The New York Times • Luke Broadwater • January 2 •
Pence Welcomes Futile Bid by G.O.P. Lawmakers to Overturn Election
Vice President Mike Pence signaled his support as 11 Republican senators and senators-elect said that they would vote to reject President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory.
POLITICO • Burgess Everett • January 2 •
At least 12 GOP senators to challenge Biden's win
The move to challenge the election results has left the GOP fractured.
The New York Times • David E. Sanger, Nicole Perlroth, Julian E. Barnes • January 2 •
As Understanding of Russian Hacking Grows, So Does Alarm
Those behind the widespread intrusion into government and corporate networks exploited seams in U.S. defenses and gave away nothing to American monitoring of their systems.
The New York Times • Nicholas Kristof • January 2 •
Opinion | Starving Children Don’t Cry
For several years, each year was the best in human history. Then 2020 came along.
The New York Times • Fahim Abed, Thomas Gibbons-Neff • January 2 •
Targeted Killings Are Terrorizing Afghans. And No One Is Claiming Them.
Most officials believe the Taliban are behind the attacks on civil leaders, but others fear that factions are using chaos as a cover to settle scores, in an echo of Afghanistan’s past civil war.
CNN • Jake Tapper, Lauren Fox and Veronica Stracqualursi, CNN • January 2 •
Nearly a dozen Republican senators announce plans to vote against counting electoral votes
Nearly a dozen Republican senators and senators-elect announced Saturday they will vote against counting electoral votes next week when Congress is expected to certify President-elect Joe Biden's victory -- despite no credible evidence suggesting widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.
The Washington Post • Clyde McGrady • January 2 •
Raphael Warnock’s campaign for the moral high ground
For the preacher-turned-politician, winning a Senate seat in Georgia might mean convincing voters that God is on his side.
The New York Times • January 1 •
Opinion | Horrified by the Blackwater Pardons
The F.B.I. agent who led the Blackwater investigation and two other letter writers are appalled by the pardon of men who killed innocent civilians.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel • Bill Glauber • January 2 •
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson from Wisconsin to join 10 others from GOP in refusing to certify Electoral College results
Ron Johnson will join 10 other Republican U.S. senators to make their stand Wednesday as Congress convenes to certify Joe Biden's win.
The Scotsman • Martyn McLaughlin • January 2 •
Donald Trump’s Turnberry resort posts losses of £2.3 million despite record turnover
Donald Trump’s flagship overseas property at Turnberry has posted annual losses of £2.3 million, marking the sixth year in a row it has failed to turn a profit under his ownership.
The Washington Post • Philip Rucker, Josh Dawsey • January 2 •
Growing number of Trump loyalists in the Senate vow to challenge Biden’s victory
Eleven GOP senators pledged to reject Biden’s electoral votes from swing states, defying a plea from Senate leaders to avoid a fight over the election’s legitimacy when Congress meets in a joint session next week.
The Washington Post • Michael Laris • January 1 •
Sneezed on, cussed at, ignored: Airline workers battle mask resistance with scant government backup
A database of aviation safety reports provides an unguarded accounting of bad behavior by air travelers, raising questions about a hands-off federal policy.
POLITICO • Josh Gerstein, Kyle Cheney • January 1 •
Federal appeals court tosses Gohmert suit aimed at overturning 2020 election results
It was the second legal ruling against Gohmert in two days.
The New York Times • Jeanna Smialek, Catie Edmondson • January 2 •
As Some Deficit Hawks Turn Dove, the New Politics of Debt Are on Display
Some Republicans who once scolded about fiscal austerity are now embracing government spending, underlining that the public supports more generous relief.
The New York Times • Eric Schmitt • January 1 •
In Abrupt Reversal of Iran Strategy, Pentagon Orders Aircraft Carrier Home
After weeks of escalation and threatening language, the Defense Department is sending mixed messages as the anniversary of the death of an Iranian general nears.
Axios • Erica Pandey • January 2 •
Private schools pull students away from public schools
They're attracting wealthy families who are frustrated with public schools' flip-flopping on in-person learning.
The Wall Street Journal • Lindsay Wise • January 2 •
Electoral College Results to Be Contested by Group of GOP Senators
While the challenges by 11 current or incoming Republican senators aren’t expected to succeed, they highlight deepening divisions within the party.
Bloomberg • Josh Wingrove, Daniel Flatley, Erik Wasson • January 2 •
More Republicans Reject Effort to Disrupt Biden’s Certification
More Republicans criticized efforts by members of their own party to oppose certification of Donald Trump’s election loss in this week’s joint session of Congress, a plan the president has greeted with enthusiasm.
The New York Times • Michael J. de la Merced, Marc Tracy • December 31, 2020 •
Hedge Fund Seeks Full Control of Tribune Publishing, a Major News Chain
Alden Global Capital, already Tribune’s biggest shareholder, is known for its practice of slashing costs in its newsrooms.
The New York Times • Ruth Maclean • January 2 •
A Continent Where the Dead Are Not Counted
All 54 African countries put together have registered fewer Covid deaths than France. That doesn’t mean people aren’t dying from the virus.