“I can’t tell you the number of times somebody said, ‘You don’t have to believe the election is stolen, the important thing isn’t believing it, it’s saying it’"
"That is what a Republican is supposed to do right now."

Facing demand for monkeypox vaccines, Biden officials touted a new plan: split it into smaller doses.
The news so alarmed vaccine CEO, he threatened to cancel all future US orders.
Inside 100 days of our rocky monkeypox response, with @FenitN @bylenasun. washingtonpost.com/health/2022/08…

Threats against the Magistrate Judge who signed off on the FBI Mar-a-Lago search are the latest risk for judges, and sign of danger for both the rule of law and democracy apnews.com/article/donald… w the great @GaryEFields2

Hageman told Hannity tonight that Cheney never addressed "any kind of concession."
But @Olivia_Beavers has the recording of the call:

Allen Weisselberg, a top Trump Organization executive, is expected to plead guilty in a tax scheme and to testify at the company’s trial. He's expected to admit to 15 felonies. nyti.ms/3Cemvv0

"The general feeling among Republicans I spoke with is that the RNC would go to almost absurd lengths to avoid allowing Cheney on the same debate stage as Trump."
Sharp @RonBrownstein look at possible Cheney 2024 bid and how GOP would work to prevent it:

Here is a full, annotated transcript of that leaked Oct. 2020 tape in which Bannon described Trump's plan to falsely declare victory on election night. With @abigailweinberg. motherjones.com/politics/2022/…

🚨🚨🚨SCOOP from @blakehounshell who reports that “the president himself has seen some of the Dark Brandon memes and found them funny.”

JUST IN: Feds indict Missouri man with phone threats to Arizona election official in May 2021. Defendant allegedly said if official didn't act a certain way 'your ass will never make it to your next little board meeting.' Release: bit.ly/3wawFsI

In the past two years, six states have passed laws that mandate parental involvement in reviewing books, making it easier for parents to remove books or restrict the texts available at school. Five states are considering similar legislation washingtonpost.com/education/2022…

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Exclu: Dr. Oz at a campaign stop last weekend was asked a simple question.
“How many houses do you own?”
His response? — "Legitimately, I own two houses."
And well, reader, you know where this is going. The number is... not two.

NEW: Abortion funds are overwhelmed and navigating chaos. Some paused operations because of bans. Others are navigating murky laws. The AZ Abortion Fund has spent $30K this month because the National Abortion Federation stopped funding care in the state. bit.ly/3JZGjUC

GOP pollster @FrankLuntz , who worked on Mr. Perot’s campaign, said an independent Cheney candidacy would likely take more votes from Mr. Biden than Mr. Trump, assuming they were the Democratic and Republican nominees. w/ @nataliewsj : wsj.com/articles/liz-c…

I have a rant about the "team normal" Republicans who whine that Democrats are screwing up their plans to get Ron DeSantis nominated in 2024: joshbarro.com/p/a-rant-team-…

“According to three people close to [No Labels’] discussions, Cheney’s name is in the mix in terms of candidates it would consider putting part of its $50 million cache towards” for 2024, per ⁦@Olivia_Beavers⁩ ⁦@sarahnferris⁩. politico.com/news/2022/08/1…

Breaking News: The head of the CDC said the agency had failed to respond quickly enough to the coronavirus pandemic and would overhaul its operations. An external review concluded that its public guidance about Covid was "confusing and overwhelming." nyti.ms/3A5861f

NEW: Souvenirs were kept. Records thrown away. Burn bags used indiscriminately.
Chaos reigned in a hollowed-out West Wing treeling from an election loss and January 6
Inside the frantic, final days of record-keeping that landed Trump in legal peril: politico.com/news/2022/08/1…