The Washington Post • Washington Post Staff • January 6 •
Woman dies after shooting in U.S. Capitol; D.C. National Guard activated after mob breaches building
A day that began with thousands of President Trump’s supporters in Washington for demonstrations turned violent as many in attendance saw Wednesday as a last stand for Trump because Congress was set to confirm that President-elect Joe Biden won the election.
The Dispatch • Steve Hayes • January 6 •
Giuliani to Senator: ‘Try to Just Slow it Down’
The president’s lawyer tries to block the count of the Electoral College votes.
POLITICO • Tyler Pager, Josh Gerstein, Kyle Cheney • January 5 •
Biden to tap Merrick Garland for attorney general
The pick comes after Democrats appear poised to gain control of the Senate, making the task of finding a replacement for the judge far easier.
The New York Times • Katie Benner, Maggie Haberman, Michael S. Schmidt • January 6 •
An explosive device is found at the R.N.C., and the D.N.C. is evacuated.
The Kansas City Star • The Kansas City Star Editorial Board • January 6 •
Assault on democracy: Sen. Josh Hawley has blood on his hands in Capitol coup attempt
Donald Trump didn’t create this chaos alone. The political theater from Missouri’s junior senator has spilled into real life. And death.
The Washington Post • Paul Kane • January 6 •
Inside the assault on the Capitol: Evacuating the Senate
Washington Post reporter Paul Kane was in the Senate press gallery when a pro-Trump mob invaded the U.S. Capitol. Here’s what happened next.
The Washington Post • Carol D. Leonnig, Aaron Davis, Dan Lamothe, David Fahrenthold • January 6 •
Capitol breach prompts urgent questions about security failures
Current and former law enforcement officials said it appeared the U.S. Capitol Police and other agencies failed to anticipate the size and intentions of the mob.
The Washington Post • Robert Klemko, Kimberly Kindy, Kim Bellware, Derek Hawkins • January 6 •
Kid glove treatment of pro-Trump mob contrasts with strong-arm police tactics against Black Lives Matter, activists say
The impunity with which the president’s supporters were able to storm the Capitol startled and frustrated activists who protested police violence.
The Washington Post • Editorial Board • January 6 •
Opinion | Trump caused the assault on the Capitol. He must be removed.
The president is unfit to remain in office for the next 14 days.
POLITICO • Alex Thompson • January 5 •
Liberals to Breyer: Time to retire
Democrats are on the cusp of enjoying the slimmest of Senate majorities. Progressive judicial activists want them to use it to ensure no more losses on the Supreme Court.
The New York Times • Sheera Frenkel • January 6 •
The storming of Capitol Hill was organized on social media.
Vanity Fair • Tarisai Ngangura , Abigail Tracy , Caleb Ecarma • January 6 •
“This Is Like an Active-Shooter Drill”: Pro-Trump Rioters Storm the U.S. Capitol
Following a rally by the president and his allies, attendees overwhelmed Capitol police and breached congressional chambers to stop the certification of Joe Biden as president. The violent mob’s behavior, said Biden, “borders on sedition.”
CNN • Kate Bennett, CNN • January 6 •
First lady's chief of staff and White House social secretary resign after violent protests
Stephanie Grisham, the former White House communications director and press secretary and current chief of staff for first lady Melania Trump, submitted her resignation Wednesday afternoon, effective immediately, in the wake of the violent protests, a White House official says.
The New York Times • Michael Levenson, Erin Schaff, Sabrina Tavernise • January 6 •
Marauding protesters vandalize Speaker Pelosi’s office.
Tulsa World • Randy Krehbiel Tulsa World • January 6 •
'This was really a riot,' Inhofe says, watching his Capitol desk invaded during breach
“They broke in on the House side," the senator said, worried enough to break away from a group being shepherded for safety because his daughter was visiting: “I didn’t want
The Atlantic • David Frum • January 6 •
Remove Trump Tonight
Republicans must distance themselves from the president, and join their colleagues in ending his tenure.
WV MetroNews • Brad McElhinny • January 6 •
W.Va. delegate, just sworn in, was among the mob storming U.S. Capitol - WV MetroNews
Delegate Derrick Evans, R-Wayne, livestreamed and then deleted videos from inside the Capitol, but others took screenshots and videos of the original videos.
The Daily Beast • Kelly Weill • January 6 •
A Running Field Guide to the Far-Right Goons in D.C.
As mobs of MAGA fanatics stormed the Capitol in a violent assault, familiar names and organizations were on hand for the wannabe coup.
POLITICO • Caitlin Emma • January 6 •
Capitol Police firings imminent after ‘attempted coup,’ top appropriator warns
With control of both chambers and the White House, Democrats could mandate changes among the Capitol Police force.
BuzzFeed News • Jane Lytvynenko • January 6 •
The Rioters Who Took Over The Capitol Have Been Planning Online In The Open For Weeks
The mob that forced Congress to flee organized on both obscure and mainstream sites.