Los Angeles Times • Stephen Battaglio • February 5 • latimes.com
Fox News cancels Lou Dobbs' show; pro-Trump host not expected to be back on air
Lou Dobbs remains under contract at Fox News but won't be back on the air after he hosted his last show Thursday.
The New York Times • Charlie Warzel, Stuart A. Thompson • February 5 • nytimes.com
Opinion | They Stormed the Capitol. Their Apps Tracked Them.
Times Opinion was able to identify individuals from a trove of leaked smartphone location data.
BuzzFeed News • Ryan Mac • February 5 • buzzfeednews.com
Parler Wanted Donald Trump On Its Site. Trump’s Company Wanted A Stake.
Documents seen by BuzzFeed News show that Parler offered Trump 40% of the company if he posted exclusively to the platform. The deal was never finalized.
Colorado Newsline • Chase Woodruff • February 4 • coloradonewsline.com
Rep. Boebert paid off nearly $20K in state tax liens in 2020 - Colorado Newsline
Rep. Lauren Boebert paid off the last of nearly $20,000 in state tax liens that had accumulated on her restaurant since 2016, records show.
Intelligencer • Olivia Nuzzi • February 4 • nymag.com
Eric Swalwell on Impeachment, the Capitol Riot, and That Chinese Spy
The former prosecutor tries his biggest case yet.
CNN • Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy, CNN Business • February 5 • cnn.com
Fox Business suddenly cancels 'Lou Dobbs Tonight,' its highest-rated show
Lou Dobbs, the longtime host of the signature right-wing talk show on the Fox Business Network, was canned by the network on Friday night.
The New York Times • Mark Mazzetti, Adam Goldman • February 5 • nytimes.com
Muddled Intelligence Hampered Response to Capitol Riot
New details about what authorities anticipated on Jan. 6 highlight failures to grasp the degree of the threat from pro-Trump right-wing extremists.
POLITICO • Gabby Orr, Meridith McGraw • February 5 • politico.com
Trump’s allies fear the impeachment trial could be a PR nightmare
The ex-president's boosters fear major reputational damage if next week’s hearings focus on the violence of Jan. 6 and not narrow questions about the Constitution.
The New York Times • Jim Tankersley, Luke Broadwater, Hailey Fuchs, Maggie Haberman • February 5 • nytimes.com
A Lincoln Project co-founder resigns after allegations that a former colleague sent unsolicited, lurid messages to young men.
The Washington Post • Beth Reinhard, Rosalind Helderman, Tom Hamburger, Josh Dawsey • February 5 • washingtonpost.com
The cottage industry behind Trump’s pardons: How the rich and well-connected got ahead at the expense of others
Even Trump allies who advised the White House on clemency say they were startled by who made it onto the final list — and disappointed that only a fraction of his grants went to low-level drug offenders serving long sentences.
The New York Times • Jessica Bennett, Jessica Grose, Melonyce McAfee, Farah Miller, Sharon Attia, Dani Blum • March 15 • nytimes.com
The Primal Scream
A series that examines the pandemic’s effect on working mothers in America.
The Dispatch • Haley Byrd Wilt • February 5 • uphill.thedispatch.com
AOC's January 6 Account
Plus: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is removed from her committees.
The Dispatch • Sarah Isgur • February 5 • podcast.thedispatch.com
No Ragrets
Listen now (60 min) | Former Fox News Decision Desk team member Chris Stirewalt joins Sarah, Steve and Jonah to chat about GOP leadership members' struggle to police their own. Stick around for a chat about Joe Biden’s foreign policy agenda, Stirewalt’s take on why “the way America is getting its news is not working for America,” and … lima beans! And also for a very special announcement.
ABC News • Matthew Mosk, Olivia Rubin, Ali Dukakis, Fergal Gallagher • February 5 • abcnews.go.com
Video surfaces showing Trump ally Roger Stone flanked by Oath Keepers on morning of Jan. 6
A new video has surfaced showing former President Trump's adviser Roger Stone flanked by members of the Oath Keepers just hours before the deadly riot at the Capitol.
The Washington Post • Erica Werner, Jeff Stein • February 4 • washingtonpost.com
Senate vote paves way for passage of Biden’s economic relief plan
Dozens of amendments, from the Keystone pipeline to immigration, are expected to be considered on the Senate floor beginning Thursday afternoon.
The Washington Post • Lawrence Summers • February 4 • washingtonpost.com
Opinion | The Biden stimulus is admirably ambitious. But it brings some big risks, too.
Going too big on pandemic relief is better than going too small, but lawmakers need to consider the impact on the Biden administration's hopes to "build back better."
The Atlantic • Andrew Exum • February 5 • theatlantic.com
Counterinsurgency Isn’t the Answer
Be wary of those who seek to apply the lessons of our campaigns abroad to our political challenges at home.
The Washington Post • David Fahrenthold • February 5 • washingtonpost.com
Illinois judge finds Trump hotel in Chicago liable for violating environmental laws
The hotel has been sucking in millions of gallons of Chicago River water for its air-conditioning systems, without renewing a permit to do so.
Newsweek • Kevin Cramer • February 4 • newsweek.com
What Marjorie Taylor Greene's repugnant comments can teach us all | Opinion
These statements are not based on an extremely conservative ideology. They are horrifying and completely untethered to reality, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, and should be reported as such by the media.
The New York Times • David E. Sanger, Eric Schmitt • February 4 • nytimes.com
Biden Signals Break With Trump Foreign Policy in a Wide-Ranging State Dept. Speech
The president said that he would end support for Saudi Arabia in its intervention in Yemen and that the U.S. would no longer be “rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressive actions.”