The New York Times • Shane Goldmacher • March 13 •
The Imperious Rise and Accelerating Fall of Andrew Cuomo
Even as he tries to plot a political survival strategy in the face of sexual misconduct allegations, Mr. Cuomo is an object lesson on the dangers of kicking people on the way up.
NBC News • Sahil Kapur • March 13 •
'A tremendous sea change': Democrats see a path to remaking the Senate filibuster
Between Sen. Joe Manchin's support for a "talking filibuster" and unified GOP opposition to the popular Covid-19 relief bill, some lawmakers see an opening.
CNN • Rosa Flores, Sara Weisfeldt and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN • March 13 •
Kids detained in overcrowded border facility are terrified, crying and worried, lawyers say
Children detained in an overcrowded US government tent facility at the border say they haven't been able to shower for days or contact their parents, according to lawyers who interviewed them this week.
The New York Times • Neil Irwin • March 13 •
17 Reasons to Let the Economic Optimism Begin
A reporter who has tracked decades of gloomy trends sees things lining up for roaring growth.
The Washington Post • Paul Farhi • March 12 •
After 50 days as president, Biden still hasn’t given a news conference. Critics and allies wonder why.
It’s the longest period of time that any new president in the past century has gone without a first formal Q&A session with reporters.
The Washington Post • Amy B Wang • March 13 •
GOP Sen. Johnson says Capitol rioters didn’t scare him — but might have had they been Black Lives Matter protesters
Democrats have blasted Johnson for his "blatant racism" and called on him to resign.
The New York Times • Patricia Mazzei • March 13 •
‘I’d Much Rather Be in Florida’
Floridians are out and about and pandemic restrictions have been lifted. There’s just one problem: The virus never went away.
HuffPost • HuffPost, S.V. Date • March 12 •
Dog Rescue Charity Linked To Lara Trump Funneling Money Into Donald Trump’s Pocket
The Big Dog Ranch Rescue has spent as much as $1.9 million at his properties in recent years and is spending $225,000 more at Mar-a-Lago this weekend.
The Berkshire Eagle • Amanda Burke, The Berkshire Eagle • March 13 •
After receiving second dose, Yo-Yo Ma transforms waiting period into performance at Pittsfield vax clinic
PITTSFIELD — After Yo-Yo Ma received his second jab of a COVID-19 vaccine at Berkshire Community College Saturday, he transformed his 15-minute observation period into a concert for the newly
The Washington Post • Ashley Parker, Matt Viser • March 13 •
Biden’s sweeping ambitions delight liberals — but pose political risks for his party
The president’s expansive agenda could put moderate Democrats at risk in the midterms and give Republicans ammunition to portray Biden as a left-leaning radical.
The New York Times • Erica L. Green • March 13 •
Schumer and a Teachers’ Union Leader Secure Billions for Private Schools
The pandemic relief bill includes $2.75 billion for private schools. How it got there is an unlikely political tale, involving Orthodox Jewish lobbying, the Senate majority leader and a teachers’ union president.
POLITICO • Kyle Cheney • March 13 •
Navy investigators found contractor in Capitol riot was known as a white supremacist
A supervisor for Timothy Hale-Cusanelli told investigators she had to admonish him for sporting a “Hitler“ mustache.
The Washington Post • Derek Hawkins • March 13 •
An 83-year-old Asian American woman was spat on and punched so hard she blacked out, police say
Officials in White Plains, N.Y., are investigating whether the attack constituted a hate crime.
The New York Times • Sarah Lyall • March 13 •
A Times Writer on Missing … The Times
Incredibly, we have all worked remotely for a year. But I’m homesick for our office.
Vogue • Molly Jong-Fast • March 13 •
How Do We Come to Terms with the Indelible Loss of the Last Year?
Can one will oneself back to normal?
The Washington Post • Nick Miroff • March 13 •
Biden will deploy FEMA to care for teenagers and children crossing border in record numbers
The FEMA deployment will last 90 days, Homeland Security officials said Saturday
Intelligencer • Rebecca Traister • March 12 •
The Cruelty and the Casualties
Inside Andrew Cuomo’s toxic workplace.
Yahoo News • Jenna McLaughlin • March 13 •
He helped Trump bring American hostages home. Now he's working for Biden.
As one of the few political appointees from the Trump era that President Biden has chosen to keep in place, Roger Carstens appears to enjoy the trust of the current administration, and friends, colleagues and the families of Americans held overseas say he has been a relentless advocate for hostages and their families.
Yahoo • S.V. Date • March 12 •
Dog Rescue Charity Linked To Lara Trump Funneling Money Into Donald Trump’s Pocket
The Big Dog Ranch Rescue has spent as much as $1.9 million at his properties in recent years and is spending $225,000 more at Mar-a-Lago this weekend.
cleveland • Chris Quinn, Editor, Plain Dealer • March 13 •
When candidates make reckless statements just to get attention, should they get attention? Letter from the Editor
We’re working out our approach to Josh Mandel. As we get closer to election time, what Mandel says might be news, and I don’t believe the right approach to covering dangerous statements by candidates is the traditional “he said-she said.”