POLITICO • John Boehner • April 2 • politico.com
Panic Rooms, Birth Certificates and the Birth of GOP Paranoia
How America’s center-right party started to lose its mind, as told by the man who tried to keep it sane.
The New York Times • Nick Corasaniti, Reid J. Epstein • April 2 • nytimes.com
What Georgia’s Voting Law Really Does
The New York Times analyzed the state’s new 98-page voting law and identified 16 key provisions that will limit ballot access, potentially confuse voters and give more power to Republican lawmakers.
ProPublica • April 2 • propublica.org
My Kids’ School Closed Again. So I Started Calling Experts.
Many New York City public schools have been repeatedly closed because of two positive COVID-19 tests, even without evidence of in-school spread. Experts call it “crazy.” And it’s driving me nuts.
POLITICO • Natasha Bertrand • April 2 • politico.com
Biden to hold first call with Ukrainian president amid Russian buildup
The conversation follows at least three high-level calls between the U.S. and Ukraine this week.
The Dispatch • The Dispatch Staff • April 2 • morning.thedispatch.com
The Morning Dispatch: Understanding Georgia's New Elections Law
Plus: The Supreme Court considers a case over NCAA amateurism.
The Daily Beast • Jose Pagliery • April 2 • thedailybeast.com
These Text Messages Pointed the Feds to Matt Gaetz
Rep. Matt Gaetz, now facing a reported probe into a pay-for-sex scheme, came to investigators’ attention after an alleged off-hours visit to a Florida tax agency.
The Intercept • Ken Klippenstein, Matthew Cole • April 2 • theintercept.com
Soldier Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by 22 Troops at Oklahoma Base
“Brass is already calling this Ford Hood 2.0,” a military official said of the investigation now underway at Fort Sill. “It was a dark day at work today.”
The Atlantic • Josh Marshall • April 2 • theatlantic.com
Scale Was the God That Failed
To understand what went wrong with digital publishing, we need to go back to the fat years of newspaper journalism that preceded it.
POLITICO • Nicholas Wu, Andrew Desiderio • April 2 • politico.com
Capitol locked down after crash injures officers and driver shot
Capitol Police said a suspect was in custody following reports of the car crash into two officers on the north side of the Capitol complex.
Axios • Axios • April 2 • axios.com
John Boehner unloads on Republican "crazy caucus" in new book excerpt
The former House speaker had harsh words for Ted Cruz and Fox News.
The New York Times • Reid J. Epstein, Nick Corasaniti • April 2 • nytimes.com
Virginia, the Old Confederacy’s Heart, Becomes a Voting Rights Bastion
For nearly 50 years, the state was subject to Voting Rights Act rules meant to deter racial discrimination. Those federal guidelines are now shredded, but Virginia just recreated them on its own.
Axios • Jonathan Swan • April 2 • axios.com
Exclusive: Fresh data reveal how Trump made inroads with Latinos
The coronavirus pandemic may have helped him do better than he did in 2016.
CNN • Daniel Dale • April 2 • cnn.com
Fact check: Biden and Kemp misleadingly describe parts of Georgia elections law
There are a lot of misleading claims being made about Georgia's controversial elections law.
Insight • zeynep • April 1 • zeynep.substack.com
How Polarization Ate Our Brains
Part One Of The Misinformation Trifecta
CNN • Phil Mattingly, CNN • April 2 • cnn.com
White House tells Democratic investigators it no longer has Trump White House Capitol attack documents
The White House says it no longer has custody of the documents House Democratic investigators sought to shed light on the inner workings of then President Donald Trump's top aides in the lead up to, and on the day of, the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, according to a letter obtained by CNN.
ABC News • Alexander Mallin, Mike Levine, John Santucci, Katherine Faulders, Will Steakin • April 2 • abcnews.go.com
Feds looking at alleged payments Rep. Matt Gaetz made to women and online solicitation: Sources
Gaetz previously denied having a relationship with a 17-year-old.
The Wall Street Journal • Georgia Wells, Justin Scheck • April 2 • wsj.com
When Online Conspiracies Turn Deadly: A Custody Battle and a Killing
Christopher Hallett’s unorthodox legal theories gave Neely Petrie-Blanchard hope she could regain custody of her daughter, and his online community of believers in QAnon and dark forces gave her a way to make sense of her disordered life. It ended in bloodshed.
Selected Wisdom • Clint Watts • April 2 • clintwatts.substack.com
I’ve not spoken with my daughter in 12 years. I hope she’s doing okay during the pandemic.
A request on this World Autism Awareness Day - April 2, 2021
The New York Times • Ben Decker, Adam Goldman, Zolan Kanno-Youngs • April 2 • nytimes.com
Suspect in Capitol attack appears to have been a follower of Louis Farrakhan.
Officials identified the suspect as Noah R. Green, 25. He had posted on Facebook about Mr. Farrakhan and the “end times.”
Yahoo News • Marquise Francis • April 1 • news.yahoo.com
Georgia lawmaker arrested for knocking on Gov. Kemp's door calls possible 8-year prison term 'unfounded'
Georgia state Rep. Park Cannon, who was arrested last week after attempting to gain access to the office where Gov. Brian Kemp was signing a controversial voting restriction bill into law, said Thursday that her actions were justified.