GQ • Wesley Lowery • February 4 •
How Andrew Gillum’s Marriage Survived a Night of Scandal
The rising Democratic star was found in a Miami Beach hotel with a male sex worker and suspected drugs. To keep their marriage together, he and his wife, R. Jai, had to embrace a new dynamic of “radical honesty” in their relationship.
Just Security • Jason Stanley • February 4 •
Movie at the Ellipse: A Study in Fascist Propaganda
Scholars on the Nazis and anti-Semitism have seen this before.
The Washington Post • Jeff Stein • February 4 •
Mitt Romney unveils plan to provide at least $3,000 per child, giving bipartisan support to President Biden’s effort
President Biden has pushed for a similar expansion of child benefits in his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan.
Axios • Ursula Perano • February 4 •
David Hogg launching pillow company to compete with MyPillow's Mike Lindell
Lindell is one of former President Trump's most adamant defenders.
CNN • Oliver Darcy, CNN Business • February 4 •
Voting technology company Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell over 'disinformation campaign'
A voting technology company swept up in baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election filed a monster $2.7 billion lawsuit on Thursday against Fox News, some of the network's star hosts, and pro-Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, alleging the parties worked in concert to wage a "disinformation campaign" that has jeopardized its very survival.
The Washington Post • Amy B Wang • February 4 •
Sen. Ben Sasse slams Nebraska GOP committee’s plans to censure him for criticizing Trump
Sasse is the latest Republican to face censure or the threat of it from a state or local GOP for not supporting Trump.
POLITICO • Daniel Lippman, Gabby Orr • February 4 •
Pence reveals his post-White House plans
The move comes a day after the former vice president launched his transition office.
The New York Times • Ben Smith, Katie Robertson • February 4 •
Jeff Zucker, CNN’s Longtime Leader, Says He Expects to Leave at Year’s End
The executive, who shaped the look and feel of CNN since coming aboard in 2013, helped build the Trump myth and then tried to knock it down.
The New York Times • Marc Tracy • February 4 •
The New York Times Tops 7.5 Million Subscriptions as Ads Decline
In its fourth-quarter earnings report, The New York Times Company said 2020 was its biggest year for adding subscribers.
Associated Press • Hillel Italie • February 4 •
Hunter Biden's memoir 'Beautiful Things' out in April
NEW YORK (AP) — Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden and an ongoing target for conservatives, has a memoir coming out April 6. The book is called “Beautiful Things” and will center on...
CNN • Em Steck and Andrew Kaczynski, CNN • February 4 •
Marjorie Taylor Greene's history of dangerous conspiracy theories and comments
Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing intense backlash for indicating support for political violence and pushing wild conspiracy theories and extreme anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic comments before she was elected to Congress. • February 3 •
Examining the Domestic Terrorism Threat in the Wake of the Attack on the U.S. Capitol | House Committee on Homeland Security
The Official Website of the House Committee on Homeland Security
POLITICO • Anita Kumar • February 3 •
In Biden’s White House, surprise visits with staff replace late-night tweets
Trump preferred seemingly aimless days at the White House. Biden has a carefully crafted schedule, but the pandemic has curbed his facetime with people.
POLITICO • Laura Barrón-López, Eugene Daniels • February 4 •
‘We’ve learned to love the guy': How Biden charmed the left
It’s early, but progressives say they’re being included, heard and respected by the Biden White House. But rocky roads are still ahead.
National Review • John McCormack • February 4 •
Nebraska GOP Drafts Resolution to Censure Ben Sasse Before Impeachment-Trial Vote
Sasse responds: The Capitol riot ‘happened because the president lied to you.’
The Washington Post • Michael Gerson • February 4 •
Opinion | Kevin McCarthy is now our most disgraceful political leader
His GOP is a big tent that tolerates insane clowns.
Associated Press • Julie Pace, Hannah Fingerhut • February 4 •
AP-NORC Poll: Americans open to Biden's approach to crises
WASHINGTON (AP) — Two weeks into a new administration, a majority of Americans say they have at least some confidence in President Joe Biden and his ability to manage the myriad crises facing the...
emptywheel • emptywheel • February 4 •
DOJ Moves Towards Parallel Conspiracy Prosecutions of the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys | emptywheel
DOJ is now pursuing conspiracy prosecutions against both the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, both having the same object (to delay the vote certification) and both using some of the same overt steps.
The New York Times • Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Grace Ashford, Denise Lu, Eleanor Lutz, Alex Leeds Matthews, Karen Yourish • February 6 •
Arrested in Capitol Riot: Organized Militants and a Horde of Radicals
Yes, there were Proud Boys, QAnon zealots and military veterans. But most of those arrested so far were united largely by a belief that the election was stolen, a New York Times analysis found.
Politics • Hannah Wolansky • February 4 •
Pundits Warn Removing Marjorie Taylor Greene From Committee Assignments Could Leave Her With Free Time
WASHINGTON—Calling on the U.S. House of Representatives not to do something it might regret, political pundits from several major news outlets warned Thursday that removing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from her committee assignments would only leave her with more time on her hands. “If she has a lot of free hours in her workday, she’ll wind up using them to spin conspiracy theories, harass the survivors of school shootings, or openly advocate murder on Facebook,” said ABC chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, who echoed the concerns of many observers when he suggested it might be best if …