The Washington Post • Felicia Sonmez, Colby Itkowitz, John Wagner, Seung Min Kim, Tyler Pager • March 2 •
White House withdraws Tanden nomination; Biden says U.S. will have enough vaccine doses for every adult by end of May
The president also called into a weekly luncheon of Senate Democrats as he seeks to shore up support for $1.9 trillion legislation.
CNN • Manu Raju, Barbara Starr, Zachary Cohen and Oren Liebermann, CNN • March 2 •
First on CNN: Rep. Ronny Jackson made sexual comments, drank alcohol and took Ambien while working as White House physician, Pentagon watchdog finds
The Department of Defense inspector general has issued a scathing review of Rep. Ronny Jackson during his time serving as the top White House physician, concluding that he made "sexual and denigrating" comments about a female subordinate, violated the policy for drinking alcohol while on a presidential trip and took prescription-strength sleeping medication that prompted concerns from his colleagues about his ability to provide proper care.
The Washington Post • Meagan Flynn, Michael Scherer • March 2 •
Donors gave a House candidate more than $8 million. A single firm took nearly half of it.
Baltimore Republican Kim Klacik’s viral ads were touted by President Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr.
The Intercept • Ken Klippenstein • March 2 •
Trump Administration Referred a Record Number of Leaks for Criminal Investigation
Efforts to crack down on leakers skyrocketed under Trump, according to a Justice Department document obtained via FOIA.
The Washington Post • Christopher Rowland, Laurie McGinley • March 2 •
Merck will help make Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine as rivals team up to help Biden accelerate shots
The Biden administration brokered the arrangement amid concerns about Johnson & Johnson's production delays.
The Dallas Morning News • Allie Morris, Sue Ambrose • March 2 •
Gov. Greg Abbott says it’s time to open Texas 100%, end statewide mask mandate
AUSTIN — Texans will no longer be required to wear a face mask in public, and all businesses will be able open at full capacity starting next week, Gov....
Associated Press • March 2 •
Myanmar authorities charge Associated Press journalist
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Authorities in Myanmar have charged Associated Press journalist Thein Zaw and five other members of the media with violating a public order law that could see them...
Vox • Aaron Rupar • March 2 •
Why Fox News is having a day-long meltdown over Dr. Seuss
Biden didn’t mention Dr. Seuss in his Read Across America Day statement. All hell broke loose from there.
The Washington Post • WashPostPR • March 2 •
Simone Sebastian named The Post’s America editor
Sebastian will lead our expanding America desk, guiding coverage of the nation’s biggest breaking news stories and devising new ways of probing the cultural and political currents that shape American life.
Mother Jones • David Corn • March 2 •
Amazon has become a prime revolving-door destination in Washington
"Its interests probably transverse the US government more than any other company."
The Daily Beast • Diana Falzone, Justin Baragona • March 2 •
Fox News Insiders Rage Against Hiring ‘Mini Goebbels’ Kayleigh McEnany
The network announced Tuesday that McEnany, a career liar, is now a paid contributor. Newsroom staffers, who’ve faced “purges” in recent months, are none too pleased.
POLITICO • Andrew Desiderio • March 2 •
Biden administration still hasn't briefed top senators on Syria strike
Sen. Chris Murphy had to sit in on a staff briefing. He’s not thrilled with what he heard.
The New York Times • Elaina Plott • March 2 •
Ambitious Republicans’ Dance: Embrace Trump, but Don’t Try to Be Him
As jockeying begins for 2024, rank-and-file Republicans say they are most drawn to leaders who both pledge fealty to the former president and appear to showcase a distinct political identity.
NBC News • Benjy Sarlin • March 2 •
Obamacare would get a big (and quiet) overhaul in the Covid relief bill
Democrats are proposing big changes to the Affordable Care Act. Here's why the debate is less fierce this time.
The Washington Post • Anne Gearan, Ellen Nakashima • March 2 •
U.S. hits Russians for Navalny poisoning, signaling tougher stand
The Biden administration’s penalties against Russian officials are likely to be the first of several punitive steps.
The Washington Post • Elahe Izadi • March 2 •
No one in the Philippines would air a documentary about press freedom. So Frontline is doing it itself.
PBS's Frontline has taken unprecedented steps to find audience for a new documentary about persecuted Filipino journalist Maria Ressa, which no broadcaster in the country was willing to air.
The New York Times • Margot Sanger-Katz, Claire Cain Miller • March 2 •
In Their Own Words: Why Health Experts Say Elementary Schools Should Open
With proper safety measures, doctors and scientists said in a survey, the benefits outweigh the risks.
The Intercept • Ryan Grim • March 2 •
Andrew Cuomo Is Living to Regret the Deal He Pushed on Letitia James
Attorney General Tish James was once at the mercy of Cuomo’s kingmaking power in New York. Now the tables have turned.
Deseret News • Bethany Mandel • March 2 •
The joy of the big, messy family
These couples are embracing more children than is typical. Here’s why
CNN • Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck, CNN • March 2 •
Biden and his top officials slammed Trump's lack of action against Saudi Arabia, MBS in years before taking office
In the years prior to taking office, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and many of their administration's top officials harshly criticized President Donald Trump's lack of action against Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the 2018 murder of Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.