BuzzFeed News • Stephanie K. Baer • March 17 •
The Cop Who Said The Spa Shooter Had "A Bad Day" Posted A Racist Shirt Blaming China For The Pandemic
Capt. Jay Baker shared a photo of a T-shirt he got on Facebook, saying that the coronavirus was imported from "CHY-NA."
The Bulwark • Mona Charen • March 17 •
J.D. Vance Joins the Jackals - The Bulwark
How the path-breaking writer became a Trumpist troll.
NBC News • Julia Ainsley, Geoff Bennett, Jacob Soboroff • March 17 •
Border agents feel they are under "gag order" from Biden administration
Restrictions on what border agents can share with the media were passed down verbally, say officials. Some have released videos of the border surge anyway.
The Washington Post • Matt Viser • March 17 •
Irish humor, Irish temper: How Biden’s identity shapes his political image
President Biden has long used his Irishness to frame his political identity and life story — and to explain his quirks.
The New York Times • Richard Fausset, Neil Vigdor • March 16 •
8 People Killed in Atlanta-Area Massage Parlor Shootings
Six of the victims were Asian, the authorities said, raising fears that there may have been a racial motivation to the crimes.
The Washington Post • Jonathan O'Connell, Josh Dawsey • March 17 •
Trump’s Florida resort touted as potential gambling destination
Florida Republicans are exploring an expansion of casinos in the state, and the former president’s company could be a beneficiary.
NBC News • Phil Helsel,, Rachel Elbaum , Stella Kim, Charlie Gile, Elisha Fieldstadt, NBC News • March 16 •
8 dead in Atlanta-area spa shootings, suspect arrested
Six of the victims were Asian women, officials said. The shootings occurred within an hour at three spas.
Asian American Journalists Association • March 17 •
AAJA Guidance on Atlanta Shootings, Asian American Journalists Association
March 17, 2021 AAJA Guidance on Atlanta Shootings Contact: Naomi Tacuyan Underwood, Executive Director / naomitu@aaja.
The Intercept • Ken Klippenstein • March 17 •
White Supremacists, Conspiracy Theorists Are Targeting Cell Towers, Police Warn
Extremist groups joined forces in the weeks after the election to target critical infrastructure and “incite fear,” an NYPD intelligence report said.
The New York Times • Adam Goldman, Alan Feuer • March 17 •
Proud Boys Leaders in Four States Are Charged in Capitol Riot
Prosecutors accused prominent members of the far-right nationalist group of conspiring together in connection with the Jan. 6 attack.
CNN • Daniel Dale, CNN • March 17 •
Fact check: Biden wrong on three statistics he cited in ABC interview
Biden was generally factual, much of which aired on Wednesday. But he was wrong on three statistical claims, one of which he admitted during the interview he didn't think he was getting right.
POLITICO • Meridith McGraw, Gabby Orr • March 17 •
Trump set to do at least 12 book interviews in the coming weeks
“Donald doesn’t believe in the concept of ‘no comment.’”
Bloomberg • Robert Schmidt, Bill Allison • March 17 •
Wall Street Looks to Quietly Reopen Wallets for Politicians
Wall Street firms are quietly preparing to resume political giving in the next few months, marking an end to a freeze that many corporations vowed to impose after rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol in January to disrupt congressional certification of Donald Trump’s loss to President Joe Biden.
The New York Times • Zeynep Tufekci • March 17 •
Opinion | Let Our Doses Go!
The United States has more vaccine lined up than it needs. It should be distributing them to countries that have few to none.
The New York Times • Emily Badger, Kevin Quealy, Josh Katz • March 17 •
A Close-Up Picture of Partisan Segregation, Among 180 Million Voters
Democrats and Republicans increasingly live apart, all the way down to the neighborhood level.
POLITICO • Kyle Cheney, Andrew Desiderio • March 17 •
Pelosi’s push for 9/11-style Capitol riot commission stalls in political quicksand
Pelosi is now eyeing a Plan B: tapping three House committees, run by Democrats, to do their own probe.
The Washington Post • David Fahrenthold • March 17 •
At Trump’s Chicago tower, employees got vaccinated early — thanks to a hospital whose COO lives in the building
Chicago’s mayor chastised the hospital for vaccinating Trump workers weeks before their turn. “We just can’t have something like this happen again.”
The Washington Post • Marianna Sotomayor, Paul Kane • March 17 •
House members could get a coronavirus vaccine. But a quarter of them have not.
More than 100 members of the House have disregarded the advice of their own physician and missed an opportunity to promote public acceptance of the drugs.
The New York Times • Sheryl Gay Stolberg • March 17 •
Culture Wars Leave Biden’s Health Leadership Posts Vacant
Fights over President Biden’s nominees to lead the Department of Health and Human Services have centered on transgender policies, abortion and contraception coverage.
The Washington Post • Philip Bump • March 17 •
Analysis | How a new government report strongly implicates Giuliani in a Russian interference effort
It hinges on Giuliani's likely unwitting reliance on a Russian agent.