Politico • https://www.facebook.com/politico • February 11 • politico.com
Nikki Haley’s Time for Choosing
The 2024 hopeful can’t decide who she wants to be—the leader of the post-Trump GOP or a “friend” to the president who tried to sabotage democracy.
The Washington Post • Andrew Kaczynski • February 25 • washingtonpost.com
Opinion | My baby daughter died of brain cancer. Here’s what we can do to save other kids.
Children with cancer touch a special place in people’s hearts. Yet, as a society, we have failed to put our best resources together to save more of these children.
CNN • Jamie Gangel, Kevin Liptak, Michael Warren and Marshall Cohen, CNN • February 12 • cnn.com
New details about Trump-McCarthy shouting match show Trump refused to call off the rioters
In an expletive-laced phone call with House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy while the US Capitol was under attack, then-President Donald Trump said the rioters cared more about the election results than McCarthy did.
The New York Times • Jesse McKinley • February 27 • nytimes.com
Cuomo Is Accused of Sexual Harassment by a 2nd Former Aide
The woman, 25, said that when they were alone in his office, Gov. Andrew Cuomo asked if she “had ever been with an older man.”
The New York Times • Shane Goldmacher, Nicholas Fandos • February 18 • nytimes.com
Ted Cruz’s Cancún Trip: Family Texts Detail His Political Blunder
The Texas senator faced fierce blowback for fleeing his state as a disaster unfolded. Text messages sent by his wife revealed a hastily planned trip away from their “FREEZING” family home.
The New York Times • Noah Weiland, Maggie Haberman, Mark Mazzetti, Annie Karni • February 11 • nytimes.com
Trump Was Sicker Than Acknowledged With Covid-19
When he was hospitalized with the coronavirus in October, his blood oxygen levels had plunged and officials feared he was on the verge of being placed on a ventilator.
The New York Times • J. David Goodman, Joseph Goldstein, Jesse McKinley • February 1 • nytimes.com
9 Top N.Y. Health Officials Have Quit as Cuomo Scorns Expertise
“When I say ‘experts’ in air quotes, it sounds like I’m saying I don’t really trust the experts,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said of pandemic policies. “Because I don’t.”
Vanity Fair • Caleb Ecarma • February 12 • vanityfair.com
“I Will Destroy You”: Biden Aide Threatened a Politico Reporter Pursuing a Story on His Relationship
Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo lashed out at journalist Tara Palmeri, spurring conversations between Politico’s brass and the White House—and raising questions about behavior tolerated in the Biden administration.
The New York Times • Eric Schmitt, Helene Cooper • February 17 • nytimes.com
Promotions for Female Generals Were Delayed Over Fears of Trump’s Reaction
Under a Biden administration, the nominations are expected to go from the Pentagon to the White House within weeks and then to the Senate for approval.
Washingtonian • Jessica Sidman • February 19 • washingtonian.com
Trump Hotel Employees Reveal What It Was Really Like Catering to the Right Wing Elite
Four years' worth of stories about VIP visits and grooming protocols, palm-greasing, rotten vegetables, and that time they lost Steve Mnuchin’s coat.
Axios • Jonathan Swan, Zachary Basu • February 2 • axios.com
Off the rails: Inside the craziest meeting of the Trump presidency
Four conspiracy theorists marched into the Oval Office on Dec. 18. Chaos ensued.
The New York Times • Ben Smith • February 14 • nytimes.com
Postcard From Peru: Why the Morality Plays Inside The Times Won’t Stop
Other news organizations have their own personnel dramas. But none attract the spotlight the way The Times does.
The Washington Post • Michael Kranish • February 27 • washingtonpost.com
The making of Madison Cawthorn: How falsehoods helped propel the career of a new pro-Trump star of the far right
Cawthorn has emerged as one of the most visible figures among newly arrived House Republicans, who have promoted baseless assertions and pushed a radicalized ideology that has become a driving force in the GOP.
Associated Press • Steve Peoples • February 11 • apnews.com
How a leading anti-Trump group ignored a crisis in its ranks
WASHINGTON (AP) — Last June, the Lincoln Project was on a high. Led by several prominent former Republican consultants, its slickly produced ads attacking President Donald Trump made it...
The Washington Post • Ashley Parker • February 19 • washingtonpost.com
One night in Cancun: Ted Cruz’s disastrous decision to go on vacation during Texas storm crisis
Cancun-gate checked nearly every box of a scandal — and prompted a Twitter-fueled news cycle that seemed to unite a broken nation.
Intelligencer • Olivia Nuzzi • February 28 • nymag.com
4 Minutes With Jill Biden
Grieving with the First Family.
The New York Times • Jim Rutenberg, Jo Becker, Eric Lipton, Maggie Haberman, Jonathan Martin, Matthew Rosenberg, Michael S. Schmidt • January 31 • nytimes.com
77 Days: Trump’s Campaign to Subvert the Election
Hours after the United States voted, the president declared the election a fraud — a lie that unleashed a movement that would shatter democratic norms and upend the peaceful transfer of power.
The Washington Post • Toluse Olorunnipa, Michelle Lee • February 6 • washingtonpost.com
Trump’s election fraud falsehoods have cost taxpayers $519 million — and counting
Donald Trump’s claims that the election was stolen have forced local, state and federal agencies to spend millions enhancing security, fending off lawsuits and repairing property damage. The costs are mounting daily.
The Atlantic • Zeynep Tufekci • February 26 • theatlantic.com
5 Pandemic Mistakes We Keep Repeating
We can learn from our failures.
The New York Times • Michael Powell • February 24 • nytimes.com
Inside a Battle Over Race, Class and Power at Smith College
A student said she was racially profiled while eating in a college dorm. An investigation found no evidence of bias. But the incident will not fade away.