The Daily Beast • Jose Pagliery, Roger Sollenberger • April 8 •
Gaetz Paid Accused Sex Trafficker, Who Then Venmo’d Teen
The New York Times • Gina Kolata • April 8 •
Kati Kariko Helped Shield the World From the Coronavirus
Collaborating with devoted colleagues, Dr. Kariko laid the groundwork for the mRNA vaccines turning the tide of the pandemic.
The New York Times • Patricia Mazzei, Michael S. Schmidt • April 8 •
Indicted Matt Gaetz Associate Is Expected to Plead Guilty, Lawyers Say
The associate could cooperate with prosecutors, giving them information about Mr. Gaetz’s relationships that investigators are examining for possible sex trafficking violations.
POLITICO • Josh Gerstein • April 8 •
Key figure in Matt Gaetz probe likely cooperating with federal prosecutors
The federal probe looking into Gaetz grew out of the Greenberg case.
The New York Times • Ezra Klein • April 8 •
Opinion | Four Ways of Looking at the Radicalism of Joe Biden
It’s unexpected, but it’s not inexplicable.
The Washington Post • Shayna Jacobs, David Fahrenthold • April 8 •
Manhattan district attorney seizes evidence from Trump executive’s former daughter-in-law
Jennifer Weisselberg was married to Barry Weisselberg, the son of Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, and has said previously that she possessed financial records belonging to both men.
CNN • Barbara Starr, Zachary Cohen, Kylie Atwood and Kevin Liptak, CNN • April 8 •
Taliban attack on covert US base in Afghanistan complicates Biden withdrawal decision
In one of the most significant attacks against US forces in Afghanistan recently, CNN has learned that the Taliban twice targeted one of the most heavily guarded bases in the country late last month and that US military personnel working for the CIA were at the installation when it came under fire.
POLITICO • Kyle Cheney • April 8 •
This Trump backer defended the Jan. 6 riot in print — without mentioning he was in the Capitol
Elliot Resnick is top editor of the Jewish Press, whose website says it’s been “politically incorrect long before the phrase was coined.”
The Washington Post • Shane Harris • April 8 •
Intelligence forecast sees a post-coronavirus world upended by climate change and splintering societies
The ‘Global Trends’ report by the National Intelligence Council imagines a divided world facing multiple crises.
The Washington Post • Nick Miroff • April 8 •
Biden administration spending $60 million per week to shelter unaccompanied minors
The Department of Health and Human Services has announced at least 10 temporary sites to shelter thousands of teens and children at convention centers, oil worker camps and military bases.
The Washington Post • Greg Sargent • April 8 •
Opinion | A GOP governor’s frantic appeal to Trump voters reveals a terrible GOP truth
Georgia's Republican governor is struggling to atone for his heresies. It isn't working.
The New York Times • Annie Correal, Luis Ferré-Sadurní • April 8 •
$2.1 Billion for Undocumented Workers Signals New York’s Progressive Shift
The fund, which could provide payments to hundreds of thousands of people excluded from other pandemic relief, ignited a battle among state lawmakers before it was approved this week.
POLITICO • Gabby Orr, Meridith McGraw • April 8 •
Gaetz-tied group threatens to sue reporters writing on his Trump relationship
The Logan Circle Group warned journalists they risked a lawsuit if they didn’t retract reports that Trump was distancing himself from the embattled congressman.
Los Angeles Times • Noah Bierman • April 8 •
Politicians dread the sting of #KHive, the fervent online fans of Kamala Harris
Members of the #KHive respond with venom when they think someone has dismissed or insulted the vice president.
The New York Times • Annie Karni • April 8 •
Live Updates: Biden Announces Action on Guns, Saying ‘This Is Just a Start’
The president’s first actions on gun regulations are modest, especially compared to his legislative record as a senator. “We’ve got a long way to go,” President Biden said from the Rose Garden. “It seems like we always have a long way to go.”
Intelligencer • Eric Levitz • April 8 •
Latinas Drove Trump’s Gains With Hispanic Voters in 2020
And two other new insights into the demographic’s rightward shift.
CNN • Lauren Fox, Annie Grayer and Clare Foran, CNN • April 8 •
Manchin says 'January 6 changed me' as he calls for bipartisan cooperation
Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia cited the deadly attack on January 6 at the US Capitol as an event that changed his perspective on a divided Washington, saying, "You can't have this many people split to where they want to go to war with each other," as he calls for Democrats and Republicans to work together on top legislative priorities.
Mother Jones • David Corn • April 8 •
Will the public ever get a full accounting of Trump's disastrous COVID response?
We deserve a 9/11 commission-style reckoning—but may have to settle for less.
The Washington Post • Ashley Parker, Sean Sullivan, Cleve Wootson • April 8 •
How Biden’s support for the All-Star Game boycott divided Democrats in Georgia
The president injected himself into a highly-charged debate with major political, economic and social consequences — in a state that is increasingly up-for-grabs politically and crucial to both Democratic and Republican success.
The New Republic • April 7 •
Infrastructure Spending Can Save Local Journalism
The Democrats’ next big spending plan should include money to rebuild America’s ever-widening news deserts.