The Texas Tribune • Marissa Martinez, The Texas Tribune, Shannon Najmabadi • February 16 •
“We’re in it alone”: Power outages leave millions of Texans desperate for heat and safety
Texas residents said the storm — and ensuing partial collapse of the state's power system — sapped what mental reserves they had left after eleven months of a global health crisis that has cost thousands of jobs and claimed more than 40,000 lives in the state.
The New York Times • Marc Tracy • February 16 •
Vox Finds Its Next Top Editor at The Atlantic
Swati Sharma, 34, prepares to take over the 90-person newsroom of a digital outlet known for its clearsighted articles on knotty issues in the news.
Baltimore Sun • Christopher Dinsmore • February 16 •
Baltimore Sun Media poised to be acquired by nonprofit from Tribune Publishing
Returning The Baltimore Sun to Maryland hands, the state’s largest newspaper and its affiliates are poised to be acquired by a nonprofit formed by businessman and philanthropist Stewart Bainum Jr. that would operate the media organization for the benefit of the community.
The New York Times • Astead W. Herndon • February 16 •
On Trump, Michigan Republicans Lean One Way: ‘Fealty at All Costs’
Even after his defeat, Donald Trump is causing fierce infighting among Republicans in a crucial battleground state. Loyalists are rewarded. Dissenters face punishment.
The 19th • Amanda Becker • February 16 •
Some Lincoln Project founders knew about sexual harassment allegations as early as March | The 19th
The revelation comes as the political group’s domestic and international associates cut ties, including an Israeli prime ministerial hopeful.
Vox • Benjamin P. Linas • February 15 •
I’m an epidemiologist and a father. Here’s why I’m losing patience with our teachers’ unions.
The evidence is clear: We can open schools safely now.
The Texas Tribune • Erin Douglas, The Texas Tribune • February 16 •
Texas largely relies on natural gas for power. It wasn’t ready for the extreme cold.
Texas largely relies on natural gas — especially during times of high demand — to power the state. Experts say natural gas infrastructure, from pumping it out of the ground to the plants in city centers, was unprepared for the plunging temperatures brought by the winter storm.
Morning Consult • Eli Yokley • February 16 •
Trump Emerges From Impeachment Trial With Sturdy Backing From GOP Voters - Morning Consult
Trump has emerged from his second impeachment trial relatively unscathed with Republican voters in yet another sign of his continued strength with the party’s base.
The Daily Beast • Asawin Suebsaeng, Lachlan Cartwright, Adam Rawnsley • February 16 •
Dominion Says It Will Sue MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Over Election Fraud Claims
Dominion sent letters to Lindell in December and January demanding that he retract false claims about their machines. Instead, the MyPillow CEO doubled down.
HuffPost • HuffPost, Ryan J. Reilly, Paul Blumenthal • February 16 •
Brent Bozell IV, Son Of Prominent Conservative Activist, Charged In Capitol Riot
Online sleuths looked into Bozell because he wore the sweatshirt of a Christian school and he previously served as a girls' basketball coach.
The Texas Tribune • Erin Douglas, The Texas Tribune, Ross Ramsey • February 16 •
No, frozen wind turbines aren’t the main culprit for Texas’ power outages
Lost wind power was expected to be a fraction of winter generation. All sources — from natural gas, to nuclear, to coal, to solar — have struggled to generate power during the storm that has left millions of Texans in the dark.
POLITICO • Josh Gerstein • February 16 •
Judge refuses to ban Capitol riot suspect from Twitter and Facebook
But the court ordered John Sullivan of Utah, a videographer, to stop work with his Insurgence USA website and social media platforms.
The New York Times • Maggie Haberman, Michael S. Schmidt • February 16 •
Stumbles, Clashes and Egos: Behind the Scenes With Trump’s Legal Team
The lawyers assembled by the former president to represent him in his Senate impeachment trial hardly knew one another. They prevailed in the end, but it wasn’t pretty.
Chron • Marcy de Luna, Amanda Drane • February 14 •
What went wrong with the Texas power grid?
Millions of Texans were without heat and electricity Monday as snow, ice and frigid...
Jewish Insider • Marc Rod • February 16 •
David Schoen describes dysfunction within Trump’s impeachment team
In an interview, Schoen takes JI inside the obstacles that the team encountered and his clashes with Trump’s other lawyers
The Wire • Katrina Northrop • February 14 •
The Great Expulsion - The Wire China
The door is closing on what some have called the golden age of reporting on China — and the whole world will be forced to deal with the consequences.
The Washington Post • Shawn Boburg, Jon Swaine • February 15 •
A GOP donor gave $2.5 million for a voter fraud investigation. Now he wants his money back.
The story behind financier Fred Eshelman’s donation to True the Vote provides new insights into the frenetic period when baseless claims led donors to give hundreds of millions of dollars to reverse President Biden’s victory.
CNN • Manu Raju and Ted Barrett, CNN • February 16 •
Manchin tells Biden he won't back push to skirt Senate rules on relief bill
West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has privately informed President Joe Biden that he won't join any Democratic efforts to force through provisions in his economic rescue package if they are ruled in violation of strict Senate budget restrictions, the latest warning sign for Biden's push for a hike to the federal minimum wage.
Austin American-Statesman • Amanda O'Donnell • February 15 •
Here's how to get help for yourself or others during Texas' historic freeze
If you're looking for ways to help during Texas' severe winter weather consider donating to one of these causes. If you're looking for food or shelter check out these resources.
POLITICO • Christopher Cadelago, Natasha Korecki • February 16 •
GOP tries to weaponize pandemic-exhausted parents against Biden
Aware of this emerging voter demo, the White House is hoping its agenda and relief bill will inoculate it against frustrations.