The Washington Post • Josh Dawsey, Amy Brittain, Sarah Ellison • March 24 •
Andrew Cuomo’s family members were given special access to covid testing, according to people familiar with the arrangement
As part of the program, a state lab expedited the results of well-connected people who were tested, even as average New Yorkers were struggling to get tested in the early days of the pandemic due to a scarcity of resources.
The New York Times • Evan Hill, David Botti, Dmitriy Khavin, Drew Jordan, Malachy Browne • March 24 •
Officer Brian Sicknick Died After the Capitol Riot. New Videos Show How He Was Attacked.
New videos obtained by The New York Times show publicly for the first time how the U.S. Capitol Police officer who died after facing off with rioters on Jan. 6 was attacked with chemical spray.
Times Union • Brendan J. Lyons • March 24 •
Top health officials told to prioritize COVID testing for Cuomo's relatives
High-level members of the state Department of Health were directed last year by Gov....
Axios • Mike Allen, Jim VandeHei • March 24 •
Biden prepared to chuck filibuster in historic push to re-engineer America, quickly
He believes it's time to go even bigger and faster than anyone expected.
The New York Times • David Leonhardt • March 24 •
Bad News Bias
The U.S. media is offering a different picture of Covid-19 from science journals or the international media, a study finds.
Politico PRO • March 24 •
Newsom won’t pick Schiff as California AG
The congressman had been angling for the job. But sources close to the governor said it was always a long shot.
POLITICO • Andrew Desiderio • March 24 •
Biden’s closest Senate ally emerges as a shadow secretary of state
The president dispatched Sen. Chris Coons to Ethiopia recently for an urgent diplomatic mission.
The New York Times • Amy Julia Harris • March 24 •
Housing Boss Who Was Accused of Sexual Abuse Now Faces Bribery Charges
Prosecutors accused Victor Rivera of enriching himself through kickbacks as he led one of the largest homeless shelter operations in New York City.
The Washington Post • Angus King • March 24 •
Opinion | Angus King: What happens to the filibuster depends on how Republicans play their hand
In large measure, the outcome is in their hands.
The Daily Beast • Jose Pagliery, Asawin Suebsaeng • March 24 •
Georgia Prosecutors Eye ‘False Statement’ Charges for Rudy Giuliani and Team Trump
Charging the ex-president’s lawyer with lying to officials would be unusual. But so were Rudy Giuliani’s antics after the election.
The Bulwark • Mona Charen • March 24 •
Sidney Powell Speaks ‘Her Truth’ - The Bulwark
The Trumpist propagandist has been forced to admit that her “facts” aren’t “true.”
The Daily Beast • The Daily Beast • March 24 •
What It’s Like When MAGA Nation Wants to Kill You for Your Movie
Comedian and actor Ike Barinholtz was looking to make a satire. Trump fans took it seriously—and wanted to end him for it.
CNN • Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck, CNN • March 24 •
Videos show ally of Marjorie Taylor Greene among mob inside Capitol during January 6 riot
Footage from the January 6 riot at the US Capitol shows a close ally of Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene inside the building.
VICE • Matthew Gault • March 23 •
Read the Pentagon’s 20-Page Report on Its Own Meme
According to internal Pentagon communications, it took U.S. Cyber Command 22 days to finalize and post the meme.
The Atlantic • Derek Thompson • March 24 •
Is America’s Great Crime Decline Over?
Even before the recent mass shootings, violent crime was surging to its highest rate in 30 years. Patrick Sharkey illuminates what’s happening.
NBC News • Sahil Kapur • March 24 •
Manchin calls for 'enormous' infrastructure package paid for with new taxes
The Democratic senator said he favors rolling back parts of Donald Trump's 2017 tax law to fund a bill with the goal of "rebuilding America."
Vanity Fair • Joe Pompeo • March 24 •
“The Post Is Looking for a Journalistic Unicorn”: Inside the Confounding Search for Marty Baron’s Successor
The most buzzed-about candidate isn’t on the short list, as a trio of Times editors’ names make the rounds. The union wants a bigger stake in the process—and there’s a major wild card. “Something we don’t know,” says one source, “is whether Bezos has his own candidate.”
The Washington Post • Greg Sargent • March 24 •
Opinion | How Trump is exposing the ugly truth about the GOP plan to retake power
Inconveniently for Republicans, the former president keeps giving away their game.
The New York Times • Ellen Barry • March 23 •
She Experienced Busing in Boston. Now She’s the City’s First Black Mayor.
At 11, Kim Janey was bused into a neighborhood where Black students were pelted with rocks. As acting mayor, she hopes to help Boston step out of the shadow of that era.
The Bulwark • Jim Swift • March 24 •
Trumpists Still Pushing Election Fraud Claims and Conspiracy Theories - The Bulwark
Regent University livestream gets bonkers.