The Washington Post • Ashley Parker, Matt Viser, Seung Min Kim • February 6 •
‘An easy choice’: Inside Biden’s decision to go it alone with Democrats on coronavirus relief
In the fight over his $1.9 trillion covid stimulus legislation, President Biden’s impulses to find compromise with Republicans have clashed with his sense of urgency.
The New Yorker • Isaac Chotiner • February 6 •
Marty Baron Considers His Time at the Washington Post
The soon-to-retire executive editor defends the idea of journalistic objectivity. “It’s not neutrality, it’s not both-sides-ism, it’s not so-called balance,” he says.
The New York Times • Michael S. Schmidt • February 7 •
Breaking With G.O.P., Top Conservative Lawyer Says Trump Can Stand Trial
Charles J. Cooper, a stalwart of the conservative legal establishment, said that Republicans were wrong to assert that it is unconstitutional for a former president to be tried for impeachable offenses.
The New York Times • Amy Julia Harris • February 7 •
‘Nobody Tells Daddy No’: A Housing Boss’s Many Abuse Cases
Victor Rivera gained power and profit as New York’s homeless crisis worsened. Accused of sexual and financial misconduct, he has largely escaped consequences.
Axios • Alayna Treene • February 7 •
Kevin McCarthy told Liz Cheney to apologize for voting to impeach Trump
Instead, she's doubling down on her condemnation of President Trump.
The Washington Post • Michael Abramowitz, David Hoffman • February 7 •
George P. Shultz, counsel and Cabinet member for two Republican presidents, dies at 100
As President Reagan’s secretary of state, he played a critical role in the dramatic easing of tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union.
The Washington Post • Joel Achenbach • February 7 •
U.K. coronavirus variant spreading rapidly through United States, study finds
“We should vaccinate as fast as we can,” a co-author warns.
The Washington Post • Jeff Stein • February 7 •
Senior Democrats to unveil $3,000-per-child benefit as Biden stimulus gains steam
Democrats are aiming to include a major antipoverty provision in their relief package.
The New York Times • Matthew Rosenberg • February 6 •
Pushing QAnon and Stolen Election Lies, Flynn Re-emerges
Recast by President Trump’s most ardent supporters as a MAGA martyr, Michael T. Flynn has embraced his role as the man who spent four years unjustly ensnared in the Russia investigation.
The New Yorker • Isaac Chotiner • February 6 •
How San Francisco Renamed Its Schools
The president of the San Francisco Board of Education discusses the controversies around reopening and renaming her district’s schools, including questions about how to view the legacies of complex historical figures.
The New York Times • Alexander Burns • February 7 •
Why Chuck Schumer Is Cozying Up to the A.O.C. Wing of His Party
As he prepares for an impeachment trial this week, Senator Chuck Schumer is at the height of his political power in Washington. At home in New York, he is taking steps to head off a primary challenge from the left.
The Washington Post • Ronald G. Shafer • February 7 •
He became the nation’s ninth vice president. She was his enslaved wife.
Her name was Julia Chinn, and her role in Richard Mentor Johnson's life caused a furor when the Kentucky Democrat was chosen as Martin Van Buren's running mate in 1836.
POLITICO • Burgess Everett • February 7 •
‘The Democratic version of John McCain’
As the critical swing vote in a 50-50 Senate, Joe Manchin has emerged as the most powerful man in Washington.
POLITICO • Marianne LeVine • February 7 •
Democrats' big shift in Trump's second impeachment
Senate Democrats aren't pressing hard to include witnesses in the upcoming trial.
Forbes • Thomas Brewster • February 6 •
Sheryl Sandberg Downplayed Facebook’s Role In The Capitol Hill Siege—Justice Department Files Tell A Very Different Story
A Forbes analysis of Justice Department charging documents referencing 223 individuals accused of taking part in the Capitol siege indicates Facebook was far and away their preferred social media platform.
The New York Times • Carl Zimmer • February 7 •
Virus Variant First Found in Britain Now Spreading Rapidly in U.S.
A new study bolsters the prediction by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the so-called B.1.1.7 variant will dominate Covid-19 cases by March.
The Philadelphia Inquirer • Will Bunch • February 7 •
Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, and the criminal conspiracy case of U.S. v. Donald Trump | Will Bunch
New evidence shows Stone and Flynn repaid their Trump pardons by conspiring to block the 2020 vote count. Will the feds charge them?
The New Republic • February 4 •
The Democratic Party Has a Fatal Misunderstanding of the QAnon Phenomenon
Their belief that this surreal conspiracy has arisen because of the poor education of its adherents is based in classism, not reality.
The Bulwark • Lindsey Appiah • February 7 •
Where Is the Love? - The Bulwark
Over the past four years, few groups have been examined more closely than white Evangelicals. You can read to read article after article examining the wants and whims of the white Evangelical. But why? Why has this one group amongst many been centered so completely in the narrative of American Christians—who we are, what we […]
The Wall Street Journal • Daniela Hernandez, Drew Hinshaw • February 7 •
As Covid-19 Vaccines Raise Hope, Cold Reality Dawns That Illness Is Likely Here to Stay
Governments and businesses are starting to accept that the coronavirus isn’t a temporary problem and instead will lead to long-term changes enabling society to co-exist with Covid-19, as it does with flu, measles and HIV.