POLITICO • Alex Isenstadt • March 25 • politico.com
Trump’s secret sit-down with Ohio candidates turns into ‘Hunger Games’
The former president summoned four candidates for the state's open Senate seat in a session that resembled the boardroom scenes on "The Apprentice."
The Intercept • Ken Klippenstein • March 25 • theintercept.com
Documents Show Amazon Is Aware Drivers Pee in Bottles and Even Defecate En Route, Despite Company Denial
If employees actually had to pee in bottles, Amazon said, “nobody would work for us.” That’s a lie.
Deadline • Tom Tapp • March 25 • deadline.com
Jessica Walter Dies: Emmy-Winning ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Archer’ Actress Was 80
Jessica Walter, the award-winning actress whose career spanned six decades, passed away in her sleep at home in New York City on Wednesday, March 24. She was 80. Walter’s career included ever…
POLITICO • Adam Cancryn • March 25 • politico.com
Trump health officials prep for battle over their Covid legacies
Former leaders of the pandemic response are trying to align their stories, with some jokingly referring to the effort as "Alex Azar Anonymous."
POLITICO • Tara Palmeri, Ben Schreckinger • March 25 • politico.com
Sources: Secret Service inserted itself into case of Hunter Biden’s gun
Protection agency denies any involvement in a 2018 firearms incident involving the president’s son and daughter-in-law.
The Washington Post • Matt Viser • March 25 • washingtonpost.com
Biden’s first presidential news conference will test his discipline
Biden has surprised associates with his message discipline so far. But has he really become more controlled, or does he just have fewer opportunities for gaffes?
The Washington Post • Annie Linskey • March 25 • washingtonpost.com
White House hires Andrew Bates as deputy press secretary
Bates defended Biden from Trump’s most personal attacks during the campaign
The Guardian • Guardian staff reporter • March 25 • theguardian.com
Trump aide concealed work for PR firm and misled court to dodge child support
Jason Miller signed secret deal to stay on with DC-based Teneo after ‘resigning’ and then appeared to misrepresent employment status
Reuters • Howard Schneider • March 25 • reuters.com
U.S. COVID response could have avoided hundreds of thousand of deaths - research
The United States squandered both money and lives in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, and it could have avoided nearly 400,000 deaths with a more effective health strategy and trimmed federal spending by hundreds of billions of dollars while still supporting those...
The New York Times • Sam Roberts • March 25 • nytimes.com
Gail Slatter, Who Helped Make the Times Newsroom Run, Dies at 68
For 40 years she was a guide and gatekeeper, working in “the morgue” (the article and photo archive) and on the photo and culture desks. She died of Covid-19.
The New York Times • Katie Robertson • March 25 • nytimes.com
The New Republic names a new top editor and will return to Washington.
Michael Tomasky, editor of the policy journal Democracy: A Journal of Ideas and a columnist for The Daily Beast, will take over as The New Republic’s top editor.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution • Mark Niesse • March 25 • ajc.com
Bill changing Georgia voting rules passes state House
The Georgia House passed a bill Thursday that would impose new rules for absentee ballots, drop boxes and weekend voting. The legislation will next be considered by the state Senate before final votes next week.
The Washington Post • Greg Sargent • March 25 • washingtonpost.com
Opinion | Stop telling this stupid lie, Republicans. It’s insulting to your voters.
Time to treat this widespread GOP claim about voter suppression with the contempt it deserves.
NPR • Miles Parks • March 24 • npr.org
'Lying Through Truth': Misleading Facts Fuel Vaccine Misinformation
There's no link between Covid-19 vaccines and death. But a new NPR analysis finds stories implying a link have gone viral this year at a dramatic rate.
CNN • Brian Fung, CNN Business • March 25 • cnn.com
Facebook, Twitter and Google CEOs testify before Congress on misinformation
Congress is set to grill the chief executives of Facebook, Google and Twitter about misinformation and online extremism on Thursday, in the executives' first appearance before lawmakers since the Jan. 6 Capitol riots and the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine.
The Washington Post • Josh Dawsey, Amy Brittain, Sarah Ellison • March 24 • washingtonpost.com
Andrew Cuomo’s family members were given special access to covid testing, according to people familiar with the arrangement
As part of the program, a state lab expedited the results of well-connected people who were tested, even as average New Yorkers were struggling to get tested in the early days of the pandemic due to a scarcity of resources.
VICE • Lauren Kaori Gurley • March 25 • vice.com
Amazon Denies Workers Pee in Bottles. Here Are the Pee Bottles.
"You don't really believe the peeing in bottles thing, do you?" Amazon tweeted. Drivers say they're being gaslit.
The Washington Post • Matt Viser, Annie Linskey • March 25 • washingtonpost.com
‘The art of the possible’: Biden lays out pragmatic vision for his presidency
The distillation of the Biden governing doctrine is one that relies on basic nuts and bolts, as he suggested the country’s political system can handle only so much at once.
The Washington Post • Elahe Izadi, Paul Farhi • March 25 • washingtonpost.com
Not a single reporter at Biden’s first presidential conference asked about the pandemic
Biden started his first formal news conference as president talking about vaccines, school openings and the stimulus. No one followed up.
Axios • Kadia Goba • March 25 • axios.com
House chamber hardened into safe room with bulletproof doors
The new House chamber doors will be reinforced with kevlar.