The New York Times • Julie Bosman • February 21 •
A Ripple Effect of Loss: U.S. Covid Deaths Approach 500,000
Twice as many Americans have died as early worst-case projections.
BuzzFeed News • Ryan Mac • February 21 •
“Mark Changed The Rules”: How Facebook Went Easy On Alex Jones And Other Right-Wing Figures
Facebook’s rules to combat misinformation and hate speech are subject to the whims and political considerations of its CEO and his policy team leader.
The New York Times • Ben Smith • February 21 •
How Investigative Journalism Flourished in Hostile Russia
A new wave of news outlets has used conventional, and unconventional, methods to pierce the veil of Putin’s power.
CNN • Katelyn Polantz, CNN • February 21 •
Oath Keeper claims she was VIP security at Trump rally before riot and says she met with Secret Service agents
A leader in an alleged Oath Keepers conspiracy in the US Capitol insurrection claims she was given a VIP pass to the pro-Trump rally on January 6, had met with Secret Service agents and was providing security for legislators and others, including in their march to the Capitol, according to a new court filing.
BBC News • • February 20 •
How Trump offered Kim a ride on Air Force One
A new BBC series shows how threats of nuclear war against North Korea gave way to a Trump-Kim bromance.
Bloomberg • Naomi Kresge, Jason Gale • February 21 •
Pfizer-BioNTech Shot Stops Covid Spread, Israeli Study Shows
USA TODAY • Susan Page, Sarah Elbeshbishi • February 21 •
Exclusive: Defeated and impeached, Trump still commands the loyalty of the GOP's voters
In a new Suffolk/USA TODAY Poll, Trump voters said 46%-27% that they would abandon the GOP and join a third party if Trump decided to create one.
The New York Times • Jonathan Martin • February 21 •
How Democrats Are Already Maneuvering to Shape Biden’s First Supreme Court Pick
Party leaders are urging President Biden not only to consider racial diversity in potential Supreme Court nominees, but to look at candidates who don’t come from a traditional Ivy League background.
Foreign Policy • Laurie Garrett • February 18 •
Trump Is Guilty of Pandemicide
History will show the former U.S. president was staggeringly negligent during the pandemic’s deadly third wave.
The Wall Street Journal • Scott Gottlieb • February 21 •
WHO Said What About Wuhan?
International investigators ignore the lab-leak theory but investigate frozen fish.
The New York Times • Eric Lipton • February 21 •
Tough Sanctions, Then a Mysterious Last-Minute Turnabout
The Treasury Department slapped sanctions on the Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler in 2017 for corruption in Africa. In Donald Trump’s final days in office, they were rolled back with no explanation.
The New York Times • Mark Mazzetti, Luke Broadwater • February 21 •
The Lost Hours: How Confusion and Inaction at the Capitol Delayed a Troop Deployment
As violence grew out of control on Jan. 6, the head of the Capitol Police made an urgent request for the National Guard. It took nearly two hours to be approved.
The Washington Post • Margaret Sullivan • February 21 •
Perspective |’s journalistic experiment began with a staff walkout. It might actually be working.
The employee-owned site is self-sustaining and successful in its early stages.
Slate • Ben Mathis-Lilley • February 19 •
Why Do Democrats Pretend Andrew Cuomo Did a Good Job With COVID?
Andrew Cuomo's apparent cover-up of nursing home deaths is yet more mismanagement for his forgiving public to forgive.
The New York Times • Amelia Nierenberg • February 20 •
Interest Surges in Top Colleges, While Struggling Ones Scrape for Applicants
Waiving standardized test requirements during the pandemic brought more hopefuls to the Ivy League and large state schools, while less-selective colleges face an alarming drop.
The Washington Post • Dan Diamond • February 20 •
Biden’s top doctor nominee made more than $2 million doing pandemic consulting, speeches
Tapped to be surgeon general, Vivek Murthy’s financial entanglements draw scrutiny before his Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday.
The Bulwark • Christian Schneider • February 21 •
Will ‘Almond Milk’ and ‘Plant-Based Meat’ Exist Under a Biden FDA? - The Bulwark
For years, the FDA has been embroiled in a debate over the ability of companies to name their products. The department often regulates what food products can or can’t be called. The problem is, those rules are often backed by wealthy special interests seeking to push products out of the market to decrease competition. In […]
The Atlantic • Robinson Meyer • February 21 •
Texas Failed Because It Did Not Plan
What went wrong? The Lone Star State made three fundamental errors.
The New York Times • Astead W. Herndon • February 21 •
Democrats’ Big Tent Helped Them Win. Now It Threatens Biden’s Agenda.
The party’s ideological blend of moderates and progressives carried it to power in Washington, but elements of that coalition could block the most ambitious parts of President Biden’s agenda.
The Wall Street Journal • Sarah Chaney Cambon • February 23 •
Blue-Collar Jobs Boom as Covid-19 Boosts Housing, E-Commerce Demand
Residential construction, package delivery and warehousing jobs exceed pre-pandemic levels, and some companies can’t find enough workers.