Axios • Jonathan Swan, Zachary Basu • February 2 •
Off the rails: Inside the craziest meeting of the Trump presidency
Four conspiracy theorists marched into the Oval Office on Dec. 18. Chaos ensued.
Cox Media Group • Justin Gray • February 2 •
EXCLUSIVE: Attorney Lin Wood under investigation over whether he voted illegally in November, officials say
Channel 2 confirmed Tuesday that the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office has launched an investigation into whether Wood was eligible to vote in Georgia, whether he broke the law by casting his ballot and whether he was actually a Georgia resident.
The Washington Post • Robert Barnes • February 2 •
Ginni Thomas apologizes to husband’s Supreme Court clerks after Capitol riot fallout
The conservative activist, who is married to Justice Clarence Thomas, told a private online group comprising his former staff: “I would ask those of you on the contrary side to have grace and mercy on those on my side of the polarized world.”
The New York Times • Alice Park, Charlie Smart, Rumsey Taylor, Miles Watkins • March 12 •
An Extremely Detailed Map of the 2020 Election
An interactive map that lets readers explore in new detail how most states voted in the 2020 presidential election.
The Washington Post • Nick Miroff, Seung Min Kim, Maria Sacchetti • February 2 •
Biden issues new immigration orders, while signaling cautious approach
A new task force will reunite separated families, but some Trump-era border controls will remain intact.
The Washington Post • Shayna Jacobs • February 2 •
Manhattan district attorney considering prosecuting Stephen Bannon following his pardon by Trump in federal fraud case
Bannon and three others were indicted in federal court last year for allegedly taking money donated to their “We Build the Wall” fundraising drive.
Axios • Lachlan Markay • February 2 •
Hawley rakes in grassroots cash after Capitol attack
The financial incentive for many Republicans to remain aligned with Donald Trump is clear
The Atlantic • Robert A. Pape, Keven Ruby • February 2 •
The Capitol Rioters Aren’t Like Other Extremists
We analyzed 193 people arrested in connection with the January 6 riot—and found a new kind of American radicalism.
The New York Times • John Keefe • February 3 •
N.Y.C.’s Covid Metrics Are Dire. Cuomo Is Reopening Restaurants Anyway.
Average per-capita case counts in New York City are 64 percent higher than they were in December, when Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo banned indoor dining.
The Marshall Project • Jamiles Lartey, Abbie VanSickle • February 2 •
“That Could Have Been Me”: The People Derek Chauvin Choked Before George Floyd
They describe an officer quick to use force and callous about their pain.
POLITICO • Natasha Bertrand, Heather Caygle, Christopher Cadelago • February 2 •
Schiff has his eyes on being California’s AG and Pelosi’s on board with it
The Democratic congressman is lobbying for the post but Gov. Newsom may find it politically untenable to give him the gig.
Los Angeles Times • Jonah Goldberg • February 1 •
Column: Where QAnon goes, so goes the Republican Party
Republicans condemning a president who targeted the Constitution are being "cancelled" but not those spreading conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton.
The Intercept • Ken Klippenstein • February 2 •
Inside the Brutal Power Struggle at Homeland Security
An investigation, conducted in 2020 by an outside firm and obtained via FOIA, paints a picture of DHS’s Office of Inspector General in chaos.
Axios • Hans Nichols, Kadia Goba • February 2 •
Schiff lobbying Newsom to become California's next attorney general
If Newsom selects Schiff, House Dems would temporarily give up a seat in their slim 221-211 majority.
CNN • Evan Perez, David Shortell and Whitney Wild CNN • February 2 •
Investigators struggle to build murder case in death of US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick
Investigators are struggling to build a federal murder case regarding fallen US Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, vexed by a lack of evidence that could prove someone caused his death as he defended the Capitol during last month's insurrection.
BBC News • • February 2 •
'Their goal is to destroy everyone': Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape
In new testimony, former detainees of China's detention camps describe systematic rape and torture.
The Washington Post • Amy Gardner, Karoun Demirjian, Colby Itkowitz • February 2 •
Trump’s actions described as ‘a betrayal of historic proportions’ in trial brief filed by House impeachment managers
The former president’s new defense attorneys asserted there is “insufficient evidence” to conclude his attacks on the 2020 election result were false and denied that he incited his supporters to commit violent acts.
The Washington Post • Michael Laris, Ian Duncan • February 1 •
From Mayor Pete to Secretary Buttigieg: Appearances hint at expansive role for next transportation chief
The Biden Cabinet pick has tried to expand views of what it means to be transportation secretary.
CNN • Manu Raju, Ali Zaslav and Lauren Fox, CNN • February 2 •
House Republicans weigh stripping Greene from committee assignments
The fate of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's future is now in the hands of a group of House Republicans who are deliberating whether to punish the Georgia congresswoman for extreme comments she made before winning her seat, as a growing number of Senate Republicans say she shouldn't be welcome in the party.
The Bulwark • Tim Miller • February 2 •
Dare Trump to Testify - The Bulwark
He should be called out as a coward if he refuses to take the stand in his own defense.