The New York Times • Jonathan Martin • March 27 •
In Washington, Policy Revolves Around Joe Manchin. He Likes It That Way.
Mr. Manchin’s belief in the need to keep the filibuster has set the stage for a collision between Democrats eager to use its majorities to pass sweeping legislation and a political throwback determined to restore bipartisanship.
CNN • Dakin Andone, CNN • March 26 •
An Instacart shopper believed he heard someone loading guns in a bathroom stall. Police arrested a man with 6 guns
An Instacart shopper who entered an Atlanta supermarket bathroom this week told police he saw an AR-15 style rifle and heard what he believed was the sound of someone loading guns in a bathroom stall.
The Wall Street Journal • Niharika Mandhana • March 27 •
Dozens Shot Dead in Myanmar as Military Continues Ruthless Campaign Against Civilians
The killings occurred days after the U.S. imposed new sanctions to pressure the generals to give up power.
The New York Times • Marc Tracy • March 27 •
Swiss Billionaire Joins the Bidding for Tribune Publishing
The philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss has teamed with the Maryland hotel executive Stewart Bainum in a bid to upend Alden Global Capital’s plan to acquire the newspaper chain.
The New York Times • Vivian Yee • March 27 •
‘A Very Big Problem.’ Giant Ship in the Suez Remains Stuck.
A tiny Egyptian village has a front-row seat to the unfolding effort to dislodge the container ship that ran aground in the canal, holding up $10 billion in global trade every day.
Intelligencer • Eric Levitz • March 27 •
Biden Doesn’t Need to Be FDR or LBJ to Change America
A “Great Society” may be out of reach, but a markedly better one is possible.
The Washington Post • Paul Kane • March 26 •
Analysis | The popularity of Congress is at its highest level in more than a decade as stimulus checks hit bank accounts
The events of the first quarter of this year sent congressional approval ratings up to 36 percent, Gallup announced Tuesday. That’s the highest level of public approval since June 2009.
The Atlantic • David Frum • March 27 •
The Bombs That Never Went Off
The fall of the Soviet Union left behind a grim legacy of nuclear danger. After 30 years, the last weapons-grade uranium has been eliminated.
Intelligencer • Ben Jacobs • March 27 •
Now a Democrat Is Accused of Trying to Overturn the Election
A losing candidate asks the House to declare her the winner, and Republicans cry hypocrisy.
Vanity Fair • Maureen Orth • March 26 •
Remembering Larry McMurtry and His Friendships With Fascinating Women
The woman to whom Lonesome Dove is dedicated recalls five decades of platonic endearment with an author who wrote like a cowboy but gossiped like Jane Austen.
The New York Times • Sharon LaFraniere, Noah Weiland • March 26 •
For Biden, a New Virus Dilemma: How to Handle a Looming Glut of Vaccine
As U.S. manufacturers hit their stride, vaccine scarcity will soon turn to plenty as much of the world goes begging. And vaccine makers need answers now about what to do with the coming surplus.
Medium • Hemal Jhaveri • March 26 •
I am no longer working at USA TODAY. Here’s what happened.
This is not about bias, or keeping personal opinions off of Twitter. It’s about challenging whiteness and being punished for it.
Associated Press • Nomaan Merchant • March 27 •
US waives FBI checks on caregivers at new migrant facilities
HOUSTON (AP) — The Biden administration is not requiring FBI fingerprint background checks of caregivers at its rapidly expanding network of emergency sites to hold thousands of immigrant...
Washington Monthly • David Atkins • March 27 •
The New Jim Crow Laws Aren’t Just About Suppressing Democratic Voters | Washington Monthly
They’re also about shoring up the Republican base.
The New York Times • David E. Sanger • March 26 •
Biden Defines His Underlying Challenge With China: ‘Prove Democracy Works’
At his news conference on Thursday, the president provided a revealing look into how he viewed the threat from Beijing.
The Washington Post • Josh Dawsey, Ashley Parker, Michael Scherer, Anu Narayanswamy • March 27 •
Trump helped the GOP raise $2 billion. Now former aides and allies are jockeying to tap into his fundraising power.
The number of independent money operations connected to the former president has been rapidly expanding since he left office, potentially sapping resources from the Republican Party committees.
The Washington Post • Philip Bump • March 26 •
Analysis | Expanding voting is not simply the political inverse of limiting voting
Framing efforts to increase access to voting as the partisan opposite of efforts to restrict voting is bizarre.
The Washington Post • Sean Sullivan • March 27 •
Biden walks the union line, making a play for blue-collar workers
Biden’s actions, including support for a union push by Amazon workers, mark him as a pro-labor president. Will that be enough to win Democrats a critical mass of working class voters?
The Washington Post • Philip Bump • March 26 •
Analysis | A vivid reminder that the threat to American democracy remains
From Trump downplaying the Capitol riot to a decision in Missouri, Thursday was a potent demonstration of the existing threat.
The New York Times • Vivian Yee, Megan Specia • March 27 •
Live Updates: Scramble Against Time to Free Ship Stuck in Suez Canal
Days after the Ever Given became lodged in the canal, its rudder has been freed and dredging is complete. Some salvagers hope it could be freed this weekend, but the wait for shipping to resume continues.