••• Associated Press • Brian Slodysko, Bill Barrow • 18 hours ago • apnews.com
As Herschel Walker eyes Senate run, a turbulent past emerges
ATLANTA (AP) — At first glance, Herschel Walker has a coveted political profile for a potential Senate candidate in Georgia. He was a football hero at the University of Georgia before his long NFL career.
•• The New York Times • Patricia Mazzei • 19 hours ago • nytimes.com
Some Florida Hospitals Have More Covid Patients Than Ever Before
A rapid rise in Covid-19 hospitalizations in parts of the country with lagging vaccination rates is causing alarm.
•• POLITICO • Betsy Woodruff Swan, Daniel Lippman • 19 hours ago • politico.com
Huawei hiring former Democratic super lobbyist Tony Podesta
The longtime K St. fixture is back in business after a Mueller-induced hiatus.
VICE • Tess Owen • 19 hours ago • vice.com
Breast Cancer Patient Attacked by Violent Anti-Mask Protest Outside Clinic
“Do you know anything about chemotherapy? Do you know what happens to the immune system?”
ProPublica • 1 day ago • propublica.org
“Don’t You Work With Old People?”: Many Elder-Care Workers Still Refuse to Get COVID-19 Vaccine
Amid a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” more than 40% of the nation’s nursing home and long-term health care workers have yet to receive vaccinations.
The Washington Post • Greg Sargent • 20 hours ago • washingtonpost.com
Opinion | Have Trump voters come down with a serious case of Snowflake Syndrome?
On vaccines and voting rights, fear of offending Trump supporters has become too controlling.
The Atlantic • David Frum • 1 day ago • theatlantic.com
Is Vaccinated America at Its Breaking Point?
In the United States, this pandemic could be almost over by now. The reasons it’s still going are pretty clear.
POLITICO • Marc Caputo • 13 hours ago • politico.com
Gaetz case takes bizarre tabloid turn
A sugar daddy web site linked to the federal probe says the GOP lawmaker never had an account on the site.
The Atlantic • Graeme Wood • 2 days ago • theatlantic.com
After 11 Minutes in America, I Got Hit by the Crime Wave
I spent most of the pandemic abroad. It didn’t take long after I returned home for someone to try to rob me at gunpoint.
•• The New York Times • Katie Rogers, Nick Corasaniti • 1 day ago • nytimes.com
Democrats’ Divide on Voting Rights Widens as Biden Faces Pressure
The president is increasingly at odds with leaders of the voting rights movement, who see a contrast between his soaring language and his willingness to push Congress to pass federal legislation.
CNN • Sandi Sidhu, Anna Coren and Helen Regan, CNN • 1 day ago • cnn.com
Afghan interpreter for US Army was beheaded by Taliban. Others fear a similar fate
Sohail Pardis was driving from his home in Afghanistan's capital Kabul to nearby Khost province to pick up his sister for the upcoming Eid holiday celebrations to mark the end of Ramadan.
The Atlantic • Elaine Godfrey • 1 day ago • theatlantic.com
How a Rising Trump Critic Lost Her Nerve
Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina hoped to be the face of a post-Trump GOP. She soon learned there is no such thing.
The Record by Recorded Future • Martin Matishak • 15 hours ago • therecord.media
NSA review finds that Tucker Carlson’s communications were not targeted - The Record by Recorded Future
The NSA has found no evidence to support Tucker Carlson’s accusations that the agency had been spying on him in an effort to knock his show off the air, two people familiar with the matter told The Record.
The New York Times • Katharine Q. Seelye • 14 hours ago • nytimes.com
Laura Foreman, Reporter Whose Romance Became a Scandal, Dies at 76
The disclosure of her relationship with a source while at The Philadelphia Inquirer ended her journalism career and prompted the paper to develop an ethics code.
STAT • Meg Tirrell • 1 day ago • statnews.com
How concerned should we be about breakthrough coronavirus infections?
Céline Gounder speaks with STAT about the Delta variant, vaccinations, and the future of the Covid-19 pandemic.
••• The Washington Post • Peter Hermann, John D. Harden • 1 day ago • washingtonpost.com
Thousands of bullets have been fired in this D.C. neighborhood. Fear is part of everyday life.
CNN • Oliver Darcy, CNN Business • 16 hours ago • cnn.com
How Fox News is making a network out of race baiting
One evening earlier this month, a White rage-filled man sat behind a desk, looked into a camera, and began to rant about how something must be done to "save" the United States before "we become Rwanda," a not-so-subtle reference to the horrific genocide that occurred in the African country decades ago.
POLITICO • Alex Isenstadt, Ally Mutnick • 1 day ago • politico.com
Inside Trump's intense search for a Cheney challenger
The ex-president's team has been interviewing Republicans running against Rep. Liz Cheney. Two of them have interviews with Trump up next.
The Washington Post • Jada Yuan • 18 hours ago • washingtonpost.com
At fraught Tokyo Olympics, Jill Biden may win just by showing up
In the midst of the chaos and uncertainty, Jill Biden has chosen to practice the art of simply showing up.
The New York Times • Roger Cohen • 18 hours ago • nytimes.com
Persuasion vs. Coercion: Vaccine Debate in Europe Heats Up
France is taking the lead in making life unpleasant for the unvaccinated, even requiring some people to get shots. Protesters see a soft dictatorship dawning.
The New York Times • Annie Karni • 11 hours ago • nytimes.com
Skilled in Strategy (and Grudges), Top Biden Adviser to Depart White House
Anita Dunn, who is returning to her Democratic consulting company next month, has long faced questions about how her influence in the White House intersects with her corporate work.
NBC Southern California • Joe Reedy • 6 hours ago • ots.nbcwpshield.com
NBC Quickly Hires Maria Taylor After Her Departure From ESPN
Maria Taylor is joining NBC less than a week after her contract with ESPN expired.
The Washington Post • Devlin Barrett • 13 hours ago • washingtonpost.com
FBI assistant director faulted for misconduct around romantic relationship
Jill Tyson, a close aide to the FBI director, is the subject of a critical IG report about her relationship with a subordinate, according to current and former law enforcement officials.
The Washington Post • Gary Abernathy • 1 day ago • washingtonpost.com
Opinion | Stop insulting Trump voters and their concerns. Talk to them.
Trump supporters aren’t going away. Those who paint them as the lowest forms of life reveal themselves to be more interested in nurturing divisions.
CNN • Paul P. Murphy, CNN • 15 hours ago • cnn.com
Family says conservative radio host has changed his tune on vaccines after he was hospitalized with Covid-19
For months, conservative Nashville, Tennessee-based radio host Phil Valentine has repeatedly made posts on multiple social media platforms telling his fans that if they weren't at risk for Covid-19, they shouldn't get the vaccine.


The Washington Post • Erik Wemple • 16 hours ago • washingtonpost.com
Opinion | Tucker Carlson mangles story of heart inflammation and covid vaccines
In discussing vaccine side-effects, the Fox News host asks, 'Why isn't anyone trying to find out? And why aren't they telling us?'
CNN • Nicole Gaouette and Jeff Zeleny, CNN • 18 hours ago • cnn.com
Biden poised to nominate Caroline Kennedy as US ambassador to Australia
President Joe Biden is poised to nominate Caroline Kennedy to serve as ambassador to Australia, three people familiar with the search process told CNN, in one of the highest-profile envoy selections yet by the White House.
Intelligencer • Eric Levitz • 19 hours ago • nymag.com
How Anti-Racist Is Ibram X. Kendi’s Anti-Racism?
His approach to fighting racism contains glaring inconsistencies and contradictions that might undermine his own project.
The New York Times • Jonathan Weisman • 17 hours ago • nytimes.com
In the Capitol, the Delta Variant Spreads Worry and Partisanship
Staff members are flocking to get tested and the Capitol’s doctor is begging laggards to get vaccinated, but as the variant takes hold in the Capitol’s “petri dish,” rancor is only growing.
VICE • Aaron Gordon • 22 hours ago • vice.com
American Cars Are Now Almost As Big As the Tanks That Won WWII
These legendary war implements were not much bigger than the vehicles millions of Americans now drive every day.
POLITICO • Christopher Cadelago, Zach Montellaro • 9 hours ago • politico.com
Biden yokes Youngkin to Trump at McAuliffe campaign stop
In a stump speech for McAuliffe, the president called the GOP nominee for governor "an acolyte for Donald Trump — for real."
The New York Times • Apoorva Mandavilli • 1 day ago • nytimes.com
Why Vaccinated People Are Getting ‘Breakthrough’ Infections
The vaccines are effective at preventing serious illness and death, but they are not a golden shield against the coronavirus.
CNN • Ryan Nobles and Natasha Bertrand, CNN • 10 hours ago • cnn.com
Staff director for 1/6 committee accused of retaliating against whistleblower
David Buckley, the newly named staff director for the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol insurrection, was found to be retaliating against a whistleblower during his time as the CIA inspector general, according to a report by the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security.
I Might Be Wrong • Jeff Maurer • 1 day ago • imightbewrong.substack.com
In Defense of Dumb Nationalist Bullshit
You’re allowed to feel good
POLITICO • Heather Caygle, Sarah Ferris • 1 day ago • politico.com
‘Deadly serious’: Pelosi goes to war with GOP over Jan. 6
The speaker has made overseeing an investigation of the deadliest attack on the Capitol in two centuries into a core mission.
ESPN • Courtney Cronin • 17 hours ago • espn.com
Sources: Vikings asst. out after refusing vaccine
Rick Dennison is believed to be the first NFL position coach to leave his team after choosing not to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.
POLITICO • Betsy Woodruff Swan • 1 day ago • politico.com
Biden’s domestic terrorism strategy concerns advocates
The White House is worried about white supremacists. But the FBI’s dogged pursuit of Antifa and use of controversial tactics is troubling civil liberties advocates.
Gizmodo • Brian Kahn • 2 days ago • gizmodo.com
Jeff Bezos Got as Much Morning Show Coverage in a Day as Climate Change Got All Last Year
The morning broadcast TV news cares more about a billionaire's few minutes in space than the fate of the planet.
The Washington Post • Josh Dawsey, Rosalind Helderman • 1 day ago • washingtonpost.com
Trump’s PAC collected $75 million this year, but so far the group has not put money into pushing for the 2020 ballot reviews he touts
Even as he assiduously tracks attempts by his allies to cast doubt on the integrity of the 2020 election, the former president has been uninterested in personally bankrolling the effort in Arizona or similar attempts in other states.
Vox • Kaleb Horton • 7 days ago • vox.com
The ballad of the Chowchilla bus kidnapping
In 1976, a school bus carrying 26 children and their driver disappeared from a small California town. Forty-five years later, we revisit the story.
POLITICO • Adam Cancryn • 16 hours ago • politico.com
GOP sees widening rift over promoting Covid shots
While top Republicans pleaded with people to get vaccinated, others downplayed the threat of a Covid-19 resurgence.
Intelligencer • Jonathan Chait • 1 day ago • nymag.com
Imagine a 9/11 Commission If the Hijackers Had Allies in Congress
The whole premise of an investigation was that both parties opposed the insurrection.
The New York Times • Eric Lipton, Ephrat Livni • 1 day ago • nytimes.com
Crypto Nomads: Surfing the World for Risk and Profit
A new generation of industry leaders have set up offshore trading exchanges largely beyond the reach of American regulators.
Yahoo News • Jenna McLaughlin • 14 hours ago • news.yahoo.com
Exclusive: Jan. 6 select committee will include former CIA inspector general found to have retaliated against whistleblower
A new report from the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General substantiated complaints of whistleblower retaliation levied against David Buckley, the newly appointed staff director of the House Select Committee to investigate the Capitol riot.
Washington Free Beacon • Alana Goodman • 17 hours ago • freebeacon.com
Meet Ben & Jerry's Board Chair: Anti-Israel Activist Has Published Defenses of Hezbollah, Hamas
Ben & Jerry's board chairwoman isn't your average corporate suit. A social justice warrior who's now under increased scrutiny in the wake of the company's announcement that it will boycott Israel's West Bank and East Jerusalem, she has a lengthy history of left-wing activism that includes publishing columns defending Hezbollah and supporting U.S. funding to Hamas.
Nashville Tennessean • Brett Kelman • 19 hours ago • tennessean.com
Tennessee to restart nearly all vaccine outreach paused amid GOP pressure, says health commissioner
Tennessee will start promoting adolescent vaccines again after pausing outreach this month, sparking a media firestorm.
The Wall Street Journal • Paul Ziobro • 1 day ago • wsj.com
Shortage of Railroad Workers Threatens Recovery
The crunch is contributing to a slowdown in the movement of chemicals, fertilizer and other products that threatens to disrupt factory operations and hinder a rebound from the pandemic.
The New York Times • Eric Schmitt • 13 hours ago • nytimes.com
The U.S. military strikes a Qaeda affiliate in Somalia for the second time in a week.
The Pentagon said it was defending allied Somali forces from afar in the latest drone attack against Shabab fighters.
The Wall Street Journal • Aruna Viswanatha • 9 hours ago • wsj.com
U.S. Drops Visa Fraud Cases Against Five Chinese Researchers
The Justice Department’s move marks a significant setback in its effort to stop alleged Chinese intelligence-gathering at U.S. universities.
POLITICO • Josh Gerstein • 16 hours ago • politico.com
Trump ally Tom Barrack set to be released on $250 million bond
Wealthy investor is charged with secretly acting as foreign agent for United Arab Emirates