The New York Times • Ben Smith • February 14 •
Postcard From Peru: Why the Morality Plays Inside The Times Won’t Stop
Other news organizations have their own personnel dramas. But none attract the spotlight the way The Times does.
The New York Times • Christiaan Triebert, Ben Decker, Derek Watkins, Arielle Ray, Stella Cooper • February 17 •
First They Guarded Roger Stone. Then They Joined the Capitol Attack.
We tracked how six men associated with the far-right Oath Keepers went from providing security for Roger Stone to participating in the attack on the U.S. Capitol.
The Atlantic • Emma Green • February 14 •
Eric Metaxas Believes America Is Creeping Toward Nazi Germany
The pro-Trump radio host explains how he thinks about the Capitol siege and President Joe Biden’s America.
Slow Boring • Matthew Yglesias • February 13 •
In defense of interesting writing on controversial topics
Some thoughts on the New York Times' Slate Star Codex profile
CNN • Analysis by Ronald Brownstein • February 14 •
Analysis: Is the GOP's extremist wing now too big to fail?
Congressional Republicans have crystallized an ominous question by rejecting consequences for Donald Trump over the January 6 riot in his impeachment trial and welcoming conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia into their conference: Has the extremist wing of the GOP coalition grown too big for the party to confront?
POLITICO • Burgess Everett, Melanie Zanona • February 14 •
McConnell's next chapter: Guiding the post-Trump GOP
The Kentuckian is the GOP's de facto leader for at least the next two years, as Trump remains exiled in Florida with no real public platform.
The Washington Post • Margaret Sullivan • February 13 •
Perspective | ‘A moment of truth’? After years of Trump’s lies, amplified by MAGA media, that proved impossible for most Republicans
Despite overwhelming evidence, a pervasive culture of lying made it politically untenable for so many Republican senators to vote guilty.
The Daily Beast • Will Sommer, Kelly Weill • February 13 •
FBI Informant Panic Is Ruining Friendships All Over the Far Right
From Proud Boys panicked about the revelation that their leader was a snitch to the racist America First crowd, old pals are now enemies.
The New York Times • Reid J. Epstein • February 14 •
Tom Perez on Democrats’ Mistakes and Why Iowa Shouldn’t Go First
In an interview, the former D.N.C. chairman discussed a possible bid for Maryland governor and said Iowa and New Hampshire starting the presidential nominating process was “unacceptable.”
The Washington Post • Stephanie McCrummen • February 13 •
Breaking the Rule of One
Slate • Aymann Ismail • February 13 •
Nikole Hannah-Jones on Donald McNeil’s Resignation, Why She Was Involved, and an Exhausting Week at the New York Times
“This is where there has not been good reporting on this.”
Slate • Aaron Mak • February 12 •
Asian Americans Have Been Attacked, Spat On, and Cursed Out. The Bay Area Is Bracing for More.
A spate of assaults has put a region on alert.
The New York Times • Dana Goldstein • February 14 •
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on What She Learned From Battling the Teachers’ Union
In an interview, Ms. Lightfoot talked about how she hoped to rebuild trust in the system and eventually reopen high schools.
Intelligencer • Jonathan Chait • February 13 •
Republican Senators Are Asking the Courts to Take Care of Trump for Them
We can’t impeach, but can you lock him up?
The New York Times • Alexander Burns • February 13 •
Republican Acquittal of Trump Is a Pivotal Moment for the Party
The vote, signaling how thoroughly the party has come to be defined by the personality of one man, is likely to leave a blemish on the historical record.
CNN • Kara Scannell, Sonia Moghe and Jason Morris, CNN • February 13 •
This is Trump's heaping list of legal problems post-impeachment
After averting a conviction in his second impeachment trial, former President Donald Trump faces significant new legal threats as prosecutors in Georgia have joined those in New York to conduct criminal investigations into his actions.
Politico • • February 11 •
Nikki Haley’s Time for Choosing
The 2024 hopeful can’t decide who she wants to be—the leader of the post-Trump GOP or a “friend” to the president who tried to sabotage democracy.
Associated Press • Julie Pace • February 14 •
Analysis: Impeachment proves imperfect amid US polarization
WASHINGTON (AP) — Three Republican senators spent an hour talking strategy with lawyers for the accused. The entire Senate served as jurors even though they were also targets of the crime. No...
Associated Press • Hope Yen • February 14 •
Support grows for Capitol riot inquiry after Trump acquittal
WASHINGTON (AP) — A day after former President Donald Trump won his second Senate impeachment trial, bipartisan support appeared to be growing for an independent Sept. 11-style commission into the...
The Atlantic • David Frum • February 13 •
It’ll Do
Impeachment did not prevail, but Trump still lost.