the Capitol as evidence
The feds have presented no evidence any of the people charged in the Jan. 6 riot planned to attack the Capitol. But these posts gave detailed plans.
The New York Times • Tim Arango • April 20 •
Derek Chauvin Trial Live Updates: Jury Reaches a Verdict
The jurors, who deliberated for about 10 hours the past two days, have made a decision on whether to convict Mr. Chauvin, who faces murder and manslaughter charges. It will be read shortly.
The Washington Post • Cornel West, Jeremy Tate • April 19 •
Opinion | Howard University’s removal of classics is a spiritual catastrophe
One of America's greatest Black universities is diminishing the light and wisdom that inspired Frederick Douglass, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and countless other freedom fighters.
The Washington Post • Jeff Stein, Tyler Pager • April 19 •
White House closes in on ‘families plan’ spending proposal, centered on child care, pre-K, paid leave
The New York Times • Michelle Goldberg • April 19 •
Opinion | There Could Never Be a Female Andrew Yang
No woman with his résumé would have a chance of becoming New York’s mayor.
POLITICO • Kyle Cheney, Nicholas Wu, Sarah Ferris • April 20 •
Capitol outer fence set to return as D.C. girds for crowds, protests
Any new Capitol perimeter would be narrower, according to initial talks, and wouldn’t include broad street closures.
POLITICO • Alex Isenstadt • April 20 •
Mark McCloskey, gun-toting St. Louis lawyer, considering Senate bid
“I can confirm that it’s a consideration, yes,” McCloskey said in a brief interview on Tuesday evening.
The New York Times • Nick Corasaniti • April 20 •
Georgia Faith Leaders to Urge Boycott of Home Depot Over Voting Law
Black religious leaders representing more than 1,000 churches in the state are planning a “warning shot” for other Republican-led states that are trying to limit voting access.
The Washington Post • Matt Viser • April 20 •
‘At least, God, now there is some justice’: Biden says guilty verdict in Floyd murder offers a chance at reform
The conviction of a former Minneapolis police officer for killing George Floyd creates a potential inflection point for a president who made racial equity a centerpiece of his campaign, but who hasn’t yet placed it at the forefront of his presidency.
The Daily Beast • Michael Weiss, Jett Goldsmith • April 20 •
Syria Chemical-Attack Deniers Admit Links to WikiLeaks and Russia
A British academic obsessed with pushing Assad propaganda detailed his organization’s links to Russian officials while he was being taken in by a humiliating sting operation.
The Atlantic • David A. Graham • April 20 •
Chauvin’s Conviction Is the Exception That Proves the Rule
The former Minneapolis police officer was found guilty on all three counts he faced—but his trial was a demonstration of how difficult efforts at accountability remain.
The New York Times • Jed Kolko, Emily Badger, Quoctrung Bui • April 20 •
How the Pandemic Did, and Didn't, Change Where Americans Move
As disruptive as the pandemic has been, for the most part it hasn’t altered the underlying forces shaping where people want to live.
POLITICO • Betsy Woodruff Swan, Daniel Lippman • April 20 •
Matt Gaetz sparked William Barr to drop the f-bomb in a legal spat over Florida voting
In mentioning a controversial legal opinion to Donald Trump in the Oval Office, Matt Gaetz triggered the U.S. attorney general's ire.
ProPublica • April 20 •
What Police Impunity Looks Like: “There Was No Discipline as No Wrongdoing Was Found”
To understand why police are so rarely held accountable for killings, you should know about Kawaski Trawick, and what didn’t happen to the officer who shot him.