NEW: The Koch network is planning to get involved in primaries and hoping to unite behind one who can “turn the page” on the past, an indirect reference to Trump. @jonathanvswan @kenvogel me…

Debut column by @DavidAFrench. His main point here is very important: people tend to assume mistakes by our side are atypical, while mistakes by the other side are characteristic…

JUST IN: Former North Carolina Congressman Mark Walker is seriously considering a run for governor, setting up a potential GOP primary showdown with Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. #ncpol #ncgov #AndersonAlerts #Election2022

A mysterious object high above commercial air traffic. Military aircraft scrambled, then told to stand down. Urgent phone calls between U.S. & Chinese officials.
A single missile, fired from an F-22 stealth fighter jet.
Chinese spy balloon, a timeline:

This is the way to do it. Illinois Gov JB Pritzker rips the College Board's cave to DeSantis as “a weak attempt to please extremists," hitting him for fearing open discussions of history.
Dem govs can showcase an alternative to red state culture-warring.

Dems and Dem leaning independents:
Would you like the Democratic Party to nominate Biden for a second term in 2024, or would you like the Party to nominate someone other than Biden?
Nominate someone other than Biden:
2/1/23: 58%-31%
9/21/22: 56%-35%

Weekend @PKCapitol: so much for “fake news”.
After hibernation from mainstream media, House Rs roaring back onto CNN, MS, networks.
Dramatic shift started with election & shifted into high gear during speaker vote-a-rama.
McCarthy more open than ever.

NEW: KEVIN McCARTHY's closest confidant & biggest fundraiser is a lobbyist who spearheaded his speaker campaign, sneaking into his Capitol office to avoid reporters & urging donors to pressure holdouts to vote 'yes.'
Now, JEFF MILLER stands to benefit.…

A claim from an administration official buried deep in a tertiary AP sidebar story. Significant, given how strenuously Republicans are seeking to politicize this incident.…

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More and more, I'm convinced that the big policing reform we need is to professionalize the police, through massively increased training requirements and higher education levels.

Not an article I wanted to write.
The deadly H5N1 bird flu is spreading widely, including to mammals.
For the first time, it's now likely spreading mammal-to-mammal, among minks which are exceptionally well-suited conduits to humans.
We must act now.…

On what “Never Trump” means, on what the Trumpists are up to, and what to do about the all-important Commie balloon. Your weekend podcast with @SykesCharlie and @Timodc.…

Covid drove a “breakdown in the social fabric,” @AlecMacGillis says on @SlateGabfest, talking about violence uptick.
“Lots of people just feeling like they’ve been left completely on their own as various institutions… closed their doors, went remote.”

How big is the Always Trump faction of the Republican Party?
According to our new poll, 28 percent.
And they are why the GOP could be sleepwalking into another Donald Trump catastrophe.…