The Washington Post • Beth Reinhard • March 19 •
Former lobbyist accuses Rep. Tom Reed, a potential Cuomo challenger, of sexual misconduct
Nicolette Davis, now a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, told The Washington Post the congressman rubbed her back and unhooked her bra during a gathering at a Minneapolis pub when she was a junior lobbyist in 2017. Reed says her account is “not accurate.”
The New York Times • Jesse McKinley • March 19 •
Cuomo Faces New Claims of Sexual Harassment From Current Aide
The aide, Alyssa McGrath, accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of ogling her body, remarking on her looks, and making suggestive comments to her and another woman in his office.
The Daily Beast • Scott Bixby, Asawin Suebsaeng, Adam Rawnsley • March 18 •
Biden White House Sandbags Staffers, Sidelines Dozens for Pot Use
In some cases, staffers were informally told by transition officials some past marijuana use would be overlooked, only to be told later that they were being asked to resign.
Associated Press • Jill Colvin • March 19 •
Trump's Mar-a-Lago partially closed due to COVID outbreak
WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Donald Trump's Palm Beach, Florida, club has been partially closed because of a COVID-19 outbreak. That’s according to several people familiar with the...
The New York Times • March 19 •
The Ruthless Rise and Lonely Decline of Andrew Cuomo
The career of the New York governor helps explain how someone so powerful and popular could find himself alone so fast.
POLITICO • David M. Herszenhorn • March 19 •
Stephen Brown, editor in chief of POLITICO Europe, is dead at 57
Multilingual former Reuters correspondent oversaw newsroom expansion as company gained profitability.
VICE • Cameron Joseph • March 19 •
Trump Official Charged In Capitol Riot Has Family Ties to Argentina’s Military Junta
Federico “Freddie” Klein, a Trump appointee, repeatedly praised the Argentinian military junta of the 1970s and 80s while working at the State Department.
The Atlantic • Anne Applebaum • March 19 •
The Science of Making Americans Hurt Their Own Country
A new report lays bare why Russian disinformation succeeds.
The Bulwark • Tim Miller • March 19 •
Get Ready for the Herschel Walker Experience - The Bulwark
Georgia Republicans get ready for the next phase of the Trump Wars.
CNN • Kate Bennett and Pete Muntean, CNN • March 19 •
Glory days of Trump's gold-plated 757 seem far away as plane sits idle at a sleepy airport
Trump's personal Boeing 757 was always the crown jewel of his wealth -- the ultimate sign that he had made it. He's used it as a backdrop for sleek photo shoots, campaign rallies, VIP tours, for shots of him eating his Big Macs and KFC, plated, with a knife and fork. Trump loved to show it off -- the customized cream-colored leather seats, gilded bathrooms, the seat buckles layered in 24-karat gold.
WPXI • Rick Earle • March 18 •
Ross Township woman arrested in connection with violence at U.S. Capitol
A Ross Township woman was arrested Thursday accused of taking part in the violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.
National Review • NR Staff • March 19 •
National Review Prevails against Michael Mann
‘It’s completely ridiculous that it took us more than eight years to get relief from the courts from this utterly meritless suit,’ said NR editor Rich Lowry.
The Washington Post • Tyler Pager • March 19 •
HUD secretary may have violated ethics law by championing Democrats in Ohio Senate race at White House
Marcia L. Fudge spoke warmly of two potential contenders for the seat being vacated by Sen. Rob Portman: “I believe we can win that Senate race.”
The Daily Beast • Patrick Adams • March 18 •
Son of Atlanta Shooting Victim Calls ‘Bullshit’ on Sex Addiction Claim
Police have not ID’ed her, but 23-year-old Randy Park says his mother was killed—and he’s not buying the suspect’s line on why six Asian women are dead.
The Washington Post • Greg Sargent • March 19 •
Opinion | J.D. Vance’s Senate hopes reveal the problem with performative populism
The author of "Hillbilly Elegy" is serving up little more than performative anti-woke posturing.
The Washington Post • Andrea Salcedo • March 19 •
Racist anti-Asian hashtags spiked after Trump first tweeted ‘Chinese virus,’ study finds
A group of researchers found Twitter users published more anti-Asian hashtags the week after he first tweeted about the "Chinese virus."
The New York Times • J. David Goodman, Nicole Hong, Luis Ferré-Sadurní • March 19 •
F.B.I. Investigating Whether Cuomo Aides Gave False Data on Nursing Homes
The inquiry has added to the legal pressure faced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his aides over the deaths of nursing home residents from Covid-19.
The Atlantic • Graeme Wood • March 19 •
America Has Forgotten How to Forgive
The revolt against Alexi McCammond shows that even Teen Vogue doesn’t think teens deserve a sin jubilee.
The Washington Post • Nick Miroff • March 19 •
Biden administration considers flying migrants to states near the Canadian border for processing
About 1,000 family members and children have crossed Rio Grande in past several hours, DHS email shows.
The Washington Post • Ariana Eunjung Cha, Derek Hawkins, Meryl Kornfield • March 18 •
Why don’t we know more about the Atlanta shooting victims?
Days after the massacre at three Atlanta-area spas, information remains scarce, especially regarding the four slain women of Korean descent.