The Washington Post • Dan Lamothe, Paul Sonne, Carol D. Leonnig, Aaron Davis • January 20 •
Army falsely denied Flynn’s brother was involved in key part of military response to Capitol riot
The outgoing Army secretary said it is “incredibly awkward” for Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn, the brother of retired general Michael Flynn, who has voiced support for the extreme ideology QAnon.
The Washington Post • Annie Linskey • January 20 •
A look inside Biden’s Oval Office
The oval office looks different now that President Biden is its occupant.
The New York Times • Alexandra Alter • January 19 •
Amanda Gorman Captures the Moment, in Verse
The youngest inaugural poet in U.S. history read “The Hill We Climb,” which she finished after the riot at the Capitol. “I’m not going to in any way gloss over what we’ve seen,” she says.
The Washington Post • Carol D. Leonnig, Nick Miroff • January 20 •
Trump extended Secret Service protection to his adult children and three top officials as he left office
According to three people briefed on the plan, Trump issued a directive to extend post-presidency Secret Service protection for six months to his four grown children, who were not automatically entitled to receive it.
The New York Times • Maggie Haberman • January 20 •
Trump Departs Vowing, ‘We Will Be Back in Some Form’
Defeated and twice impeached, the 45th president used his farewell remarks before a sparse crowd to brag about his record and wish luck to the incoming administration.
POLITICO • Lara Seligman, Bryan Bender • January 20 •
‘Really quite shocking’: Inside the ugly transition at the Pentagon
The effort to obstruct the Biden team is unprecedented in modern presidential transitions and will hobble the new administration on key national security matters.
The Washington Post • Olivier Knox • January 20 •
Analysis | The Daily 202: Susan Rice plans to put racial equity at the heart of Biden's agenda
'I’ll be driving our efforts to ensure that matters of equity and justice are fully incorporated into all that we try to do,' said the new head of the Domestic Policy Council.
The New York Times • Maggie Haberman, Kenneth P. Vogel, Eric Lipton, Michael S. Schmidt • January 20 •
With Hours Left in Office, Trump Grants Clemency to Bannon and Other Allies
The president continued using his power to help his supporters, including his former chief strategist and one of his top 2016 fund-raisers.
The Atlantic • Derek Thompson • January 20 •
Biden Should Go Big, Fast, and Simple
The new president must not repeat Obama's mistakes.
The Atlantic • Adam Serwer • January 20 •
An Incompetent Authoritarian Is Still a Catastrophe
Trump leaves behind a wounded nation, and it will take time to heal.
Business Insider • Jacob Shamsian • January 19 •
Trump-ally media outlet OAN quietly deleted articles about Dominion despite publicly doubling down on election conspiracy theories
One America News Network hasn't issued a retraction notice after taking down articles about Dominion, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and others.
The Washington Post • Dan Zak • January 20 •
The last day of Donald
“Macho Man” fades out.
Los Angeles Times • Julia Barajas • January 17 •
How a 22-year-old L.A. native became Biden’s inauguration poet
She became the national youth poet laureate at age 16; six years later, she read her poem at Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris' historic swearing-in.
The Washington Post • Josh Dawsey • January 20 •
Hours before leaving office, Trump undoes one of the only measures he took to ‘drain the swamp’
The president provided no rationale for overturning the executive order limiting lobbying that he signed in his first month in office.
The New York Times • The New York Times • February 4 •
Full Analysis of the 2021 Inauguration of President Joe Biden
New York Times reporters provided live coverage of Inauguration Day, as former President Donald J. Trump departed the White House and President Joseph R. Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States.
NBC News • Ben Collins, Brandy Zadrozny • January 20 •
'We all just got played': Some QAnon followers lose hope as dreams of a bloody inauguration coup fail to materialize
"I don't think this is supposed to happen," one QAnon follower posted as Joe Biden was sworn in.
The Washington Post • Dan Diamond • January 20 •
Surgeon General resigns at Biden’s request
The ouster is regarded as a break with the Trump administration’s covid-19 response, which the president-elect has called a failure.
CNN • Manu Raju and Ted Barrett, CNN • January 20 •
GOP senators warn McConnell could face backlash if he votes to convict Trump
A faction of Senate Republicans has a warning for Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: Stick with former President Donald Trump during his impeachment trial.
CNN • Analysis by Harry Enten, CNN • January 19 •
The worst final popularity rating ever for a first lady belongs to Melania Trump
Much has been written about President Donald Trump's historically low popularity ratings as he leaves office. But the tarnish on the Trump brand goes beyond the President.
POLITICO • Kyle Cheney, Josh Gerstein • January 20 •
Feds: Evidence shows well-laid plan by some Capitol insurrectionists
An FBI affidavit described preparations by the Proud Boys to storm the Capitol, including using earpieces and walkie-talkies to direct movements through the building.