Intelligencer • Rebecca Traister • March 12 •
The Cruelty and the Casualties
Inside Andrew Cuomo’s toxic workplace.
Intelligencer • Jessica Bakeman • March 12 •
Cuomo Never Let Me Forget I Was a Woman
In my years of reporting on the governor, he frequently put his hands on my body and made inappropriate remarks. The point was to humiliate me.
The New Yorker • Jane Mayer • March 12 •
Can Cyrus Vance, Jr., Nail Trump?
Insiders say that the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation has dramatically intensified since the former President left office. “It’s like night and day,” says one. According to another, “They mean business.”
The Washington Post • Michael Scherer, Josh Dawsey • March 11 •
Cuomo refuses to resign amid Democratic uproar over sexual harassment accusations
Even as demands grow for the New York governor’s departure, including from the state’s two U.S. senators, some Democrats continue to hold out for a full investigation of his actions, to give accusers their say and Cuomo due process.
BuzzFeed News • Albert Samaha • March 12 •
My Mom Believes In QAnon. I’ve Been Trying To Get Her Out.
Because she sees me as a member of “the liberal media,” it’s impossible to persuade her.
The Washington Post • Glenn Kessler • March 12 •
Analysis | Lauren Boebert’s tall tale about a man’s death that led her to pack heat
Police records and an autopsy report show Boebert's oft-told tale of a man being beaten to death outside her restaurant is not true.
VICE • Cameron Joseph • March 12 •
Trump Official Charged in Capitol Riots Had a Rap Sheet and Still Got Top-Secret Clearance
Federico "Freddie" Klein, a Trump State Department official and campaign staffer, was charged with assault and theft in 2013, according to charging documents obtained by VICE News.
The New York Times • Brian M. Rosenthal, Luis Ferré-Sadurní • March 12 •
For Some Women, Working for Cuomo Is the ‘Worst Place to Be’
Dozens of current and former employees of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s executive chamber described the office as chaotic, unprofessional and toxic, especially for young women.
USA TODAY • Marco Rubio • March 12 •
Sen. Marco Rubio: Amazon should face unionization drive without Republican support
Amazon is waging a culture war against working-class values and is not helping workers or our economy.
The New York Times • Katie Glueck • March 12 •
What to Know About Kathy Hochul, Cuomo’s Possible Successor
Ms. Hochul, who has served as New York’s lieutenant governor since 2015, would become the first female governor in the state’s history if Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned or was removed from office.
The New Yorker • Susan B. Glasser • March 12 •
It’s Morning (and Mourning) in Biden’s America
The President’s first prime-time address offered a whiff of post-pandemic political optimism.
HuffPost • HuffPost, Ryan J. Reilly • March 12 •
Man Charged With Attacking Cop At Capitol Riot Buried Police Badge In Backyard
Thomas Sibick is charged in connection with the attack on Metropolitan Police Officer Mike Fanone.
POLITICO • • March 12 •
POLITICO Playbook: Last night is why Joe Biden won the presidency
And NRSC Chair Rick Scott meets with Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago.
The New York Times • Peter Baker • March 11 •
In Lady Bird Johnson’s Secret Diaries, a Despairing President and a Crucial Spouse
A new book reveals how the former first lady not only provided a spouse’s emotional ballast but also served as an unrivaled counselor who helped persuade Lyndon B. Johnson to stay in office.
POLITICO • Kyle Cheney, Josh Gerstein • March 12 •
Prosecutors seek a slowdown in Capitol attack cases, calling probe the ‘most complex’ in history
U.S. attorneys cited the rapidly growing roster of defendants and the enormous cache of evidence they must sift through.
The Daily Beast • Roger Sollenberger, Asawin Suebsaeng • March 12 •
Rogue Trumpists Create Group To Raise Unlimited Cash from Secret Donors
The group plans “to litigate cases of importance to the American republic.” Original members include the MyPillow Guy and Mike Flynn’s brother.
The Bulwark • Amanda Carpenter • March 12 •
“Election Integrity” Means Restriction - The Bulwark
In the 2020 presidential election, more than 158 million Americans cast ballots and shattered voter turnout records. We’ve all kind of normalized that fact, but we forget that this wasn’t a foregone conclusion. Last spring and summer, the big fear among election watchers was that COVID might prevent people from going to the polls. Happily, […]
Associated Press • Robert Burns • March 11 •
At Air Force One base, intruder given up by 'mouse ears'
WASHINGTON (AP) — In a highly unusual breach of security last month at the air base that operates the Air Force One presidential aircraft, an apparently aimless intruder went undetected for...
POLITICO • Burgess Everett • March 12 •
Trump dives into battle for Senate
These days there’s a growing recognition that the Senate GOP and Trump need each other.
Talking Points Memo • Kate Riga • March 12 •
No, Trump Doesn’t Deserve Credit For Planning Vaccine Distribution
With the COVID-19 vaccines starting to bring the pandemic to an end, former President Trump has stepped in to take...