The Washington Post • Missy Ryan, Karen DeYoung • April 13 •
Biden will withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, 2021
The military exit will be completed by the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that first drew the United States into its longest war.
The New York Times • Matt Flegenheimer • April 13 •
Andrew Cuomo’s White-Knuckle Ride
Amid scandals, accusations and calls for his resignation, the New York governor seems determined to prove that the instincts that have gotten him into trouble can get him out of it too.
Tampa Bay Times • Steve Contorno, Tampa Bay Times • April 13 •
DeSantis wants voters’ signatures to match. Would his pass the test?
If the Florida governor gets his way, mail-in ballot signatures would have to match the most recent signature on file with the state. His own signature history shows how autographs evolve.
The New York Times • Michael S. Schmidt, Katie Benner • April 13 •
Indicted Gaetz Associate Is Said to Be Cooperating With Justice Dept.
Joel Greenberg, a former elected official in Florida, has been talking to federal investigators since last year about the conduct of Representative Matt Gaetz and others.
Time • Lissandra Villa • April 13 •
John Boehner on His New Book, the Rise of Donald Trump and the Future of the GOP
“People want to confuse some of the knuckleheads as being conservatives. They weren’t conservatives. They were crazy.”
Bulwark+ • Jonathan V. Last • April 13 •
Reading the Republican Autopsy
It's real, and it's spectacular.
The Atlantic • Adam Serwer • April 13 •
The Republican Party Finds a New Group to Demonize
The recent wave of anti-trans legislation follows a decades-long pattern of the GOP targeting those they think lack the numbers or votes to properly fight back.
The New York Times • Luke Broadwater • April 13 •
Capitol Police Told to Hold Back on Riot Response on Jan. 6, Report Finds
Despite being tipped that “Congress itself is the target” on Jan. 6, Capitol Police were ordered not to use their most powerful crowd-control weapons, according to a scathing new watchdog report.
The New York Times • Noah Weiland, Sharon LaFraniere, Carl Zimmer • April 13 •
U.S. Calls for Pause on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine After Clotting Cases
The Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control will stop using the vaccine at federal sites and urge states to do so as well while they examine the safety issues.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi • April 13 •
Pelosi Invites President Biden to Address Joint Session of Congress on April 28
Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent the following letter today to President Joseph R. Biden inviting him to address a Joint Session of Congress.
The Atlantic • Eliot A. Cohen • April 13 •
The Afghan War Will Continue
There will be no power-sharing, no reconciliation, no peace of the brave.
The Washington Post • Catherine Rampell • April 12 •
Opinion | The most anti-refugee president in modern history might not be Donald Trump
President Biden never signed the paperwork to implement his own policy and lift Trump’s restrictions.
Bloomberg • Laura Davison • April 13 •
Tax Cheats Are Costing the U.S. $1 Trillion a Year, IRS Estimates
The head of the IRS calculated that tax evasion in the U.S. may total $1 trillion a year, a figure that is multiples higher than previous estimates from the federal government.
@themarkup • April 13 •
How Facebook’s Ad System Lets Companies Talk Out of Both Sides of Their Mouths – The Markup
Exxon, Comcast, and other companies target people of different political leanings with different ads
CNN • Kevin Liptak, Jeremy Herb, Barbara Starr and Kylie Atwood, CNN • April 13 •
Biden to announce withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by September 11
President Joe Biden plans to announce Tuesday a withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by the upcoming twentieth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, according to three people familiar with the plans.
Noahpinion • Noah Smith • April 13 •
Why has climate economics failed us?
Economists could have helped in the fight against climate change. So far, they haven't.
Orlando Sentinel • Jason Garcia , Annie Martin • April 13 •
Records: Joel Greenberg doled out contracts to politicians, strategists tied to figures in Florida’s political scandals
Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg doled out dubious contracts to a number of Republican politicians, political strategists and other allies, many with links to the scandals that have rocked Florida politics this month.
CNN • Daniel Dale, CNN • April 13 •
Fact check: How a group of right-wingers spread a lie that Black Lives Matter stormed Iowa's Capitol Fact check: How a group of right-wingers spr…
Iowa protesters did not force their way into the building last week. They walked lawfully through security -- getting their belongings scanned and their temperatures checked. The Iowa protesters even had a permit to protest in the building. And the building is open to the public anyway.
ProPublica • April 13 •
“I Felt Hate More Than Anything”: How an Active Duty Airman Tried to Start a Civil War
Steven Carrillo’s path to the Boogaloo Bois shows the hate group is far more organized and dangerous than previously known.
Common Sense with Bari Weiss • Paul Rossi • April 13 •
I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated
Children are afraid to challenge the repressive ideology that rules our school. That’s why I am.