VICE • Seb Walker • March 11 •
Even Trump’s Defense Secretary During the Capitol Riot Blames Him for Inciting It
Former Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller told VICE on Showtime he believes Trump’s speech caused the violent mob to attack the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.
The New York Times • Annie Karni • March 11 •
When Your West Wing Job Is Really, Really Far From the Oval Office
Because of the pandemic, some Biden administration officials continue to work from homes a long way from Washington. They see advantages in being outside the bubble.
CNN • Eric Bradner and Dianne Gallagher, CNN • March 11 •
Arizona Republican lawmakers join GOP efforts to target voting, with nearly two dozen restrictive voting measures
Months after former President Donald Trump and his allies in Congress attempted to overturn Arizona's election results, Republicans in the state's legislature are trying to make it harder for some residents to vote, targeting different elements of the system with almost two dozen separate measures.
The Atlantic • Caitlin Flanagan • March 10 •
Private Schools Have Become Truly Obscene
Elite schools breed entitlement, entrench inequality—and then pretend to be engines of social change.
The New York Times • Noah Weiland, Rebecca Robbins • March 11 •
The U.S. Is Sitting on Tens of Millions of Vaccine Doses the World Needs
Those tens of millions of doses from AstraZeneca are waiting for trial results, while countries that authorized the vaccine beg to have them.
The Washington Post • Seung Min Kim • March 11 •
Next Biden agenda items on immigration and infrastructure already running into trouble
Fresh off a major victory on a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, the president and his Democratic allies face resistance in their own ranks to tackling other priorities without some Republican support.
ABC News • Ben Gittleson • March 11 •
Biden not yet holding a formal news conference raises accountability questions
The White House still hasn't set a date for President Joe Biden to hold his first news conference.
CNN • Oliver Darcy and Barbara Starr, CNN • March 11 •
Pentagon and senior members of military call out Tucker Carlson for mocking women serving in armed forces
In an extraordinary rebuke, the Pentagon and several senior members of the US military called out Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday for a sexist segment in which he mocked women serving in the armed forces.
BuzzFeed News • BuzzFeed News • March 11 •
Tom Hanks, The NBA, And COVID’s Day Of Reckoning In The US: An Oral History
More than 60 people — from Anthony Fauci to Chet Hanks — told us what it was like in the Oval Office, in the Utah Jazz locker room, and backstage on Broadway on March 11, 2020, the day COVID swallowed everything.
Reuters • Michael Erman, Maayan Lubell • March 11 •
Pfizer/BioNTech say data suggests vaccine 94% effective in preventing asymptomatic infection
Pfizer Inc and BioNTech SE said on Thursday that real-world data from Israel suggests their COVID-19 vaccine is 94% effective in preventing asymptomatic infections, suggesting it could significantly reduce virus transmission.
POLITICO • Daniel Lippman • March 11 •
A war over Russia has erupted at the Atlantic Council
It's rare to see a public fight at a prominent D.C. think tank, but Koch funding and human rights policy toward Moscow have pushed grievances out in the open.
POLITICO • Sarah Ferris, Burgess Everett • March 11 •
Democratic centrists balk at more red ink after Covid spending spree
Some in the president’s party are ready for an infrastructure plan that’s at least partly paid for.
The New York Times • David Brooks • March 11 •
Opinion | Joe Biden Is a Transformational President
We’re seeing a policy realignment without a partisan realignment.
The New York Times • David E. Sanger • March 11 •
The Lessons of One of the Worst Years in American Life
President Donald J. Trump lost his job in large part for mishandling a crisis he at first denied. President Biden knows his legacy depends on bringing the catastrophe to a swift conclusion.
The New York Times • Mike Baker • March 11 •
Seattle’s Virus Success Shows What Could Have Been
The Seattle area once had more coronavirus deaths than anywhere else in the United States. A year later, the region’s deaths per capita are lower than any other large metropolitan area.
The Washington Post • Matt Viser, Ashley Parker • March 10 •
Biden to offer hopes for a return to normalcy in first prime-time speech
The president will speak to a nation still reeling from the deadly coronavirus pandemic.
NBC News • Dareh Gregorian, Denise Chow • March 11 •
States with Republican governors had highest Covid incidence and death rates, study finds
The study found that states with Democratic governors had higher death rates early on in the pandemic, but that trend was reversed by the Fourth of July.
The New York Times • Luis Ferré-Sadurní, J. David Goodman, Jesse McKinley • March 11 •
Cuomo Faces New Threat: Impeachment Inquiry Led by Democrats
The move by the State Assembly sets the stage for what could be the state’s first impeachment effort in more than a century.
@themarkup • March 17 •
Split Screen: How Different Are Americans’ Facebook Feeds? – The Markup
Snapshots from the Facebook feeds of our Citizen Browser panelists illuminate how Facebook’s recommendation algorithm siloes information on the platform.
The New York Times • The Editorial Board • March 11 •
Opinion | For Democracy to Stay, the Filibuster Must Go
What happens when the biggest election reform bill in half a century runs into one of the most formidable barriers to American governance?