POLITICO • Christopher Cadelago • April 9 • politico.com
How an online ‘Lego’ gamer infiltrated the White House press corps
‘Kacey Montagu’ posed as a reporter for the fictitious WHN and manage to fool real correspondents — and even the new Biden administration
The New York Times • Jonathan Martin, Nicholas Fandos • April 9 • nytimes.com
Republicans Take Up Trump’s Fight, Leaving Policymaking Behind
The former president’s instincts for red-meat political fights over governing and policymaking have left party leaders in a state of confusion over what they stand for.
The New York Times • Gina Kolata • April 8 • nytimes.com
Kati Kariko Helped Shield the World From the Coronavirus
Collaborating with devoted colleagues, Dr. Kariko laid the groundwork for the mRNA vaccines turning the tide of the pandemic.
The Washington Post • Dan Diamond • April 9 • washingtonpost.com
Trump officials celebrated efforts to change CDC reports on coronavirus, emails show
Political appointees also tried to blunt scientific findings they deemed unfavorable to Trump, according to new documents from House probe
The New York Times • Michael D. Shear, Carl Hulse • April 9 • nytimes.com
Biden Creating Commission to Study Expanding the Supreme Court
The White House is taking action after progressives pushed to add seats to the court to balance the conservative stamp put on it by President Trump.
VICE • Emma Ockerman • April 9 • vice.com
Cops Caught on Video Holding a Black Army Lieutenant at Gunpoint
When Lt. Caron Nazario said he was afraid to get out of the vehicle, one officer responded, “Yeah, you should be."
The Washington Post • Editorial Board • April 9 • washingtonpost.com
Opinion | Putin is slowly murdering Alexei Navalny. Here’s how the U.S. can save him.
Sanctioning the oligarchs protecting the Russian president would be a good start.
The New York Times • Michael D. Shear, Zolan Kanno-Youngs, Katie Rogers • April 9 • nytimes.com
White House Border Coordinator to Step Down
Roberta S. Jacobson’s departure comes amid the administration’s efforts to reduce the flow of immigration from Central America.
The Wall Street Journal • Byron Tau • April 9 • wsj.com
Alleged CIA Ties Figure in Case of Convicted Political Donor
Imaad Zuberi, recently sentenced to 12 years in prison on tax, influence-peddling and campaign-finance charges, carried out intelligence work for the U.S. for more than a decade, say people familiar with his defense.
CNN • Brian Stelter, CNN Business • April 9 • cnn.com
ADL calls on Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson over racist comments about 'replacement' theory
The Anti-Defamation League, a well-respected Jewish advocacy group, is calling for Fox News to fire Tucker Carlson.
The Daily Beast • Asawin Suebsaeng, Matt Fuller • April 9 • thedailybeast.com
Facing New Ethics Investigation, Matt Gaetz Declares He’s ‘Not Going Anywhere’
Rep. Matt Gaetz resurfaced Friday night to ignore the saga of scandals and deliver MAGA boilerplate.
The Daily Beast • Jose Pagliery, Roger Sollenberger • April 8 • thedailybeast.com
Gaetz Paid Accused Sex Trafficker, Who Then Venmo’d Teen
The Washington Post • Ashley Parker, Sean Sullivan, Cleve Wootson • April 8 • washingtonpost.com
How Biden’s support for the All-Star Game boycott divided Democrats in Georgia
The president injected himself into a highly-charged debate with major political, economic and social consequences — in a state that is increasingly up-for-grabs politically and crucial to both Democratic and Republican success.
YouGov • Kathy Frankovic • April 9 • today.yougov.com
Half of vaccine rejectors believe it is safe to travel now, compared to 29% of vaccinated adults | YouGov
Half of those who reject vaccines (52%) also say it is safe for them today to socialize (compared to just 30% of all Americans).
The Washington Post • Josh Dawsey, Lori Rozsa, David Fahrenthold • April 9 • washingtonpost.com
The GOP is Trump’s party, so ‘all Republican roads lead to Mar-a-Lago’
The surest sign of Trump’s continued power: Republicans are still trying to pay him money.
The Washington Post • Paul Kane, Colby Itkowitz, Aaron Blake • April 8 • washingtonpost.com
In new book, John Boehner says today’s GOP is unrecognizable to traditional conservatives and dishes on his time in politics
What former Speaker of the House John Boehner has to say about Trump, Pelosi, Bill Clinton and Ted Cruz in his new book.
@PRNewswire • Cooper & Kirk PLLC • April 9 • prnewswire.com
Joe diGenova Apologizes To Former CISA Director Chris Krebs
/PRNewswire/ -- On November 30, 2020, I appeared on the Howie Carr Show. During the show, I made regrettable statements regarding Christopher Krebs, which many...
USA TODAY • Susan Page • April 9 • usatoday.com
Exclusive: How Donald Trump upended Nancy Pelosi’s plans, then she unraveled his
The election she thought would be the end of her career became the beginning of its most consequential chapter: Defying a 'scary' president
CNN • Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck, CNN • April 9 • cnn.com
Texas GOP chairman Allen West falsely says Texas could secede from the US: 'We could go back to being our own Republic'
Texas Republican Party chairman Allen West falsely suggested that Texas could secede from the United States and become an independent country, a CNN KFile review of his comments in recent months shows.
The New York Times • Jim Tankersley, Carl Hulse • April 8 • nytimes.com
With Warning to Democrats, Manchin Points the Way for Biden’s Agenda
The West Virginia Democrat’s latest plea for bipartisanship suggested that, to win over a critical swing vote in his own party, President Biden will first have to reach out to Republicans.